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King and CountryKing & Country World War II Figures Archive Part 4

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

Royal Air Force

Model Number Description Comments Issued Deleted
RAF01 Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding - The head of Fighter Command and the leading architect of the RAF's victory over the Luftewaffe. K&C's figure shoWSS him in a typical pose paying a visit to one of his front line squadrons during the Battle. 2009 - 2013
RAF02 Squadron Leader Douglas Bader - A flying legend in the RAF. He lost both his legs in a pre war flying accident but fought to return to operational duties at the outbreak of the war. He commanded 242 Squadron, and shot down 22 enemy aircraft before being shot down himself in 1941. He spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of war in the infamous Colditz Castle in Eastern Germany. 2009 - 2013
RAF03 Flying Officer 'Moggy' Cattermole and Reilly - A leading character in Derek Robinson's 'Piece of Cake' novel about the Fall of France and the Battle of Britain. 'Moggy' is a 'nasty piece of work' but a great fighter pilot! 'Reilly' is the squadron mascot. 2009 - 2012
RAF04 Sgt Pilot Ginger Lacey - James 'Ginger' Lacey was one of the many NCO's who made up a quarter of Fighter Command's strength during the Battle of Britain. At just 23 years old he destroyed at least 15 German aircraft in the summer of 1940 and survived the war. 2009 - 2012
RAF05 Flight Lieutenant Sandy Johnstone - Sandy was originally a civilian navigation instructor and part time pilot with 602 'City of Glagow' Auxiliary Squadron. He flew Spitfires during the Battle of Britain and became a Squadron Leader in July 1940 2009 - 2013
RAF06 'Waiting and Ready' - Two RAF pilots wait the jangling phone call that will send them running to their aircraft. 2009 - 2012
RAF07 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 - One of the two famous British aircraft that won the Battle of Britain. The Hurricane carried eight .303 machine guns and could absorb an amazing amount of punishment. Our model is in the markings of 501 'County of London' Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force and has 3 kills to it's credit. Each aircraft has a fixed undercarriage ...... a detachable, sliding canopy and a seated pilot. Dimensions: Length 325mm: Width 410mm Height 100mm Please Note: ONLY 400 being produced, being made from 'polystone' and metal (the same material as K&C's vehicles) Limited Edition 2009 - 2010
RAF07-01 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 - in new markings "SDN" of 501 Squadron "County of Gloucester". Limited Edition 2009 - 2010
RAF08 RAF Ground Crew - Three aircraftmen make ready to get another Hurricane or Spitfire back into the air. The set includes a Corporal Armourer and 2 Leading aircraftmen 2009 - 2012
RAF09 Flying Officer with a Trophy - 'Keith Sutton' a New Zealander with a souvenir tail piece from a Me 110 he shot down. 2009 -
RAF10 MG Sports Car - A young Flight Lieutenant sits in his nifty little British racing green MG Sports Car 2009 - 2012
RAF11 Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC - Accompanied by his faithful black Labrador 'Nigger', Gibson lead the famous Dambusters raid in May 1943, he was awarded the Victory Cross for the exploit. Sadly he was killed on operations over Holland later in the war flying a Mosquito. 2009 - 2013
RAF12 Flight Lieutenant Les Munro - One of Gibson's best Flight Leaders, a New Zealander who volunteered to fly with the RAF. He is one of a handful of survivors still living who took part in the epic Dambusters raid. 2009 - 2013
RAF13 Flight Lieutenant Harold 'Mickey' Martin - A great Australian bomber pilot who survived the war and went on to become an Air Vice Marshal of the peacetime RAF 2009 - 2013
RAF14 Nissen/ Quonset Hut - This is the perfect diorama/ accessory building for these new RAF and USAAF figures and aircraft. 2010 - 2011
RAF15 RAF Austin K2 Airfield Ambulance - A familiar and reassuring sight on dozens of RAF airfields across the length and breadth of Britain during and after the Battle. Our model carries the markings of "Biggin Hill", one of the most famous RAF fighter stations of WW2 and is driven by a female WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) driver. Planned Production Run: Just 250 vehicles. Limited Edition 2010 only
RAF16 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1 - A superbly detailed model of R.J. Mitchell's magnificent fighter aircraft. Although twice as many Hawker Hurricanes actually fought in the Battle it was the nimble and graceful Spitfire that captured the British public's attention... and heart. Our K&C "Spit" is in the personal markings of Flight Lieutenant Alan "AL" Deere, a young New Zealander, flying with 54 Squadron during the Battle. Al Deere, who went on to complete a long and distinguished career in the Royal Air force, shot down 12 enemy aircraft between May and September 1940. His Spitfire Mk.1, complete with smoke stains from the gun ports and engine exhausts makes a worthy companion to the earlier released Hawker Hurricanes. Planned Production Run: 750 models". As German armies swept through Europe and Scandinavia in 1939 and 1940 small groups of men from all over the globe journeyed to Britain, the last fighting bastion of democracy, to join the Royal Air Force… A few gallant Americans joined them . At first these American volunteers were distributed among regular and auxiliary RAF squadrons. By 1941 however enough skilled pilots were available to form three "American Eagle" squadrons. As a tribute to all three K&C has chosen one particular Spitfire to replicate... Limited Edition 2010 -
RAF17 Spitfire II, P7308, 71 Squadron - On 27 August 1941, Pilot Officer Bill Dunn shot down two Bf.109's to add to his existing rally of three to become 71 Squadron's first ace. Both Dunn and his aircraft were badly shot up in the process. The squadron's "Eagle" emblem adorned the nose of his Spitfire beneath the exhaust stubs on the port side only. Bill Dunn later transferred to the USAF and scored 3 more victims after D.Day. He died in 1995. Special Note: Just 250 of this special "American Eagle" Spitfire have been produced. Limited Edition 2011 -
RAF18 WAAF Officer - All the Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel played a vital ground support role during the Battle and long afterwards. Our Section Officer points skywards at a flight of aircraft passing overhead. 2010 - 2012
RAF19 WAAF Sergeant - Clipboard in hand this female NCO is on an "inspection tour" of the airfield. 2010 - 2012
RAF20 Sergeant Pilot George Unwin "George "Grumpy" Unwin enlisted in the RAF in 1929. In 1935 he was selected for pilot training and was eventually posted to 19 Squadron as a Spitfire pilot. By the end of the Battle of Britain he was credited with 14 enemy aircraft.He was commissioned in 1941 and survived the war. He died in 2006." 2010 - 2013
RAF21 Sergeant Pilot Antoni Glowacki - Toni Glowacki was a Free Polish Air Force pilot who shot down 5 German aircraft on one day (24 August 1940) during the Battle of Britain. After the fall of Poland eventually reached Britain and, after flight training, joined the RAF's 501 "County of he Gloucester" Squadron flying Hurricanes. Only one other RAF pilot, New Zealander Brian Carbury gained this "Ace-in-a-day" status during the Battle. 2010 - 2013
RAF22 Flying Officer Andy Mamedoff -Andy Mamedoff was one of the first American pilots to fly with the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. Initially Mamedoff came to Europe to fly for Finland during their winter war against Russia in 1940. Arriving too late for that war he joined the French Air Force towards the end of the Battle of France.When France fell he and 2 other Americans journeyed to Britain to join the RAF. He was one of the founding members of No. 71 "Eagle" Squadron in September 1940. He was killed in October 1941. 2010 - 2013
RAF23 Flying Officer John Pancho Villa - Pancho flew with 72 Squadron throughout the Battle and shot down 7 enemy aircraft during it. In August 1941 he was promoted to command 65 Squadron RAF... he flew until 1943 by which time his score stood at 15. 2010 - 2013
RAF24 RAF Policeman 2010 - 2013
RAF25 RAF Kneeling Armourer 2010 - 2013
RAF26 Austin Light Utility (RAF Version - Perfect for any airfield scene. This model comes with detachable rear canvas canopy and a seated Women's Auxiliary Air Force driver. 2010 -
RAF27 RAF Bedford QL Fuel BoWSSer - A familiar sight on all wartime British Air fields. The "blue and yellow" sported a distinctly colouful paint scheme and comes with an RAF driver. The Bedford QL Fuel BoWSSer was used by the RAF throughout WW II and for many years after. Please Note: ONLY 250 being produced. Limited Edition 2011 only
RAF2 RAF Bedford QL Fuel BoWSSer (Normandy Camo) - This Normandy fuel boWSSer is in black and olive drab camouflage and is in typical of RAF vehicles used on the continent after D Day landings Please Note: Only 250 Produced. Limited Edition 2011 -
RAF30 Hawker Typhoon Mk1B - Widely recognized as the best and toughest ground /attack fighter bomber of WW2 the HAWKER TYPHOON is K&C's most detailed warbird yet! This powerful aircraft carries 8 underwing, anti- tank rockets and has 4 hard- hitting Hispano cannon. A seated pilot is in the cockpit of this Typhoon from 257 squadron, Royal Air Force. It also bears the bold black and white "invasion stripes" of all Allied aircraft flying over the Normandy landing beaches on and after June 6, 1944.NOTE: Just 500 are being manufactured. Limited Edition 2011 -
RAF31 'Rocket Primers' - Two RAF Aircraftsmen assemble one of the tank-busting rockets. 2011 - 2014
RAF32 'Rocket Handler' - A RAF ground crew member shoulders one of the rockets. 2011 - 2014
RAF33 Sitting Airman 2011 - 2014
RAF34 Airman Radio Operator 2011 - 2014
RAF35 Typhoon Pilot - This pilot enjoys a welcome smoke and a cup of tea between ops! 2011 -
RAF36 Flight Sergeant - UNIFORM NOTE: By mid-war many RAF pilots and ground crew could be seen wearing British Army battledress (with relevant RAF rank badges) while on active duty. As RAF31-36 go with the new Hawker Typhoon as it might be seen in forward battle airfields in Normandy after the invasion it is appropriate that some of them are in army Khaki as well as RAF blue. 2011 -
RAF37 Morris CS8 15cwt Truck (RAF) - Complete with WRAF driver. Only 250 produced. Limited Edition 2011 -
RAF38 'V for Victory!' - Prime Minister Churchill in a typical wartime pose. 2012 -
RAF39 'Curtiss P40 "Tomahawk' ("Desert Air Force") - This particular "Warbird" is in the personal markings of Squadron Leader Neville Duke of 112 Squadron R.A.F. Duke was the RAF Desert Air Force's top-scoring pilot in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations during WW2. The stone and earth-coloured P40 carries the famous "Shark-month" decoration which originated with 112 Squadron in 1941. Just 250 of this Desert Air Force P40 have been produced. Limited Edition 2012 - 2014
RAF040 RAF Medic & Wounded Pilot - This little two figure-vignette is a great add-on to any display or diorama featuring Royal Air Force figures, vehicles and aircraft. 2012 -
RAF041 Humber Heavy Utility - In RAF Blue and a female driver. 2012 -
RAF042 Spitfire Mk IX - In the markings of Wing Commander J.E Johnnie Johnson, Britains top scoring ace of WW II with 34 kills. Over 9000 Mk IX's being manufactured. Please Note: ONLY 300 Produced. Limited Edition 2012 -
RAF044 Air Vice Marshall Arthur 'Bomber' Harris 2012 -
RAF045 RAF Airfield Tractor - These 'David Brown' tractors were a fixture on most British airfields from the war years until the 1950's 2012 -
RAF046 RAF Airfield Starter Cart 2012 -
RAF052 RAF Dispatch Rider - An RAF Police Dispatch Rider on a BSA Motorcycle 2012 -
RAF053 Wing Commander J E 'Johnnie' Johnson - James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson CBE: DSO & Two Bars: DFC & Bar was one of the RAF's most famous and decorated wartime pilots. 2012 -
RAF047 Air Vice Marshal Arthur Coningham - One of the "architects" of the Royal Air Force's success in the aerial war in North Africa. Arthur Coningham wears army battledress with RAF wings, decorations and rank badges. 2012 -
RAF048 Neville Duke, D.S.O., D.F.C. and two bars, A.F.C. - Britain's top ace in North Africa and the Mediterranean with 27 victories to his credit. It is his own P40 Tomahawk that K&C has produced in RAF 112 Squadron markings. 2012 -
RAF049 Clive Caldwell, D.S.O, D.F.C. and bar - Clive Caldwell was the top scoring Australian "ace" of WW2. He is officially credited with 28.5 victories, He is portrayed as he was when stationed with the RAF's 250 Squadron... also flying Tomahawks. 2012 -
RAF050 'Desert Erks' - A pair of RAF groundcrew in tropical desert shorts and shirt... perfect to go with the P40. 2012 -
RAF054 RAF Bedford 1939 Fire Appliance 2014 -
RAF055 "The Cricket Club" - At the height of the Luftwaffe’s attacks during the Battle of Britain many Royal Air Force airfields were being put out-of-action. In order to continue fighting many fighter squadrons were dispersed around the country and made use of any large grass areas that could land and take-off the Spitfires and Hurricanes… Sports grounds and farmers’ fields were among the favourites. This handsome green and white cricket pavilion makes the perfect “dispersal hut” for our displaced RAF pilots. It’s located in Walmington-On-Sea quite near where our Fields of Battle “Home Guard” soldiers live! A group of young pilots enjoy a well-earned (and brief) respite from the mighty aerial battles being fought over their heads… 2014 -
RAF057 "A Nice Cup of Tea!" - Eating a sandwich in one hand and a “cuppa” in the other this pilot is ready to leap into the cockpit of his aircraft at a moment’s notice. 2014 -
RAF058 "Arms Folded" - Standing Flying Officer is not only wearing his “Mae West” but still got his flying helmet on! 2014 -
RAF059 "Intelligence Officer" - This non-flying RAF officer is taking down notes on the latest aerial encounter between one of these “Brylcreem Boys” and the dreaded “Hun”. 2014 -
RAF060 "Sitting & Thinking" - Another Flying Officer enjoying a cup of tea and pondering on the day’s events. 2014 -
RAF061 "Pilot w/Map" - Windswept hair and silk scarf blowing in the wind…One more young pilot ready to jump into his Spitfire for one more sortie. 2014 -
RAF062 "Watching & Waiting" - This Flight Lieutenant is taking no chances…he’s also carrying a Webley .38 service revolver! 2014 -
RAF063 "The Card Game" - Seated in their rattan chairs these two pilots, one a Flight Sergeant, the other a Flying Officer enjoy a game of cards to help pass the time in a rare moment of relaxation. 2014 -
RAF064 "Tea & Sandwich Table" - Providing a welcome “cuppa” this trestle table has been set up with a tea urn, a pot of coffee, a plate of sandwiches, cups and saucers and a radio to listen to the BBC. 2014 -
RAF065 "Anti Aircraft Bren Gun Team" - Once the Luftwaffe began attacking RAF airfields and other ground installations every kind of weapon was utilized in their defence. Here, a .303 Bren Gun is on its AA mounting and ready to “have a go” at any low-flying German aircraft. Both RAF ground crew are wearing “08” pattern webbing (blancoed in RAF grey) and one also carries a .303 Lee Enfield. 2014 -
RAF066 "Spitfire Mk I/II" - 602 Squadron 'City of Glasgow' as flown by Squadron Leader 'Sandy' Johnstone. Production of 250 only. LIMITED EDITION 2014 -
RAF67SL Hawker Hurricane GNA - Unoccupied cockpit but complete with a standing figure of Flight Lieutenant Nicolson VC. ONLY 300 Produced LIMITED EDITION 2014 -
RAF068 Fire Sergeant 2014 -
RAF069 Fighting the Blaze 2014 -
RAF070 The Axeman 2014 -

