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LONE STAR figures and vehiclesLONE*STAR Plastic Figures and Diecast Vehicles Archive

This is an archive listing of plastic figures and diecast metal vehicles made by Lone Star and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

Vintage 54mm scale (unless otherwise stated) factory painted plastic figures from 1955 - 1976. Vehicles are made out of diecast metal.

"Harvey Series" Plastic Figures

The range of figures made was comprehensive ranging from Robin Hood to World War II frogmen. They are as follows:

Knights, Robin Hood, Africans, Afghans, Cowboys and Indians, American Civil War, Foreign Legion, Anzacs, German Infantry, Red Berets Paratroopers, Royal Navy Frogmen, Royal Marines, Foot Guards, Guards Band, Mounted Lifeguard and a Highland Band. They also made swoppet type knights, Cowboys and Indian's and ski troops. They also produced a wide range of accessories. The items listed below are the figures in my collection. My collection is not complete and this should only be taken as a guideline to what Lone Star produced.

Reference Number Description
AF1 - AF8 AF1 - Kneeling Firing, AF2 - Falling Wounded, AF3 - Standing Musket across body, AF4 - Clubbing with Musket, AF5 - Turning With Scimitar Overhead*, AF6 - Running with Scimitar, AF7 - Throwing Rock, AF8 - Crawling with Musket.

These figures were issued in white or grey plastic. The white figures are Afghans and the grey are alleged to be Arabs. If any one has a catalogue or box identifying these ranges a copy would be appreciated. Re issued by Toyway.

Anzacs (Kings African Rifles)
AZ1 - AZ10 AZ1 - Officer firing pistol, AZ2 - Kneeling with sten gun, AZ3 - Marching rifle slung, AZ4 - Firing sten gun at waist, AZ5 - Radio operator, AZ6 - Bayoneting, AZ7 - Crawling with bren gun, AZ8 - Bazooka, AZ9 - Throwing grenade, AZ10 - Kneeling firing rifle. The figures were also painted with dark skin to represent the Kings African Rifles. AZ10* was also released as a white hunter, Plastic warrior state it was made in white plastic so the figure I have here may be an Anzac repainted (Rifle broken). Re issued by Toyway.
German Infantry
GR1 - GR10 GR1 - Officer with pistol, GR2 - Falling wounded, GR3 - Bayoneting, GR4 - Surrendering arms raised, GR5 - Advancing with sten gun, GR6 - Surrendering white flag tied to rifle, GR7 - Throwing Grenade, GR8 - Running away, GR9 - Kneeling firing rifle, GR10 - Flamethrower. These figures were issued in various colours of plastic, light grey for Afrika Korps, Dark Grey Storm troopers, Grey green as Japanese and possibly a creamy colour for Chinese troops. I have yet to come across a cream figure.
Red Berets
RB1 - RB8


There are 8 figures in this set, these are: RB1 - Officer with pistol, RB2 - kneeling firing rifle, RB3 - throwing grenade, RB4 - flamethrower, RB5 - waving rifle overhead, RB6 - kneeling holding rifle outwards, RB7 - standing firing and RB8 - advancing fixed bayonet. These figures were also issued in Blue berets (U.N.) and Green Berets (Commandos), these are harder to find. The photo of RB6 shows the variation in plastic colours the left hand figure being more green and the right brown.
P1 - P8

P9 - P13

P14 - P18
There are 18 figures in this set plus a separate mortar, these were usually issued with grey helmets but were also issued in green helmets and with Blue as U.N. troops . The colour of the plastic can vary dependant on type of troops. The paratrooper with arms raised (Figure P13) is hard to find with the original parachute attached and is often mistaken for a surrendering figure. I have shown an example of each figure though helmet and plastic colours vary.

P1 - Officer with pistol, P2 - Loading Mortar, P3 - Machine Gunner, P4 - Mine detector, P5 - Throwing grenade, P6 - Bazooka, P7 - Fixed Bayonet, P8 - Charging, P9 - Flamethrower, P10 - Advancing with sten gun, P11 - Standing firing, P12 - Kneeling to load mortar, P12a - Mortar, P13 - Parachutist, P14 - NCO crawling with bren gun, P15 - Officer with binoculars, P16 - Crawling (wounded?), P17 - Stretcher bearers and P18 - casualty on stretcher.

