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Old Lead Figures

Britains Other Manufacturers

Plastic Figures


Eyes-Right and Swoppets



Farm Models & Accessories

DOC Models

Atlantic and Other Italian Made Figures

Lone*Star Vehicles and Figures

Timpo Plastics

Toyway Plastics

Other Manufacturers Plastic (vintage) (1/32nd, 54mm, 60mm, etc)

Other Manufacturers Plastic (reissues) (1/32nd, 54mm, 60mm, etc)

Hong Kong Copies of Vintage Figures

Other Manufacturers Small Scale Plastic Figures (1/72nd, 25mm, HO-OO, etc)

New Metal Models

Britains / WBritain Collection

American Civil War

American Revolution includes the 2006 "Yorktown" sets

Americana Series (includes Alamo, New Orleans and American Market series)

Archive Collection (includes Hollowcast and Toy Soldiers series)

Ceremonial Troops (includes the Ceremonial, Hollowcast, Paint and Collect, Toy Soldiers, Trooping The Colour series and Unpainted Figures)

Classic Collection (includes the Bluecoats, Redcoats and A Commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II series) Collectors Club & Other Special Releases (includes Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Hamleys and Warwick Castle releases)

The 1903 Delhi Durbar and other Indian Army sets

Knights (includes Tournament KnightsKnights of Agincourt (gloss finish)Knights of Agincourt (matte finish) special releases for Warwick Castle special releases for the Royal Armouries Museum)

Limited Editions (includes Centenary Sets)

Napoleonic Wars (includes the Nelson series)

Tactical Scenes

Victoria Cross and the Crimean War

World War I

World War II

Miscellaneous (includes Circus, GI Joe and Masters of Science series)

Alymer Miniploms

Icon Miniatures

King and Country

Mulberry Miniatures

The New Model Army

Other Manufacturers

Miscellaneous figures and Vehicles

DOC Models (1/72 scale resin kits)

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Miscellaneous Figures & Accessories

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