Royal Air Force (1990's)

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
RAFGC1 4 Mechanics tools equipment and ladder 1990's
RAFGC2 RAF Dispatch Rider and RAF Policeman 1990's
RAFK21990's RAF Austin K2 Ambulance in RAF Blue 1990's
RAFK2A RAF Austin K2 Ambulance in Olive Drab 1990's
RAFK2B RAF Austin K2 Ambulance in Desert Camo 1990's
RAFQL RAF Bedford QL Fuel broWSSer 1990's
RAFA06 Supermarine Spitfire MK2 1990's
RAFA06A Supermarine Spitfire MK1 1990's
RAFA07 Supermarine Spitfire MK5 1990's
RAFA07B Supermarine Spitfire MK5B 1990's
RAFA08 Hawker Hurricane MK2 1990's
RAFA08A Hawker Hurricane MK1 1990's
RAFA10 De Haviland Mosquito Fighter Light Bomber 1990's


Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
SAS01 Desert War Jeep A 1990's
SAS02 Desert War Jeep B 1990's
SAS03 Chevy 30 Truck 1990's

Wehrmacht (German Army)

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
WH002 Medic and Wounded 2014 -
WH003 Out of Danger 2014 -
WH004 Opel Blitz Ambulance (Camouflage) 2014 -
WH005 "Sd. Kfz. 251 Armoured Ambulance" - An outstanding conversion of the “251” troop carrier into a battlefield ambulance...Just 250 produced. Limited Edition 2014 -
WH006 Nurse with Basin 2014 -
WH007 The Surgeon 2014 -
WH008 The Wheelchair 2014 -
WH009 Disabled Officer with Nurse 2014 -

Waffen SS / German Army (Gloss Finish)

When first released the Germans were in a gloss finish. These sets are very rare and hard to come by.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
WSS01 (G) Machine gun team gloss finish 1991
WSS02 (G) 'Assault group' - Four SS troopers fighting their way forward gloss finish 1991
WSS02 (G) 'Assault Group' (Gloss finish) gloss finish 1991
WSS03 (G) Despatch Rider in original gloss finish gloss finish 1991
WSS03 (G) Despatch Rider on BMW Motorcycle gloss finish 1991
WSS04 (G) German Tank Commanders in Matte. gloss finish 1991
WSS05 (G) Two 'Chained Dogs' - 2 Military policemen gloss finish 1991
WSS06 (G) Motorcycle with sidecar two riders in gloss. gloss finish 1991

Waffen SS / German Army (Winter camouflage)

Some sets were produced in Winter camouflage (denoted by a 'W' at the end of the set number). These are suitable for the Battle of the Bulge or the Eastern Front.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
WSS03W Despatch Rider on BMW Motorcycle (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS06W BMW Motorcycle Combination (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS11W Panzer Grenadier Panzershrek team - 3 men prepare an ambush (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS12W Four Panzergrenadiers ready for action (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS13W Hanomag 251 (includes machine gunner) (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS14W Stug III (includes commander) (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS15W Tiger Tank (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS17W Four more Panzer grenadiers attacking (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS18W PAK 40 Anti tank gun and 3 man crew (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS19W Kubelwagen with driver (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS23W Panther Ausf. G (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999
WSS24W "88" Flak Gun and 4 man crew (winter camouflage) winter camouflage 1991 - 1999

