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King and CountryKing & Country World War II Figures Archive Part 3

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

Sands of Iwo Jima

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
IWJ01 'Hit the Beach' - Marine Officer plus 3 Marines in Action Poses 2002 - 2005
IWJ02 'Fire Support' - 4 Marines in Action Poses 2002 - 2005
IWJ03 'Calling up Reinforcements' - Wounded Officer, Radio Op'. Kneeling 2002 - 2005
IWJ04 'Take Cover' - 3 Marines, Crawling, Kneeling and Lying 2002 - 2005
IWJ05 'Ready...Aim...Fire' - Kneeling NCO plus Marine with Bazooka, Lying Firing 2002 - 2005
IWJ06 'Raising the Flag' - Flag Raising Set - 6 Figures 2002 - 2005
IWJ07 'Amphibious Assault' - LVT-2 Amtrak (made from polystone) and Marine Gunner 2002 - 2005
IWJ08 'Tough Opposition' - Japanese Officer and 2 Japanese Soldiers 2002 - 2006
IWJ09 'Mortar & Machine Gun' - 3 Japanese Soldiers, 1 Lying, 2 Kneeling 2002 - 2006
IWJ10A Battlefield with Mountain Top 2002 - 2005
IWJ10B Battlefield with Mountain Summit 2002 - 2005
IWJ11 M4 USMC Sherman Tank 2002 - 2005
IWJ11W M4 USMC Sherman Tank 2002 - 2005
IWJ11WA M4 USMC Sherman Tank in Winter Camouflage 2002 - 2005
IWJ12 'Medical Support' - 2 Navy Corpsmen help 2 Wounded Marines. 2002 - 2005
IWJ13 'Artillery Fire' - Mountain Gun with 3 Japanese Artillerymen. 2002 - 2005
IWJ14 'Banzai One' - Japanese Officer and 2 men. 2002 - 2005
IWJ15 'Banzai Two' - Japanese Flagbearer and 2 Attackers. 2002 - 2005
IWJ16 'One on One' - US Marine stabbing Japanese Soldier. 2002 - 2005
IWJ17 'Close Quarter' - US Marine hitting Japanese Soldier. 2002 - 2005
IWJ18 'Defenders' - US Machine Machine Gunner plus 2 fighting Marines. 2002 - 2005
IWJ19 'Flag Raising Set' - Five Marines and one Navy Corpsman hoist "Old Glory" above the carnage of Iwo. Sadly only two of the Marines and the Navy Corpsman survived the battle. 2005 - 2009
IWJ20 'Return Fire' - Four "leathernecks" crouching, kneeling and lying prone try to withstand the withering Japanese sniper and machine gun fire. Included in the set is a "BAR" man and a radio operator. 2005 - 2009
IWJ21 'Running for Cover' - Two Marine Riflemen provide covering fire two other marines, one with a BAR, race for cover. 2005 - 2009
IWJ22 'Courage Under Fire' - A seriously wounded Marine is carried to safety on the shoulders of another. A Marine with a flame thrower and an NCO with a "Tommy-gun" try to keep the enemies heads down. 2005 - 2009
IWJ23 'The Amtrack Set' - A brand-new LVT4 Amtrack complete with two.50 cal and two.30 cal machine guns. This new model comes in a typical Iwo Jima camouflage paint scheme and has an adjustable rear ramp allowing for easy troop access. 2005 - 2009
IWJ24 'Cha-Ha' Japanese Tank - This is K&C's first piece of Japanese armour. It is used throughout the Pacific War. This model has tank commander and driver figures included. 2005 - 2007
IWJ25 General Kuribayashi - Commander of the Japanese Garrison on Iwo Jima. 2006 - 2008
IWJ26 'Japanese Infantry' - using their Rifle Grenades as a mini mortar. 2006 - 2008
IWJ27 'Japanese Mortar Team' - A 2 man team using the small infantry mortar. 2006 - 2008
IWJ28 Machine Gun Team' - A Japanese 2 man machine gun team firing their Type 92 Machine Gun, nicknamed 'The Woodpecker' by American Troops. 2006 - 2008
IWJ29 'Anti Tank Team' - A 2 man Japanese team firing their Anti Tank Rifle. 2006 - 2008
IWJ30 'Sniper Team' - A 3 man Japanese Sniper Team. 2006 - 2008

