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Other Makes Hollowcast Lead Figures Archive

This is an archive listing and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

54mm scale (unless otherwise stated) hollowcast lead figures made before 1966.


Reference Description Condition
benbros1 British Tommy Gunner GC
bandit Mounted Bandit (from Timpo mould*) GC+
F04 Farmer with shotgun (from Timpo Mould*) GC
F438 R Farm hand with pitchfork (blue shirt & red trousers) (from Timpo Mould*) GC
F438 B Farm hand with pitchfork (blue shirt & black trousers) (from Timpo Mould*) GC
F438 G Farm hand with pitchfork (blue shirt & grey trousers) (from Timpo Mould*) GC
benbros M Much the Millers son from the Robin Hood series (from Timpo Mould*) GC
* Benbros purchased the moulds from Timpo when they changed to plastic production. The figures were made from a different lead alloy than the Timpo figures and are lighter than the Timpo in my collection.


Reference Description Condition
Mounted Lifeguard in cloak GC -
291 State Trumpeter, dismounted GC
Lifeguard, dismounted GC
Knight Standing With Sword GC


Reference Description Condition
Hare GC -
Young Horse GC
Shire Horse GC
6./41 Rooster GC -
6./38 Standing Calf GC
Goat GC
Shire Foal GC


Reference Description Condition
Home Guard at Attention GC -
Sailor, marching, bluejacket GC
Mounted Policeman GC
cres1 Indian with tomahawk (figure 1) FC+
cres2 Indian with tomahawk (figure 2) FC+
cres3 Indian with tomahawk (figure 3) FC+
Crescentcrusader Crusader FC+
cresfarm Farm Set Contains - Fir Tree, Trough, Foal, Labourer,2 sheep, Cockerel, Dog, Horse, Farm Gate. Also Cow and pig with damaged legs. Bottom of box and card insert in poor condition no lid. GC -


Reference Description Condition
202 Camel Corps Boxed
PP12 Highlanders Display Box Boxed
Special Pirate Display Boxed
316 Farmer GC -
158 Millers Labourer FC -
Roman on foot sword and shield, View picture. GC
Mahout Riding Elephant (small scale), View picture GC
Infantry, Khaki peak cap, charging GC
Infantry, Khaki peak cap, Marching at slope FC
Infantry, Khaki peak cap, side drummer FC
Piper in Glengarry GC -
RAF Mechanic with Spanner FC
RAF Pilot in duffel coat GC -
Gold Knight with moveable pike arm GC
Silver Knight with moveable pike arm GC
Small Scale British Camel Corps GC
Highland Calf, View picture. GC
Pig GC
Walking Calf GC
Feeding Sheep GC
Sheep GC
316 Farmer GC -

Taylor & Barrett, Barrett & Sons, Taylor & Sons, etc

T & B, Grey Kangaroo GC
T & B, Elephant, end of trunk missing GC
85 T & B, Bison GC -
86 T & B, White Bear, Walking GC
T & Sons, White Bear GC
T & Sons, Sheep Grazing GC
T & Sons, Sheep Standing GC
B & Sons, Oil Cabinet GC
T & Sons, Wheat sheaves GC -
T & B Tommy gunners, View picture GC


Reference Description Condition
6017 My Friend Pekinese Dog ~ minor chips box poor GC -
bandit Timpo Mounted Bandit ~ minor chips GC+
queen HM Queen ~ Baton replaced GC
manatarms Man at Arms (weapon missing) GC
West Point At Ease VGC
West Point Trombone Player FC
West Point Officer, Marching with sword FC
Railway Series
Rail 1 Guard Blowing Whistle right arm raised 1 VGC +
Rail 2 Guard Blowing Whistle left arm raised 2 VGC +
Rail 3 Guard Blowing Whistle left arm raised with flag 3 VGC +
Rail 4 Porter Carrying Luggage VGC +
Rail 5 Station Master GC
Rail 6 Male Passenger - Mr Brown GC
Farm Series
shepherd Shepherd GC
MF 404 Scarecrow VGC
Woman With Pitchfork GC
Cow GC
Walking Calf GC
Hedge GC
Angry Gander GC
Zoo Series
4006 Lion Laying down GC+
Reference Description Condition
K.N.69 King Arthur Mounted GC
K.N.70 Sir Lancelot Mounted GC
K.N.71 Sir Mordred Mounted GC
K.N.72 Sir Percival Mounted GC
K.N.73 Sir Gareth Mounted GC
K.N.74 Sir Gawaine Mounted GC
K.N.75 Sir Agravaine Mounted GC
K.N.76 Sir Bedivere Mounted GC
K.N.77 The Green Knight Mounted GC
K.N.78 King Arthur Standing GC
K.N.79 Sir Lancelot Standing GC
K.N.80 Sir Mordred Standing GC
K.N.81 Simon Standing GC
K.N.82 Lambert Standing GC
Reference Description Condition
HF.500 Quentin Durward Mounted GC
HF.501 Philip De Creville Mounted GC
HF.502 Duke's Guard Mounted GC
HF.503 Duke's Guard Standing GC
HF.504 Philip De Creville Standing GC
HF.505 Quentin Durward Standing GC
HF.506 William De La Marck Standing GC
HF.507 Gluckmeister Standing GC
HF.508 Lanzknecht W. Rifle GC
HF.509 Lanzknecht W.Crossbow GC
HF.510 Royal Guard Standing GC

Manufacturer Unknown / Unidentified

Boxed set of 20 western figures of unknown manufacturer. The figures are solid cast and some appear to copies of Crescent, Hillco hollowcast whilst others are original solid cast. The bases have a criss cross pattern. View picture GC

This is an archive listing and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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