Waffen SS / German Army

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
WSS01 Machine gun team 1991 - 2000
WSS02 'Assault group' - Four SS troopers fighting their way forward 1991 - 2000
WSS03 Despatch Rider on BMW Motorcycle 1991 - 2000
WSS04 German Tank Commanders in Matte. 1991 - 2000
WSS05 Two 'Chained Dogs' - 2 Military policemen 1991 - 2000
WSS06 BMW Motorcycle Combination & 2 man crew 1991 - 2000
WSS06B Motorcycle with sidecar - two riders in ambush camo with gray uniforms B in item number only for reference 1991 - 2002
WSS07 Dismounted despatch rider & motorcycle 1991 - 2002
WSS08 'On the move' - Four Panzer Grenadiers: Officer and 3 men 1991 - 2002
WSS09 'Get ready' - Four Panzer Grenadiers: 2 sitting, 2 crouching 1991 - 2002
WSS10 Panzer Grenadier MG42 group in action and wall 1991 - 2002
WSS11 Panzer Grenadier Panzershrek team - 3 men prepare an ambush 1991 - 2002
WSS12 'Assault Group' - Four Panzergrenadiers ready for action 1991 - 2002
WSS13 Hanomag 251 (includes machine gunner) 1991 - 2002
WSS14 Stug III (includes commander) 1991 - 2002
WSS15 Tiger Tank 1991 - 2002
WSS16 German tank Crew refuelling - 4 pieces 1991 - 2002
WSS17 Four more Panzer grenadiers attacking 2000 - 2002
WSS18 PAK 40 Anti tank gun and 3 man crew 2000 - 2002
WSS19 Kubelwagen with driver 2000 - 2002
WSS20 "88" Flak Gun and 4 man crew 2000 - 2002
WSS21 Officer and NCO with range finder for WSS20 2000 - 2002
WSS22 Field Marshall Erwin Rommel in camouflaged staff car 2000 - 2002
WSS23 Panther Ausf. G 2000 - 2002
WSS24A Panther Ausf G with commander in Normandy Colours 2000 - 2002
WSS25 Tiger Tank 2000 - 2002
WSS26 Panzer IV (early war version) 2000 - 2002
WSS27 On Patrol' - 4 Panzer Grenadiers on Patrol 2000 - 2002
WSS28 'Captured' - 4 German Prisoners of War 2000 - 2002
WSS29 Waffen SS Guard Box Set 2000 - 2004
WSS30 Casualties of War in Summer Uniform 2000 - 2004
WSS31 German Tank Riders 2000 - 2004
WSS32 SDK Fz231 8 Wheeled Armoured Car & 2 Crew 2000 - 2004
WSS33 German 20mm Flak Gun and 3 Hitler Jugend Volunteers 2002 - 2005
WSS34 Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel - K&C's Rommel stands proud and defiant in his Afrika Korps uniform. A portrait in miniature to a noble enemy. 2003 - 2009
WSS35 Der Fuhrer (1944) - Our latest version is the "late war" Fuhrer-clad in the familiar greatcoat and deep in thought - pondering perhaps his own and Germany's ultimate fate. 2003 - 2009
WSS36 'Tank Killers' - A knocked out russian SU85 provides cover of an experienced SS man with panzerfoust and a Hitler Jugend with an extra rocket. 2003 - 2007
WSS36B Hitler Jugend with panzerfaust rocket 2003 - 2007
WSS37 Krupp Truck - complete with SS driver and two hitler Jugend 2003 - 2007
WSS38 'MG34 Gun Set' - Machine Gunner and 3 Wehrmacht Soldiers - A lying prone machine-gunner takes aim while his section leader observes the enemy. Two riflemen make up the set. 2003 - 2007
WSS39 'Attack' - 4 Wehrmacht Soldiers Attacking - An NCO indicates the enemy while a kneeling rifleman takes aim and two others rush forward 2003 - 2007
WSS40 4 Marching Wehrmacht Infantry - Four "foot-sloggers" weary but cheerful make their way to the Front 2003 - 2009
WSS41 Panzer MkII with Commander and 2 Wehrmacht Soldiers 2003 - 2005
WSS42 37mm Anti Tank Gun plus NCO and 2 Soldiers - An NCO and two soldiers man their small portable anti-tank gun. Early-war "BLITZKRIEG"period. 2004 - 2007
WSS43 Tiger Tank '007': 'Michel Wittman's Last Tiger' - This great new tank model boasts a fully elevating main gun ... realistic battle-worn paint finish ... plus Michel Wittman and two panzer crew figures. 2004 - 2005
WSS44 Crossing the River' - 3 Assault Engineers and Dinghy - Three Assault Engineers paddle their way cautiously across an enemy defended river. Set includes their inflatable rubber raft. 2004 - 2008
WSS45 'Bridge Engineers' - Engineer Officer and 3 Engineers. 2004 - 2006
WSS46 'Traffic Control' - Assault Engineer, Despatch Rider and Sign Post - An Assault Engineer NCO on traffic duty directs the all-new German Dispatch Rider. Set also includes the directional signpost 2004 - 2007
WSS47 Sturmgeschutz IV - With Commander, Machine Gunner and Kneeling Grenadier. 2004 - 2006
WSS48 'Advance to Attack' - Officer and 3 SS Panzer Grenadiers - Led by a pistol carrying officer three SS Panzer Grenadiers cautiously move forward. Great detailed colouring on their camouflage smocks and jackets. 2004 - 2006
WSS49 'Prepare to Ambush' - SS Grenadiers Standing and Kneeling plus 2 with Panzerfausts - Two German figures with panzerfausts plus a kneeling firing trooper and a standing firing rifleman – check out his sniper scope on his Gewehr 43 rifle. 2004 - 2006
WSS50 'The Patrol' - Officer in a Greatcoat, Sergeant, MG 42 Gunner plus Grenadier - A great-coat clad officer with pistol and map in hand strides purposely forward after briefing his men. Backing him up is a pointing sergeant, a standing MG42 gunner and a watching rifleman. 2004 - 2009
WSS51 'MG 42 Gun Group' - MG 42 Gunner and his No 2, Commander Lying Prone and a Kneeling Grenadier - A kneeling MG42 gunner steadies his weapon on the shoulder of his no. 2. A lying prone gun group commander raises his head to better observe the effect of their fire. In support is a kneeling rifleman. 2004 - 2009
WSS52 SdKfz7 Prime Mover Halftrack - To tow the new "88" K&C are releasing the famous SdKfz7...the 8 ton half track which was designated as the Prime Mover for the flak gun. The set includes a driver and a standing Waffen SS NCO. 2004 - 2007
WSS53 Sitting Sergeant and 2 Riflemen - A set of 3 figure groupings of seated SS artillerymen filling out the above vehicle perfectly. 2004 - 2009
WSS54 3 Seated Riflemen - A set of 3 figure groupings of seated SS artillerymen filling out the above vehicle perfectly. 2004 - 2009
WSS55 88mm Gun Crew [Set A] - A set of Waffen SS gunners look perfect manning the 88mm gun. 2004 - 2005
WSS56 88mm Gun Crew [Set B] - Another set of 3 Waffen SS gunners look perfect manning the 88mm gun. 2004 - 2005
WSS57 88mm Gun 2004 - 2005
WSS58 'Fighting Patrol' - A 4 man machine gun section making their way to the battle. Apart from their personal weapons and their MG42 machine gun, they also carry a Panzerfaust anti tank rocket. 2004 - 2008
WSS59 Jagdpanther V - Our tank is in a superb late-war camouflage scheme. Side skirts partially protect its track and road wheels and its front is sand-bagged for extra protection. Two crew figures complete the set. 2004 - 2007
WSS60 'Tank Ambush' - A lying prone NCO gestures to the kneeling gunner and loader the near proximity of enemy armour. Bringing up the rear is a fourth SS Panzer Grenadier armed with a Schmeisser machine pistol. 2004 - 2008
WSS62 'Jagdpanther Riders' - An additional set of four sitting, crouching and kneeling SS troopers who look great on any K&C German armoured vehicles. 2004 - 2008
WSS63 'The Defenders' - Two SS troopers join up with two "Volksgrenadiers". One "Volksgrenadier" prepares to throw his "potato-masher" while his fellow sniper takes careful aim. 2004 - 2007
WSS64 'The Russians are Coming' - A "Volksturm" officer with his MP44 leads a mixed group of "Volksgrenadier" (with schmeisser) and another with rifle and grenade. The fourth "Volksturm" is nearvously kneeling, rifle in one hand...grenade in the other. 2004 - 2007
WSS65 'The Last Stand' - An SS officer pistol in hand tries to support a wounded comrade. Another kneeling SS trooper with a captured PPsH M.1941 sub-machine-gun and a dismounted SS tanker with his "Schmeisser" ready complete the set. 2004 - 2007
WSS66 'Anti Tank Gun Set' - Two "Volksgrenadiers" man a small 37mm Anti-Tank Gun Specially modified to fire the Panzerfaust rocket. Another kneeling Grenadier is shoulder-firing the same weapon. 2004 - 2007
WSS67 King Tiger and Crew - The most powerful tank of World War Two comes complete with a typical late war paint finish (and rust stains) plus three visible tank crew. 2004 - 2005
WSS68 Puma Armoured Car - The 8-wheel armoured assault vehicle upgunned with a short-barrel 75mm gun. Our model is again in a late-war camo finish and comes with two standing SS crew figures. 2004 - 2007
WSS69 (SL) Sturmgeschutz IV with Crew Limited Edition 2005 only
WSS70 (SL) Winter Tiger with 5 man crew - Winter Tiger with 5 man crew 'STRICTLY LIMITED' - This new snow camouflaged Tiger is in the markings of the 2nd SS Division 'DAS REICH' as it would have appeared in the winter of 1943/44. This set comprises the Tiger itself plus a full 5 man crew in winter uniform (all brand–new figures). Limited Edition 2005 only
WSS71 (SL) King Tiger - King Tiger 500 Only Available Mid February 2006 The New King Tiger is in a striking two colour paint scheme adopted in the last 6 months of the European War. Also the tank crew have been re-painted in different camouflage uniforms. Only 500 of the 2nd version King Tiger have been produced. Limited Edition 2006 only
WSS72 Normandy Panther - This all new Panther includes… Fully elevating main gun, Markings of the 12th SS “Hitlerjugend” Division, fighting in Normandy in June and July 1944, Summer Camouflage Scheme, Four great crew figures – driver, gunner, loader/radio operator and tank commander, Moveable main gun support handle, Battle-worn and battle-damaged general appearance, Specially-designed “Panther” box. 2006 - 2008
WSS73 German 105 Assault Gun - This Assault Gun was built on the chassis of a French Hotchkiss tank and mounted with a 105 mm howitzer gun. Complete with a 3 man crew and painted in Normandy Campaign camouflage, the markings are of the Wehrmacht's famous 'Panzer Lehr' Division. 2006 - 2008
WSS74 Motorcycle Combination - A favourite form of transport for the German Forces in WW II. Our BMW motorcycle combination has a driver and passenger on a scouting reconnaissance, both from the 12th Hitlerjugend Division. 2006 - 2008
WSS75 'Commander's Conference' - Four Waffen SS officers meet together to discuss the tactical situation. Obestgruppenfuhrer 'Sepp' Dietrich of the 1st SS Panzer Corps together with Brigadefuhrer Fritz Witt, Commanding Officer of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend plus two other senior Waffen SS officers 2006 - 2009
WSS76 'Bunker Defenders' - (3 figures and a dog) A wounded Wehrmacht officer tries to let his superiors know his position is coming under fire... A kneeling soldier aims his Schmeisser Machine Pistol at advancing Allied troops... A German rifleman cautiously moves forward... And the officer's German shepherd nervously crouches near his master... The Invasion has begun! 2009 - 2011