Royal Navy
RN1 - RN9 There are 9 figures in this set with two paint versions: one with white shirts and blue webbing the other in blue with white webbing, they also came unpainted towards the end of production. The helmsman is hard to get hold of.

RN1 - Helmsman at wheel, RN2 - Officer with Binoculars moveable arm, RN3 - Sailor with grappling hook, RN4 - Signaller, RN5 - Charging with fixed bayonet, RN6 - One foot on rock, RN7 - Kneeling with bren gun, RN8 - lying with bren gun, RN9 - Running with bren gun. Re issued by Toyway.

Royal Marines
Officer marching with Sword
Frogmen The 8 frogmen were issued in black plastic as swimming figures and had no base or markings. The air cylinders and equipment can be found painted in silver or gold. They were also issued in orange plastic to tie in with the James Bond film "Thunderball". They were later issued in flesh pink as divers with the swimming trunks painted on.
S15 Two man submarine
American Civil War
Like most manufacturers the same moulds were used for both sides, blue plastic for Union and grey plastic for Confederates. The same moulds with the addition of neck cloths were also used for the French Foreign Legion
Confederates (full set)

Union (part set)

ACW1 - Officer with raised sword, ACW2 - Standing firing pistol and holding rifle to ground, ACW3 - Advancing with rifle and fixed bayonet, ACW4 - Standing with rifle at the ready, ACW5 - Falling wounded, ACW6 - Clubbing with rifle, ACW7 - Standing firing rifle, ACW8 - Bugler, ACW9 - Running with rifle and waving kepi in the air and ACW10 - Marching at the slope.
Robin Hood
Ceremonial Troops
Guards - There are 3 version of the guards figures, 1st version have round/oval bases and smooth bearskin, 2nd version have round/oval bases and textured bearskin, 3rd version have "squared" bases and textured bearskin.

Diecast Metal Military Vehicles

Lone Star also produced a range of diecast military vehicles and trailers. There were two types of trailer, one was longer than the other and these along with the lorry and some of the other vehicles (g.g the DUKW) could be fitted with different weapons accessories. The fittings included Rocket Launcher (with one rocket), Rocket Battery (with 9 rocket tubes), Radar/satellite dish, Searchlight, Twin AA Guns, Single Browning MG. They were usually in green, although desert yellow was also used (sometimes with German markings) and a light blue was used for UN vehicles.

The vehicles came in an illustrated picture box.

Catalogue Number / * My Reference Number Description
1266 Jeep
1267 25 Pounder Cannon
1268 German Anti Tank Gun (Desert)
1270 Bren Gun Carrier with 3 man crew
1271 Anti Aircraft Trailer (Short)
1272 Rocket Launcher Trailer (Short)
AS/86 D.U.K.W. With Single Browning MG
GAAL * German Anti Aircraft Lorry
RLL * Rocket Launching Lorry
RT * Radar Trailer
RTS * Radar Trailer (Short)
RBL * Rocket Battery lorry
RBTS * Rocket Battery Trailer (Short)
GBCD * German Bren Gun Carrier (Desert note the lighter coloured crew)
GACD * German Armoured Car (Desert)
RAFL * Royal Air force Lorry
BAC1 * British Armoured Car
BAC2 * British Armoured Car with "whiz wheels"
SLTS * Search light Trailer (Short)
UNAC * United Nations Armoured Car
UNAAT * United Nations Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Short)
UNRLT * United Nations Rocket Launching Trailer (Short)
UNRT * United Nations Radar Trailer (Short)
1521 Anti Tank Gun and red beret
1522 25 Pounder and red beret
Vehicle Crew * VC1 Sitting Raised Hand, VC2 Driver, VC3 Sitting with MG.

This is an archive listing of plastic figures and diecast metal vehicles made by Lone Star and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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