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King & Country LogoKing & Country Metal Figures

1/30 scale, factory painted metal figures and accessories. Some larger items such as buildings and vehicles are made in "polystone", a cold cast resin compound.

Historic Oriental - The Streets of Old Hong Kong (Matt Finish)

This is, without doubt, King & Country's most popular series, this unique range of Chinese figures and buildings has captured the imagination of collectors all over the world.

King and Country HK46M Traditional Chinese Bench Model Number Description Price (GBP)
Add to Basket HK46M Traditional Chinese Bench (Matt) - A simple wooden bench suitable for seated figures. Seated figures include Seated figures include Old Man sitting with a Bird and Cage (HK82M), Old Man with Long Pipe (HK111M), Sitting Mother and Daughter (HK112M), Sitting Businessman (HK122M) and Sitting "Tai Tai" (HK123M). 5.00

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