WSS77 (SL) Panzer Meyer's Command Vehicle - This Sdkfz251/6 Halftrack is the personal command vehicle of Oberfuhrer Kurt 'Panzer' Meyer commander of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend after the death of Brigadefuhrer Fritz Witt on the 16th June 1944 at Caen. This is 'Strictly Limited' piece of only 1250 sets, in a specially designed box and certificate. Limited Edition 2006 only
WSS78 'Atlantic Wall' - (bunker plus 2 1/2 figures) This very useful diorama piece is cast in sturdy polystone and is typical of hundreds of similar reinforced concrete machine gun positions up and down Hitler's "Festung Europa" (Fortress Europe). Accompanying this piece are a new crouching 2-man MG42 gun team and... a turban-clad volunteer from the "Free India Legion" firing his MG34 machine gun from the "Tobruk" style turret on the side of the bunker. 2009 - 2010
WSS78-01 'Atlantic Wall Set ("K11")' - (bunker plus 2 1/2 figures) Like set WSS78 but with bunker number K11. 2009 - 2010
WSS79 Winter Hummel - This large camouflaged assault gun on a Panzer IV chassis comes with 4 crew. 2006 - 2008
WSS80 Gepard Flakpanzer 38(T) - A snow camouflaged single 20mm flak gun mounted on a Czech chassis; with 4 crew. 2006 - 2008
WSS81 Kettenkraftrad (Halftrack Motorcycle) - The 'Kettenrad' halftrack motorcycle was used on all fronts. Our winterized version is being used to lay field telephoine cable and complete with 3 figures. 2006 - 2008
WSS82 Winter MG42 Set - Three cold-looking German 'Soldaten' man their MG42 2006 - 2009
WSS83 Gen Hasso von Manteuffel - Commanded the famous 'Grossdeutschland' Division in 1944, standing next to his tripod-mounted telescope. 2006 - 2011
WSS84 Winter Sledge - A well-wrapped up German soldier pulls his wounded colleague to a battlefield aid station. 2006 - 2008
WSS85 'Moving Forward' - Kneeling rifleman covers his colleague as he moves forward with his machine pistol ready. 2006 - 2011
WSS86 Prepare to Fire - A kneeling officer prepares to give the order to fire to a standing sniper. 2006 - 2011
WSS87 'Halt' - Two German 'Feldgendarmes' have stopped their motorcycle to conduct a 'spot check' on all passing vehicles. The driver sits astride his bike, whilst his dismounted partner flags down all vehicles. 2007 - 2009
WSS88 'Road Block' - Two 'Feldgendarmes' have dismounted their motorcycle and are setting up an identity check of civilians. 2007 - 2009
WSS89 'Despatch Rider' - Feldgendarme on his BMW motorcycle delivering an important message. 2007 - 2009
WSS90 Opel Blitz Tuck (Normandy Version) - The famous and ubiquitous German truck of WW2. In 'Normandy' camouflage, includes seated driver, removable rear canvas, fully detailed cab interior. 2007 - 2009
WSS91 'Gestapo Arrest' - Citroen Traction 11CV 4 door staff car, in the colours of the dreaded Gestapo. A SD Officer and a SD man closely guard a resistance suspect, includes a seated SD driver. 2007 - 2008
WSS92 'Tour of Inspection' - A Citreon Traction 11CV staff car in Wehrmacht markings and camouflage. Includes Albert Speer talking to an OT building foreman whilst a German General looks on. Includes a seated driver and the vehicle has fully detailed interior. 2007 - 2008
WSS93 Standing German Officer Saluting - Dressed in full 'fighting order' this young Wehrmacht officer gives the soldier's salute. 2007 - 2012
WSS94 Standing German Guard - Well wrapped up in his long greatcoat this German "soldaten" with shouldered rifle is alert and ready for anything! 2007 - 2012
WSS95 Marching German Officer - Striding forward this German Officer looks confident that he can handle just about any problem or situation put forward to him. 2007 - 2012
WSS96 Marching German Soldier - Dressed in typical late war Wehrmacht uniform this rifleman looks even better in multiples! 2007 - 2011
WSS96-01 Marching German Soldier - Same model as WSS96 but with a different camouflage on helmet. 2010 - 2012
WSS97 Medical Evacuation Motorcycle Combo - Specially converted motorcycle combo carries a stretcher and patient to the nearest first aid post. 2007 - 2009
WSS98 German T34 - During the initial assaults on Soviet Russia in 1941 and 1942 the Germans captured massive amounts of Russian arms and equipment. One of the weapons that impressed them most was the recently revealed T34 tank. So enamoured of it were the Nazis that they incorporated hundreds of them into service with minimal changes. These included additional side skirts…some extra armour and, in certain instances, a new top turret hatch courtesy of the existing Panzer III’s and IV’s. To ensure they were not attacked by their own side the Germans painted these “captured” T34’s in typical 3 colours camouflage and outsized “Balkan” crosses on the turret sides. Our K&C model also has a Nazi recognition flag tied onto one of its rear appendages. 2007 - 2008
WSS99 German Tank Crew - 5 Kneeling and Standing Panzer Crew in a variety of useful poses that can accompany any of K&C armoured vehicles. 2007 - 2010
WSS100 'The Fuhrer’s Last Fighter' - By the latter stages of the war Hitler and his generals were desperate for “wonder weapons” that could reverse the unstoppable tide of Allied conquest. One such “wonder weapon” was the Focke-Wulf “Rammjager”…a jet piloted by members of the Hitler Jugend! Pilots were to literally ram their aircraft towards large formations of enemy bombers before ejecting… if possible. To ensure no second thoughts the aircraft was provided with no landing gear…not even a skid! This “Top Secret” K&C aircraft comes complete with a young pilot (in the cockpit), a Luftwaffe guard and a flight instructor. The “Rammjager” itself is mounted on a separate towing trolley. Please Note: Can be towed by WSS101 - SdKfZ 252 Half-track Transporter. 2007 - 2008
WSS101 SdKfz. 252 Transporter - Our Luftwaffe version of this little half track tractor can pull the Focke-Wolf 'Rammjager' and it's trolley (see WSS100 - "The Fuhrer's Last Fighter"). 2007 - 2008
WSS102 Normandy Kubelwagen - Late war version of this popular vehicle, includes three brand-new figures; Seated Driver, Panzer Officer and Standing Panzer Grenadier NCO all from the 1st SS 'Leibstandarte' 2007 - 2009
WSS103 'The Flak 18 (sf1.) aufZugkraftwagen' - This 12 ton monster mounted the 88mm on an armoured half track prime mover body. Complete with 5 Wehrmacht Artillerymen and is in a typical mid to late European 3 tone camouflaged. Planned Production of ONLY 750 Limited Edition 2008 only
WSS104 SL Assassination of Heydrich - This particular set depicts the actual moment of the attack on Heydrich when he was fatally injured by the bomb thrown by one of the assassins. The set includes Heydrich... his SD driver... and the two Czech patriots Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik plus a superb model of the Reichsprotektor's Staff Car. Included is a four-page summary of Heydrich's infamous career and background details on the attack. This Limited Edition is restricted to a production of 999 sets only Limited Edition 2007 only
WSS106 'Hitler's Paris Visit' - In June 1940 Hitler made his one and only visit to Paris. This all new, second version of the older 'Hitler's Staff Car' is upgraded, more detailed and also larger than the first version. Complete with a standing saluting Fuhrer, his personal SS Driver, two seated Nazi Officers plus two SS Bodyguards 2008 - 2009
WSS107 German War Correspondents - Three SS War Correspondents following the Fuhrer's progress through Paris. 2008 - 2011
WSS108 Panzer Mk 1 Ausf F - The Panzer Kfw. 1 Ausf F is in a 2 tone camouflage and comes with 2 black clad crew figures 2008 - 2009
WSS109 Scwimmwagen (Summer) - This is a brand- new version of an old, long retired favourite of the K&C Collector..."The Schwimmwagen". A pair of Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers on a reconnaissance mission are side tracked when one the them gets an urgent call-of-nature. Even in the midst of a battle a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!! A little touch of reality in the world of toy soldiers and military miniatures!!!...lets hope he wipes and washes his hands!! 2008 - 2011
WSS110 Riflemen in Action 2008 - 2011
WSS111 'Over There' 2008 - 2011
WSS112 'Open Fire' 2008 - 2011
WSS113 MG34 Gun Team 2008 - 2012
WSS114 Marching SS Officer 2008 - 2013
WSS115 Marching SS Trooper 2008 - 2011
WSS116 Officer Pointing - A conscripted Police Officer Giving directions 2008 - 2011
WSS117 'Get Ready' - As one Wehrmacht Panzer Grenadier watches the advance of the enemy another prepares to pull the pin on his “potato masher” grenade. 2008 - 2011
WSS118 'Moving Forward' - A three-man rifle section (including a Schmeisser-toting NCO) stealthily move closer to the enemy. 2008 - 2011
WSS119 'On The Road' - In the weeks and months following D. Day German vehicles found it increasingly difficult to move undetected along French roads. Infantry moved forwards (and backwards) by the traditional method… on foot. An NCO leads two of his riflemen to the front carrying extra ammo and weapons 2008 - 2011
WSS120 'Walking Machine Gun Team' - This two-man set is a “companion piece” to WSS119. 2008 - 2011
WSS121 Sd.kfz.250/1 Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen (Half Track) - How's that for a mouthful!! a Long Title for a great little half track. This all-new German fighting vehicle is packed full of action.and character inspired by an actual German combat photo, this "Panzer Lehr" half track is covered in extra equipment and supplies. Inside it are three full figures; driver, gunner and spotter. Looks like they've just spotted some enemy. 2008 - 2011
WSS122 'Advancing On The Enemy' - Perhaps supporting the half track are these three Waffen SS troopers edgily moving forward. They belong to the "Hohenstaufen" Division and work equally well in an "Arnhem" 2008 - 2012
WSS123 'Machine Gun team Forward' - Moving forward to take up a new gun position is this two man Waffen SS MG42 gun set. 2008 - 2012
WSS124 'Flame Thrower Set' - Much requested and much feared The Flame Thrower team. As the leading trooper prepares to "torch" the opposition his bodyguard covers his back. 2008 - 2012