Japanese Navy

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
JN001 “The A6M Mitsubishi ZERO (1JNS “Akagi” version) - K&C’s first major release of a Japanese fighter aircraft and an iconic one at that! At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese Navy “ZERO” was, without doubt, the finest carrier-borne aircraft in the world. Fast, light and packing a punch from 2 x machine guns plus 2 x cannon it literally flew rings around its opponents. Our first “ZERO” is in the markings of Lt.Saburo Shindo flying off the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier “Akagi”...It was him who announced “Tora! Tora! Tora!” over Pearl Harbor to signal the surprise attack. This K&C aircraft includes a figure of Shindo in the cockpit of his aircraft “saluting” as he prepares to fly off the carrier on his historic mission. 2014 -
JN002 “Flight Deck Crew Set” - Two kneeling crewmen with aircraft “chocks” ready to pull them away before the aircraft takes off. 2014 -
JN003 “Imperial Japanese Navy Bugler” 2014 -
JN004 “Flight Deck Flag Man” - Japanese flight deck crews used small coloured flags to indicate positioning of aircraft on the deck and “readiness to start engines and take off”. 2014 -
JN005 “Imperial Naval Pilot w/Parachute” 2014 -
JN006 “Imperial Naval Pilot w/Headband” 2014 -
JN007 “Banzai!” - Japanese sailor shouting “Banzai”...Long Live The Emperor! 2014 -
JN008 “Admiral Yamamoto” - A standing, saluting version of the “architect” of the Pearl Harbor attack. Here, he wears the “winter” version of the senior Naval officers’ uniform. 2014 -
JN009 “The A6M Mitsubishi ZERO” (1JNS “Hiryu” version) - This second “Pearl Harbor” ZERO was piloted by a Petty Officer from the IJN carrier “Hiryu” and bears the blue stripes on the tail and fuselage. This model has NO pilot in the cockpit allowing collectors to select either JN005 or JN006 to accompany the aircraft. 2014 -


And now for something completely different... The KRIEGSMARINE. The German Navy expanded rapidly under Hitler but was still not up to strength when war broke out in September 1939. However, it still featured prominently in pre-war parades in both Berlin and Nuremberg.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
KM001 'Flag Signaller' - Whether on sea or on dry land the ability to make signals using only flags was a time-honoured naval tradition. 2010 - 2012
KM002 'Korvetten Kapitan Gunther Prien' - Gunther Prien was one of the outstanding U Boat aces of the early part of WW2 and the first to win the coveted "Knight's Cross". His submarine U47 sank over 200,000 tons of Allied Shipping including the British battleship, "HMS Royal Oak" at anchor in Scapa Flow, Britain's northern fleet anchorage. anchor in Scapa Flow, Britain's northern fleet anchorage. Prien and U47 went missing on March 7, 1941 and no official record states how or why he and his U boat were lost. No trace of him or his boat has ever been found! 2010 - 2012
KM003 'Lookout' - This Kriegsmarine sailor is on watch... padded life jacket, steel helmet and flash hood in place. 2010 - 2012
KM004 'Naval Field Police' - All branches of the German armed forces had their own "chained-dogs" to enforce base security and discipline. This Petty Officer carries both a pistol and a sub-machine gun. 2010 - 2012
KM005 'Petty Officer with Whistle' 2010 - 2012
KM006 'Seaman on Guard' - Part of a ship or naval base security detail. 2010 - 2012
KM007 'Patrolling Seaman' - Same as above... but moving. 2010 - 2012
KM008 'Radioman' 2010 - 2012
KM009 'Sentry Duty (Parade Dress)' - This sailor is in summer parade uniform. 2010 - 2012
KM010 (SL) 'SEEHUND' - This very latest "Strictly Limited" release... the type 127 U Boot "SEEHUND" (The Seal). This was the most successful of Nazi Germany's mini submarines created during WW2. Designed in 1944 and operated by a two-man crew the Kriegsmarine operated these boats during the closing nine months of the war. Each midget U boat carried two "G7e torpedoes" on either side of the hull. Although a total of 1,000 Seehunds were ordered just 285 entered service. This K&C model is finished in a typical mottled leopard camouflage of sea green on a light sea gray background. Each boat comes complete with its own special wheeled transport "cradle" and towing rod. Just 750 of this unique little U Boat are being produced. 2010 - 2012
KM012 'Admiral Karl Donitz' - A second K&C version of the venerated leader of the Kriegsmarine's submarine arm. Here the admiral is dressed in his everyday working uniform and stands, arms folded, talking to one of his men. 2010 - 2012
KM013 'Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer' - Another of Donitz's most famous U Boat aces, Kretschmer and boats under his command sank almost 300,000 tons of Allied shipping between 1939 and 1941 when he was captured. He rejoined the Bundesmarine in 1955 finally retiring in 1965 as a "Flotilla Admiral". Sadly, he died in a boating accident in 1998. 2010 - 2012
KM014 'Kapitanleutnant... shouting' - Wearing typical seagoing uniform this young officer is issuing orders. 2010 - 2012
KM015 'Submariner' - Wearing a life vest and carrying his toolkit this U boat man is about to board his vessel. 2010 - 2012
KM016 'Kriegsmarine BMW327' - This German naval officer sits comfortably in his BMW 327 Sports Car... Is he going on leave or just returning to duty? 2010 - 2012
KM017 'Sd.Kfz.9 Famo Recovery Vehicle' - More than 2,500 of these heavy recovery vehicles were produced during the war in many various versions. Although most were used in Artillery or Armoured units a fair number were used by the Kriegsmarine to move heavy items around naval bases and dockyards. This Famo is in field gray and is designed to pull and position the "SEEHUND" for launching and recovery. The Driver is included. A camouflaged Wehrmacht version will also be available later. 2010 - 2012


