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Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me.

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Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me.

Postage/Shipping charges vary depending on the weight and size of the item(s, the destination country and the total value, please e-mail for a quote.

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Sale - 15% off all marked prices, (excludes postage and packing).

July 2014 - Technical Problems

I apologise for the technical problems during July, during this month my website may have been unavailable and I may not have received your emails. These issues have now been resolved, if I haven't replied to an email you have sent  me please resend it.

Site Move

My website has moved to a new hosting company. Although this transition should be seamless to anyone accessing my site via anyone using other links/bookmarks will need to update them.

*** NEW Printable List now available here. ***

This list is created as an Adobe PDF and is also searchable using Adobes search functionality.

Toy Soldier Archive

Due to the number of requests I receive for information regarding items that are no longer available have created an archive here. This list includes items I have sold and also pieces from my personal collection. Many images are included but if the item is not listed on this site with a price then it is not for sale so please don't ask.

New Shopping Basket

I am running a trial on a shopping basket system. Pages currently in this trial include William Britains Collection, King and Country, and Toyway with more pages to follow. To use this just click the add to basket link. Once you have completed shopping go to checkout and complete the form. If you wish to purchase items from pages not in the trial either use my online order form or e-mail me.

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PayPal has optimised the checkout experience with an exciting improvement to our payment flow.* For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is now optional. This means your customers can complete their payments first, and then decide whether to save their information in a PayPal account for future purchases. The checkout is more convenient, resulting in more completed sales and satisfied customers. Here's how this easier checkout works:

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