WSS125 German Panhard Armoured Car - During WW2 the German War Machine made full use of captured enemy weapons, equipment and vehicles. Here we see one such example... the French-made Panhard Armoured Car. Following the Battle of France in May and June 1940 large numbers of these machines fell into German hands. These in turn were given the minimum of adaptations (but usually some improvements) quickly repainted and reissued to German units. This new model, in typical 2-tone camouflage, has been handed over to the infamous "Das Reich" 2nd SS Division just prior to the Normandy invasion. The vehicle comes with 2 crew figures. 2009 - 2010
WSS126 Normandy Rommel - Germany's most famous and most respected. Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel... the Desert Fox. Here, however he is far from the burning sands of North Africa... he is inspecting beach defences on Hitler's vaunted "Festung Europa" (Fortress Europe). Dressed in his General's great coat and carrying his Marshall's baton he strides purposely forward... 2009 - 2013
WSS127 General Oberst Heinz Guderian - The "master and teacher" of Panzer Warfare, Guderian often fell foul of the Fuhrer because of his forthright opinions and decisions. This figure shoWSS him wearing typical black Panzer uniform which he wore when inspecting his tank forces. 2009 - 2013
WSS128 General Oberst Eduard Dietl - The commander of the 20th.Mountain Army... Dietl was himself a skilled climber pre war and... a devoted Nazi. In this piece he is wearing the leggings and ski cap of a typical Mountaineer. He was killed in an aircrash in 1944. 2009 - 2011
WSS129 General Leutnant Fritz Bayerlein - Commander of the famous "Panzer Lehr" Division before and during the Battle of Normandy. Prior to this he had been Rommel's very capable Chief-of-Staff in the Afrika Korps. The perfect figure to accompany his old boss on an inspection tour of the Normandy defences. 2009 - 2011
WSS130 German Guard Box - From one end (the top) of the military spectrum to the other... the humble guard box. Seen and used everywhere this brand-new, 3 colour version can be utilized in a whole host of situations and locations. 2009 - 2013
WSS131 Sd. Kfz. 251/22 "Pakwagen" Ausf. D (Summer) - This camouflaged half-track mounts the well-known and deadly Pak.40 anti tank gun. Our model is very representative of those taking part in the Normandy campaign and beyond. In Wehrmacht markings this 251/22 has a 3-man crew to man the gun. 2009 - 2011
WSS134 Panzer III - Another alternative to the earlier released Afrika Korps version. This Panzer comes in the distinctive 3-colour camouflage typical of the mid war period. This particular model is suitable for both East and West Front displays. 2010 - 2011
WSS135(SL) 'The July Bomb Plot' - King & Country's latest "Strictly Limited" set is being released to mark the 65th. Anniversary of what might have been the most momentous day of the Second World War. We have chosen to portray the moment when Col. Claus von Stauffenberg placed his bomb-laden briefcase close to Hitler as he studied the operational maps at his headquarters in the "Wolf's Lair" in East Prussia on July 20, 1944. Among the figures gathered around Hitler are General Gunther Karten, Luftwaffe chief of staff, Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel and a senior Waffen SS officer. In front of the group is large table spread over with two printed Eastern Front maps. Colonel von Stauffenberg completes this historic "SL" set.Just 888 are being produced Limited Edition 2009 only
WSS136 'General & Adjutant' - A standing, arms folded, Wehrmacht General confers with his Army adjutant. 2010 - 2012
WSS137 'Discussing the War' - An East Prussian Party official from the local Gauleiter's officer listens to a highly decorated Panzer officer. Both of these "add-on" sets make for a superb small-scale diorama worthy of any serious WW2 collection. 2010 - 2012
WSS140 'Collaboration' - A young Wehrmacht soldier "chats-up" a pretty French girl in this unusual little two-figure set. 2010 - 2013
WSS141 'Street Patrol' - Three Wehrmacht soldiers go about their business somewhere in an occupied country. 2010 - 2013
WSS142 Cossack Feldgendarmerie with Prisoner - Russian Cossack cavalry have the distinction of having fought both for and against Stalin's Red Army. On the German side they fought with great valour and ruthlessness especially on Anti-Partisan duties in Russia itself... and in the Balkans. At the end of the war most of these German Cossack units retreated westwards and surrendered to the British Forces. They were then handed over to the Russians... expecting and receiving little mercy. Here a dismounted Cossack field policeman with an unfortunate Partisan prisoner. 2010 - 2012
WSS143 Mounted Cossack Officer with Sword - Wearing the traditional Cossack costume (with German badges) this officer with sabre in hand, is issuing orders. 2010 - 2012
WSS144 Mounted Cossack Scout - Scanning the horizon for enemy activity. 2010 - 2012
WSS145 Mounted Cossack Holding Rifle (Looking Right) 2010 - 2012
WSS146 Mounted Cossack Holding Rifle (Looking Left) 2010 - 2012
WSS147 Standing Cossack and Horse - This young Cossack is awaiting inspection. 2010 - 2012
WSS148 Mounted Cossack Pointing - Another member of the patrol indicating whilst making his report. 2010 - 2012
WSS149 Dismounted Cossack NCO 2010 - 2012
WSS150 Cossack General Helmut Von Pannwitz - Helmut Von Pannwitz was a German cavalry officer who was the commander of the Cossack Cavalry Corps. After the war he chose to remain with his men when they were handed over to the Russians. He was executed by the Soviets in 1947. 2010 - 2012
WSS151 'TIGER 1' - "K&C's latest and (we think) best "homage" to Germany's most famous tank of WWII... The Tiger. This newest version of the beast is in the markings of the 2nd. SS Division "Das Reich" as it appeared during the epic battle of KURSK in 1943... The two colour camouflage is typical of this period and the vehicle comes with two crew figures and a weathered battlefield finish." 2010 - 2013
WSS153 'Additional German Tankers' - Two Army tank crew complete with "jerricans" full of fuel and water. "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS154 Major Hermann von Oppeln- BronikoWSSki - This titled nobleman had a fine wartime record as both a superb field commander and a tank ace. "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS155 Standing Tank Officer - Wearing the distinctive all-black tank uniform this officer is assessing the situation. "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS156 Panzer Crewman at ease - Dressed for an inspection or parade this tanker carries the standard German infantry rifle. "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS157 Panzer Crewman on Guard - wearing the "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS158 Panzer Crewman Marching - wearing the "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS159 'Panzer Feldgendarme' - Like all German military units even the Panzer Korps had their own "Field Police". This one carries the MP40 Machine Pistol... better known as the "Schmeisser". "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS160 'Panzer Tank Ace' - The Germans produced many decorated and skilled tank "aces". This confident officer is wearing Italian camouflage trousers with his black uniform jacket. "Das Reich" cuff title 2010 - 2012
WSS162 Waffen SS Officer with Sword - This 2nd SS "DAS REICH" armoured division officer in full Panzer black uniform w/ sword. 2010 -
WSS163 'Talking Tankers' - Two Waffen SS Panzer officers discuss the tactical situation. 2010 - 2012
WSS164 'Kneeling HJ Officer' - One of the veteran 1st SS officers transferred to lead the young inexperienced HJ boys into battle.Raised in 1943 this Waffen SS Division (the 12th.) comprised almost 20,000 seventeen-year old members of the Nazi Party's Youth Organization... all volunteers. The Division's veteran officers and NCO's were mostly seconded or transferred from the premier Waffen SS unit, 1st SS "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". In the Spring of 1944 after it completed its training and received its full quota of arms and equipment it was transferred to France to await the long-expected Allied Invasion. On June 6, 1944, the invasion began and the 12th. SS "Hitlerjugend" Division was soon in the thick of it. This is the first of two releases showing the "HJ in action" during the early days of the fighting in Normandy... 2010 - 2012
WSS165 Pak 97/38 Anti Tank Gun - This was a typical German combination of utilizing a captured enemy weapon (in this case the French canon de 75 model 1897) and the carriage of their proven German Pak 38. Entering wide-spread service in 1942 it was one of the principal anti tank guns supplied to the Hitlerjugend Division just before Normandy. Our model comes with a three-man crew in action poses. SPECIAL NOTE: This gun can also be "pulled" behind by the new Raupenschlepper. 2010 - 2013
WSS166 'Laying the MG42 Gun Set' - Providing the extra fire power to keep the Allied heads down this three-man set takes careful aim. 2010 - 2013
WSS167 'MP40 Set' - Two lying prone young Panzer Grenadiers armed with the classic MP40 (Machine Pistol 40) usually called the "Schmeisser". As one Grenadier watches the front his mate calls out for reinforcements to move up quickly and get in position. A great little set for dioramas! 2010 - 2013
WSS168 'Kneeling Grenadier' - Another young rifleman of the HJ Division somewhere in Normandy. Wearing the ubiquitous SS camouflage smock and trousers he kneels ready with a "potato-masher" grenade in the right hand. 2010 - 2013
WSS169 'Ready...Aim...Fire!' - As one rifleman takes careful aim another sends a "silent" signal to the rest of their section.Note the Panzerfaust next to the firing Grenadier." 2010 - 2013
WSS170 'Dead HJ Grenadier' - The deadly cost of war... Two thirds of the HJ Division fighting in Normandy were either killed... or captured... mostly the former. 2010 - 2011
WSS171 'Running Officer' - "Schmeisser" in hand this young HJ officer crouches low as he moves around his boy's defensive positions. 2010 - 2013
WSS172 'Casualty Evacuation' - One HJ Grenadier shoulders a wounded comrade and takes him out of the line and back to the nearest aid station. 2010 - 2012
WSS173 'Panzer Meyer Set' - Our second version of this famous HJ officer (the first was part of a "Strictly Limited" set a few years back). Here, he instructs one of his NCO's on exactly where he wants him and his men to go to. 2010 - 2013
WSS174 'Walking Wounded' - A German Medic escorts another wounded SS Panzer Grenadier away from the frontline and, hopefully, out of further harm's way! 2010 - 2012
WSS175 'Summer Raupenschlepper' - Two years ago K&C released a very popular "winter" version of this great little tracked transporter. We received many requests to produce a "summer" one... and here it is! But, this new version is a brand-new sculpt with several additional features ... First of all, the "canvas" top is removable and can be replaced with the steel metal frame in its place. Also included a load of supplies that can either be put into the vehicles (or stand by its side). This Raupenschlepper has a towing hook as well allowing collectors to pull an artillery piece or trailer. Finally there is also an all-new driver as well. 2010 - 2012
WSS176 'Hitlerjugend Panther Ausf. A' - Another essential part of the division's fighting inventory was a company of Panther tanks. This latest Panther Ausf. A tank is definitely K&C's most detailed Panther to date. Covered in "zimmerit" paste and battle-worn, two crew members can be seen with the vehicle as it prepares to engage the enemy." 2010 -
WSS177 (SL) 'Snow Tiger' - The Panzerkampfwagen VI, better known as "The Tiger" has played a very big role in the K&C story... Back in 2005 it was the very first "Strictly Limited" fighting Tiger K&C ever produced. That first "SL" Tiger was a snow-camouflaged version of the earlier WSS070 "Winter Tiger Strictly Limited" and was a huge success with 999 produced and sold! A few years later we revisited the Tiger to do another "SL". This time an early AFRIKA KORPS version... again another popular success. Now in 2010, we're producing a third Tiger "SL" and, without a doubt, the finest one yet! This is not simply a repaint of an earlier model this new "Snow Tiger" is an all-new sculpt with a radically different winter camouflage scheme to the 2005 version. A close inspection of the photos provided will easily demonstrate the differences and improvements on K&C's previous Tigers. Each "Snow Tiger" comes with two crew figures... a specially-designed presentation box and a large 4 page full-colour brochure and numbered certificate. Just 999 are being produced... Order now to avoid disappointment!" Limited Edition 2010 -
WSS178 '"DAS REICH" Banner Bearer' - Another marching officer in full Panzer black uniform with Divisional Banner. 2010 - 2013
WSS179 'Tiger Tank Guards' - Two winter-clad panzer figures dismounted and armed with MP40 Schmeisser Machine Pistols. 2010 - 2013
WSS180 (SL) 'The JAGDTIGER' - Weighing over 70tons this "behemoth" of a tank-killer was one of the last gasps of the once mighty German armaments industry. Mounting a massive 128mm gun less than 100 of these heavy metal monsters were actually produced. K&C's battle-weary version comes in a realistic two-colour, late war camouflage and is one of the "Henschel Production" models. It comes with 3 partial crew figures and is the largest, heaviest tank K&C has produced... it dwarfs even a King Tiger! Just 750 of this special model are being produced. Limited Edition 2011 -
WSS181 'Volksturm Old Man' - In a desperate attempt to hold off the Allied Armies even this grandfather has been drafted into the "Volksturm". Still wearing civilian clothes only his army 'ski cap', armband and weapons mark him down as a 'soldier'. 2011 - 2014
WSS182 'Volksturm off to Battle' - Another 'old-timer' marches off... but at least he has a helmet, backpack and a uniform greatcoat! 2011 - 2014
WSS183 'Tank Killer' - This veteran infantryman carries a bundle of deadly "Panzerfausts" (the cheap but effective German Rocket Propelled Grenade). His job is to help instruct and lead the "odds 'n' sods" of the Volksturm. 2011 - 2014
WSS184 'Volksturm Heil Hitler' - Even at this late desperate stage of the war there were some Germans who still believed in the Fuhrer... another Volksturm "volunteer", still wearing his SA uniform salutes with one hand while clutching his Panzerfaust in the other. 2011 - 2014
WSS185 'Panzerfaust Warriors' - The young and the old... a teenager "Hitlerjugend" member takes aim while his much older comrade gingerly "folloWSS suit". 2011 - 2014
WSS187 HALT! SS trooper with MP44 With units being decimated and survivors fleeing the battlefield this SS man is stopping and checking all vehicles and their passengers. 2011 - 2014
WSS188 'HJ Guard' - Providing "back-up" for the SS man is this young Hitlerjugend rifleman. 2011 - 2014
WSS189 'SS Inspecting Officer' - This veteran officer surveys the serious situation. 2011 - 2014
WSS190 "MG42 Instruction" - Whilst the Hitlerjugend boy lies prone behind the machine gun his Luftwaffe instructor tries to explain the workings of the MG42. 2011 - 2014
WSS191 'Volksturm with Bicycle' 2011 - 2014
WSS192 'Hitlerjugend with Bicycle' 2011 - 2014
WSS193 “Normandy Pillbox” - This is one of the smaller German bunkers that could be found in Normandy and elsewhere in occupied Europe…Usually manned by 4-6 soldiers this one had 3 x gunports including a large one where a machine gun could be sited. It also features a blast wall opposite the rear door and a detachable roof allowing collectors to place figures where they like. As seen in our photos this little pillbox has already experienced some Allied attention… 2013 -
WSS194 Waffen SS Volkswagen - This VW has the markings of the 5th SS Panzer Division 'Viking' complete with driver and a full rack of extra supplies and fuel. Please Note: Only 250 being produced. Limited Edition 2011 only
WSS195 German Panhard Armoured Car (Winter Version) - Over the years we have had more requests to produce different German vehicles with the "white-washed winter" camouflage. And here is the captured French Panhard "winterized" complete with a 2-man crew lightly dusted by frost and snow. (Just 200 of this little recce vehicle are available)" Limited Edition 2010 -
WSS196 'Rommel in France (1940)' -Rommel as he appeared in France in 1940 during his command of the 7th Panzer Division. 2012 -
WSS197 Sd. Kfz 234/1 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen - That's quite a mouthful in anyone's language. This Wehrmacht version of the eight-wheeler is in typical late-war three colour camouflage, armed with both an MG42 machine gun and a 20mm cannon it comes complete with a seated, full-body vehicle commander. Perfect for operations in France, Belgium, Holland... or even the Eastern Front. 2012 -
WSS199 'T34/76 (German Version)' - As most K&C collectors already know the German Army in the first 18 months after their invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 captured vast numbers of prisoners as well as huge amounts of weapons and fighting vehicles. The vehicles in particular proved useful and many were hastily repainted, given German markings and pushed back into action... This time with German creWSS. Among the most famous were the T34's... Our grey-painted version is in the markings of the Third Waffen SS Division "TOTENKOPF" ("Death 's head") Decorated with several large "Balkan" crosses (for easy recognition) this fighting vehicle comes with a new German tank commander figure. SPECIAL NOTE: Planned Production is just 250 vehicles." Limited Edition 2012 only
WSS200 Walking Officer 2012 -
WSS201 Marching MG34 Gunner 2012 -
WSS202 The Ammo Carrier 2012 -
WSS203 NCO with Binos 2012 -
WSS204 “Soldat with Cigarette” - Classic figure in a classic WW2 pose. 2013 -
WSS205 “Soldat Looking Right” - This guy looks happy and relaxed…does he not know what lies ahead? 2013 -
WSS206 “Soldat Drinking” - Marching on those dusty Russian roads is a thirsty business… 2013 -
WSS207 “Soldat Carrying Crate” - Another of the “Soldaten” has been tasked with moving a crate of ammunition. 2013 -
WSS208 “Soldat Pointing” - “Put it over there!” This soldier seems to be saying. 2013 -
WSS209 Sd Kfz 222 Armoured Car 2012 - 2014
WSS210 Sd Kfz 222 Armoured Car (Normandy) 2014 -
WSS211 'Unteroffizier with Schmeisser' - This standing NCO pulls back the cocking handle on his machine pistol. 2012 -
WSS212 'Kneeling Ready' - The battle is about to begin and this soldier is ready… 2012 -
WSS213 'Kneeling with Ammo Box' - Another soldier carrying an extra box of machine gun ammunition. 2012 -
WSS214 'Wait!' - As this soldier moves forward he orders his comrades to stay under cover. 2012 -
WSS215 'Just Looking' - One soldier bends down to peer round a corner while his comrade leans forward to get a better view. 2012 -
WSS216 'Tiger 1 (Early Production)' - This particular Tiger, the first of two “Early Production” models is #”213” belonging to the famous Abteilung 503, the 503 rd. Heavy Panzer Battalion. This grey, battle-weary veteran has already seen some “hard-action” on the Russian Front. Both track guards have been lost and its missing a front left wheel cover! Another unique feature is the rear baggage bin behind the turret… “cannibalized” from a Panzer III. This alloWSS us to place this tank operational in Russia between August and November 1942. A shirt-sleeved commander completes the model. 2012 -
WSS217 Sd.Kfz.251 Half-Track - This ubiquitous German fighting vehicle could be seen on every German battlefield from the Caucasus in Russia to Cyrenaica in Libya and all points in between. Our battle-weary, dust covered “feldgrau” (field grey) version is perfect for early to mid war battles and campaigns in Poland, France or the Soviet Union. Vehicle comes with fixed driver and detachable MG34 and antenna. 2013 -
WSS218 Sd. Kfz 251 Half Track (1942 -45 Camo) 2014 -
WSS227 "The Apple Thief" 2014 -
WSS219 “Panzer IV H” - One of the all-time great German battle tanks of WW2 and one that is long overdue in the K&C catalogue. Our K&C “H” model Panzer IV is mounting the long-barrelled 75mm main gun and comes with the wrap-around turret shield armour. First produced in mid 1943, Panzer IV H’s saw action on both East and West fronts and in Italy. More than 3,000 were produced of this particular variant and this, first version, comes in typical three-colour camouflage of the later war period. The K&C model includes the tank commander in the top turret hatch. 2012 -
WSS220 'The Winter Tiger1' - The second version of K&C's new, early-production models of this iconic German tank. This second version has been given a thin coat of whitewash to help camouflage it… Already however the original “fieldgrau” is showing through. The vehicle comes with a new Tank Commander figure. 2012 - 2014
WSS221 "Spoils of War" - A smiling soldaten rejoins his comrades with a 'liberated' pig under his arm 2014 -
WSS222 "Walking Wounded" - A German medic tends to the arm-wound of this soldier. It's serious enough to demand treatment but not bad enough to be sent to the rear... unfortunately for him! 2014 Texas Show Special 2014 -
WSS223-1 “Tank Commanders #1” - Many collectors have suggested that K&C offer a range of different commanders for the armoured vehicles. Here’s the first set….commanders. The first wears the “classic” black Waffen SS Wrap around Jacket and SS officers field gray service cap. Figure 2 wears the reversible winter smock and the black Panzer Wehrmacht side cap. 2013 -
WSS223-2 “Tank Commanders #2” - These two commanders are another contrast in style….One, all in black Wehrmacht Panzer uniform and side cap. The other in Waffen SS wrap around camouflage uniform topped off with a black ski cap. These new half-body German tank commanders will fit the vast majority of K&C’s armoured vehicles…both German and Allied. And they’ll probably fit easily into most competitors armour as well !!! 2013 -
WSS224-1 “Pz.Kpfw.38(T)#201” - painted in typical early-war field grey and dust comes with a 3/4 body tank commander and is perfect for any battles and campaigns during 1940-1942…..From Western Europe to the Eastern Front and all points in between! During the Polish Campaign of September 1939 and the Fall of France and the Low Countries in May and June 1940 the German Army deployed their armoured “blitzkrieg” to great effect. Among the most effective tanks was one that was not even designed or manufactured by themselves….The Czechoslovak 38T, originally a pre war design, it was incorporated into the Wehrmacht’s arsenal after its country of origin was annexed by Hitler in 1938. Although production ended in 1942 it also saw plenty of action during “Operation Barbarossa”, the invasion of Russia in mid 1941. Production limited to 250 models. Limited Edition 2013 only
WSS224-2 “Pz.Kpfw.38(T)#202” - A second 38T is also available for those that like to build up their armoured column….No tank commander but at a great price….and you can always add any other K&C Panzer crewmen as you wish. Production limited to 100 models. Limited Edition 2013 -
WSS224-3 “Pz.Kpfw.38(T)#204” - If you think how good two 38 T’s look….imagine a third option….Now you’re talking! Again no commander but plenty of other options are available so #204 will look great anyway you feature it in your collection. Production limited to 100 models. Limited Edition 2013 -
WSS225 “Pz.Kpfw38(t)" - By the middle of 1942 many German vehicles were being camouflaged…including the Czech-made 38(t). Here is our version… 2014 -
WSS228 “Jagdpanther Ausf.GI” - The Jadpanther (or Hunting Panther) was a German tank destroyer built on the chassis of the already successful Panther tank. It combined the powerful 88mm gun of the Tiger tank with the excellent armour and suspension of the Panther. This all-new Jagdpanther (K&C’s last version goes back to 2004) is a battle weary one from the summer of 1944 covered in “zimmerit” paste that has been “chipped-away” in combat revealing the original rust-brown undercoat applied at the factory. Although most Jagdpanthers appeared on the Eastern Front they also fought in small numbers in the Battle of Normandy. The K&C model comes with two tank-crew figures who can be seen in the open hatches. A “winter” version will be released later in the year. 2013 -
WSS229 "Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.B Demag" - This medium-sized half track was one of the “workhorse” vehicles of the German Army during WW2. Our field grey version comes with a driver and a detachable canopy allowing collectors to add extra figures and/or supplies inside. 2013 -
WSS231 "Demag Passengers" - Two more “classic” Wehrmacht infantrymen who fit easily into WSS229 or perhaps other German vehicles. 2013 -
WSS232 "Pointing German MP" - “Schmeisser” machine pistol in one hand this “chained-dog” points the direction with the other. 2013 -
WSS233 Kneeling Sergeant - MP40 in one hand this NCO gestures to his men to follow him. 2013 -
WSS234 Running Messenger - A company runner races forward to pass on a vital message… 2013 -
WSS235 "Give me the Message" - Rifle in one hand this soldier reaches back for the written order. 2013 -
WSS236 Radioman - This lying prone radio operator is attempting to stay in contact with other elements of his company. 2013 -
WSS237 "Wounded" - A German Medic provides some water for a seriously wounded comrade. Please note in the German Army most medics carried a sidearm…especially on the Eastern Front! 2013 -
WSS238 Grenadier - This dynamic soldier has just thrown one grenade at the enemy. Already he has another in his left hand… 2013 -
WSS239 Officer Rifleman - This lying prone officer is taking his place in the front line aiming carefully at the approaching enemy. 2013 -
WSS240 Sergeant - Another prone figure…this time with an MP40 “Schmeisser” in one hand and shouting out orders to his men. 2013 -
WSS241 Machine Gunner - This prone MG34 gunner is laying down a blanket of fire while his comrades maneuvere 2013 -
WSS242 Wounded Soldier - One of the “walking wounded” making his way towards the company medic for treatment. 2013 -
WSS243 Running Rifleman A - Bent over and moving fast… 2013 -
WSS244 Running Rifleman B - Another rifleman moving across the battlefield his K98 Mauser held firmly in both hands. 2013 -
WSS245 BA-64B Armoured Car (Captured German Version) 2014 -
WSS246 “Adler Kfz.13 Armoured Car” - Originally designed in the late 1920’s to comply with the Versailles Treaty specifications these little vehicles were used extensively in the Polish and French campaigns of 1939 and 1940. Although under-gunned and under armoured by June 1941 when “Operation Barbarossa” took place theywere once more called back into service. 2013 -
WSS248 "Sd.Kfz.2 Military Car" - Based originally on the Mercedes - Benz 170 this vehicle had its origins during the early 1930's in the company's wish to produce an economy class car in addition to their better known luxury range. The military derivative was specially-tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the German forces. Produced between 1938 and 1942 the Sd.Kfz.2 saw plenty of service on all battle fronts from Benghazi to Belarus and all points in between. This new field grey K&C model is the first of several we will produce to fit at least some of those battlefronts. Vehicle includes driver. 2013 -
WSS249 “Breakdown” - A kneeling “mechanic” bends down to make a roadside-repair while his companion anxiously looks at his watch and seems to say…”Just how long is this going to take?" 2013 -
WSS250 “Checking Papers” -  Always a useful figure for any roadside display or diorama…a standing Military Policeman checks a soldiers identity papers and movement orders. 2013 -
WSS251 German Officer Prisoner 2013 -
WSS252 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Standing Machine Gunner 2013 -
WSS253 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Light Machine Gunner - This 'Handschar' man is holding the Czech made 'ZBvz26' light machine gun 2013 -
WSS254 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Pointing NCO 2013 -
WSS255 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Advancing NCO 2013 -
WSS256 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Watching Rifleman 2013 -
WSS257 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Advancing Rifleman 2013 -
WSS258 Opel Blitz Field Ambulance 2014 -
WSS261 Wehrmacht Doctor 2014 -
WSS262 Red Cross Nurse 2014 -
WSS263 'Writing Home' - A sitting nurse patiently writes a letter home on behalf of a young wounded, blind soldier. 2014 -
WSS264 'Now this Might Hurt a Little' - A sitting wounded soldier has his wound rebandaged by a standing Red Cross nurse. 2014 -
WSS265 'We'll soon have you back at the front' - A nurse bids farewell to a wounded soldier as he prepares to return to his unit. 2014 -
WSS266 'The Chest Wound' 2014 -
WSS269 'The Empty Bed' 2014 -
WSS268 13th Waffen SS Mountain Div: Standing Firing 2013 -
WSS259 Panzer 35(T) - Complete with tank commander and a removable aircraft recognition Nazi flag 2014 -
WSS270 Goodbye Commissar - A Wehrmacht Officer, pistol in hand, pushes a Russian 'political officer' towards his unfortunate fate... the Russian, still defiant, already suspects the worst! 2014 -
WSS272 Panther Ausf G - In late WW II , battle weary, two colour camouflage complete with commander 2014 -
WSS273 German Sniper - This standing Wehrmacht rifle expert takes careful aim. 2014 -
WSS274 Shot German Officer - Elsewhere, a Wehrmacht officer reels backwards... A female Russian sniper has found her mark - "One bullet... one dead fascist!" 2014 -
WSS275 Ambulance Driver 2014 -
WSS276 The Stretcher Set 2014 -
WSS277 Smoking General 2014 -
WSS278 Officer with Map 2014 -
WSS279 Aide de Camp with Binos 2014 -
WSS280 NCO Bodyguard 2014 -
WSS281 "The Renault U.E. Armoured Carrier" - This lightly armoured “tankette” was able to tow small artillery pieces and mortars. When used by the Germans they were used for a variety of purposes including patrolling, pulling anti-tank guns and even hauling small supply trailers. 2014 -
WSS282 "Coastal Gun Officer" 2014 -
WSS283 "Kneeling Soldier w/Field Radio" 2014 -
WSS284 "Coastal Gunners" Set #1 - The first of 2 x 2-man sets of gunners in action. 2014 -
WSS285 "Coastal Gunners" Set #2 - Two more gunners... one loading the shell... the other with the powder charge. 2014 -
WSS286 Pointing Officer 2014 -
WSS287 Kneeling Loading 2014 -
WSS288 Kneeling Grenadier   2014 -
WSS289 Kneeling with Rifle 2014 -
WSS290 Kneeling with Binos 2014 -
WSS291 "Flak Panzer 1A" - These little beauties were used primarily on the Eastern Front in the ground-attack role. This grey, dust-coated version mounts the highly regarded 20mm Flak Gun and comes with a seated gunner. 2014 -
WSS292 "Flak Panzer Gun Crew" - Two additional crewmen to help ‘serve’ the gun (both with no base in order to stand better on the vehicles) 2014 -
WSS297 "The Nice German Soldier" - Proof that not all Germans were “monsters’…This ‘soldaten’ shares his bread and jam with a young girl in one of the occupied countries. 2014 -
WSS309 Winter Tiger #311 2014 -

Battle of the Bulge (original series)

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
YA1 4 Man Patrol 1999 - 2002
YA2 3 Defenders 1999 - 2002
YA3 'Christmas Dinner' - GI with stray dog 1999 - 2002


Model Number Description Comments
TK01 Tiger Tank - This is the wooden Tiger Tank that Andy made early on. There are believed to be under 50 made. Several are painted in different styles. In these days he made custom orders. Today it's almost impossible to get something done like this.
TK01A Tiger Tank - in Green Camo
TK01B Tiger Tank - in Desert Colour with Wood Tracks
TK01WA Tiger Tank - This was a special edition Tiger made in wood and painted with the winter camo. I am not sure how many were produced but it is probably under 10.
TK02 Sturmgeschutz IV in desert markings
TK02A Sturmgeschutz IV in desert markings - Some of the side armour was a different height depending on which company produced the piece for K and C.
TK03 Jagd Panther
TK04 Hanomag Europen Markings
TK04A Hanomag Europen Markings
TK04B Hanomag Desert Markings
TK05 Kubelwagen
TK06 Sturmgeschutz III - in Normandy colorus
TK07 Bren Gun Carrier - in Green made of resin
TK07A Bren Gun Carrier - in Green made of wood and metal
TK07B Bren Gun Carrier - in Desert colour made of resin
TK07C Bren Gun Carrier - in Desert colour made of wood and metal
TK15 Quad Limber and Gun - in Desert Colour
TK15A Quad Limber and Gun - in European Colour
TK16 Cromwell MkIV Tank
WSS5 Panther - Made from wood (1st K&C Panther ever made)
WSS5A Sherman - Made from wood (1st K&C Sherman ever made)
WSS5B Tiger - Made from wood (1st K&C Tiger ever made)

Warbirds & other aircraft

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
WB01 Me109 'Emil' (made from metal and polystone) with Pilot and Stand ? - 2005
WB01A Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot ? - 2005
WB02 F4U Corsair (made from metal and polystone) with Pilot and Stand ? - 2005
WB02A US Fighter Pilot ? - 2005
141B Bloem Voss 141B Recon Light Bomber
2M3 IL 2M3 Sturmovik
A20 Douglas A20 Boston Medium Bomber
A99 Aichii 99 Val
AFU AFU Skyraider The item number is only for reference
ALD Avro Lancaster Dambuster Heavy Bomber
AT Albatross DV
B17 Boeing B17 Flying Fortress Heavy Bomber
B24 B24 Liberator Heavy Bomber
B25 North American B25 Mitchell Medium Bomber
B29 B29 Super Fortress Heavy Bomber
B52 B52 Bomber The item number is only for reference
BB BreWSSter Buffalo US Navy or Royal Australian Airforce
BB1 Bristol Beaufighter Torpedo Bomber Nightfighter RAF Coastal Command
BBA BreWSSter Buffalo US Navy or Royal Australian Airforce
BUCC Buccaneer The item number is only for reference
C47 C47 Dakota Paratrooper and Cargo Plane
CON Constellation The item number is only for reference
DC3 DC3 Troop Transport
DC3B DC3 The Betsy
FF Fairey Firefly The item number is only for reference
FW189 Focke Wulf 189
FW190A Focke Wulf 190A Shortnose
GG Gloster Gladiator
GGA Gloster Gladiator
GT Grumman Tracker The item number is only for reference
GW Grumman Hellcat USMC
HE111 Heinkell HE111 Medium Bomber
HG Horsa Glider
HH Hawker Hunter The item number is only for reference
HPH Handley Page Halifax Heavy Bomber
HPV Handley Page Victor
HS Hawker Seafury Trainer
HSF Hawker Seafury Fighter Royal Australian Navy
HT Hawker Tempest Ground Support Fighter RAF
HTA Hawker Typhoon Ground Support Fighter
JU52 Junkers JU52 paratroop and cargo plane
JU87 Junkers JU87 Stuka Divebomber
JU88 Junkers JU88 Nightfighter
M202 Macci 202
ME262 Messerschmitt ME262 Jet Fighter
ME410 Messerschmitt ME410
MK9 Supermarine Spitfire MK9 Four Blade Prop Royal Canadian Airforce
P47 P47 Thunderbolt Razorback
P47T P47 Thunderbolt Bubble Canopy
P51B North American P51B Mustang Fighter US Army Corps
PBY PBY Catalina Flying Boat
RAFA06 Supermarine Spitfire MK2
RAFA06A Supermarine Spitfire MK1
RAFA07 Supermarine Spitfire MK5
RAFA07B Supermarine Spitfire MK5B
RAFA08 Hawker Hurricane MK2
RAFA08A Hawker Hurricane MK1
RAFA10 De Haviland Mosquito Fighter Light Bomber
WB02A Messerschmitt ME 109 Gustav Edition
WB02B Messerschmitt ME 109 Emil
WB02C Messerschmitt ME 109 Emil in Afrika Korps Camo
WB02W Messerschmitt ME 109 Emil in Winter Camo
WB03 Focke Wulf 190
WB04 Fairey Swordfish Bi Plane Torpedo Bomber Royal Navy
WB05 North American P51D Mustang Fighter US Army Corps
WB06 Lockheed P38 Lightning Fighter US Army Corps
WB07 Curtis P40 Hawk Fighter Dive Bomber
WB08 Mitsubishi Zero A6M - This Aircraft was made in 4 different paint schemes
WB09A Chance Vought F4U Corsair US Navy
WB09B Chance Vought F4U Corsair US Marines
WB10A Grumman F6F Hellcat US Navy
WB10B Grumman F6F Hellcat US Marines
ZEKE Zeke Floatplane Recon

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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