The "KnC" range are models for collectors with smaller budgets. The lower price also makes buying multiples for dioramas/displays cheaper.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
KnC001 "The D.DAY SHERMAN" - This is one particular M4 Sherman that King & Country has never produced before... the unique "Wading Sherman". For D.Day certain M4A3 Shermans were fitted with tall wading stacks that were fixed on top and on the rear of the tank’s engine compartment. This allowed the vehicles to be launched off the beach and wade, under their own power, onto dry land. Once ashore the stacks would be jettisoned and the M4 could resume its task and its normal profile appearance. 2013 -

Leibstandarte (Berlin / Nuremburg '38)

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
LAH01A Officer Standing to attention with Sword 2002 - 2004
LAH01B Standard Bearer at attention 2002 - 2004
LAH02A Goosestepping with Rifle 2002 - 2004
LAH02B Goosestepping with Flag 2002 - 2004
LAH02D Goosestepping with Sword 2002 - 2004
LAH05 Adolf Hitler Walking & saluting 2002 - 2004
LAH06 Drum and bugle band at attention - 11 pieces 2002 - 2004
LAH07A Officer Saluting with Helmet 2002 - 2004
LAH07B Officer saluting with Cap 2002 - 2004
LAH08A Present Arms 2002 - 2004
LAH09 Single Dispatch Rider 2002 - 2004
LAH10 SS General 2002 - 2004
LAH11 Motorcycle Combination 2002 - 2004
LAH13 SA Man with Flag 2002 - 2004
LAH14 SA man Marching 2002 - 2004
LAH15 SS Man with Flag 2002 - 2004
LAH16 SS Man Marching 2002 - 2004
LAH17 Hitlers Staff car 2002 - 2004
LAH17A Adolf Htler 2002 - 2004
LAH17B SS Driver 2002 - 2004
LAH17C Body Guard Looking Right 2002 - 2004
LAH18 Reich Chancellery Gateway 2002 - 2004
LAH18A SS Guard at Ease 2002 - 2004
LAH19 Hermann Goering's Staff Car 2003 - 2004
LAH19B Reichmarschall Hermann Goering 2003 - 2009
LAH20 Heinrich Himmler's Staff Car 2003 - 2004
LAH20A Heinrich Himmler (Reichsfuhrer SS) 2003 - 2009
LAH21 Black Mercedes with Mussolini and Bodyguard 2003 - 2004
LAH21A 'Il Duce' - Benito Mussolini 2003 - 2009
LAH22 Black SS Guard Box Set 2003 - 2005
LAH23 SS Officer Presenting with Sword 2003 - 2006
LAH24 SS Officer at Attention 2003 - 2009
LAH25 SS Rifleman Presenting Arms 2003 - 2009
LAH26 SS Rifleman Standing at Attention 2003 - 2006
LAH27 SS Standard Bearer Marching 2003 - 2009
LAH28 SS Officer Marching with Sword 2003 - 2009
LAH29 SS Flag Bearer Marching 2003 - 2009
LAH30 SS Rifleman Marching 2003 - 2009
LAH31 Obergruppenfuhrer 'Sepp' Dietrich - Commanding Officer of the LAH 2003 - 2009
LAH32 SS Marching Fife and Drum Band - 9 figures 2003 - 2006
LAH33 Haupsturmfuhrer Joachim Peiper Reichsfuhrer - Himmler's Adjutant 2004 - 2009
LAH34 Standartefuhrer Karl Wolf - Himmler's Chief of Staff 2004 - 2009
LAH35 Reinhard Heydrich - Himmler's Deputy and Chief of the SD 2004 - 2009
LAH36 'Sigrune' - Leibstandarte's own Drumhorse 2004 - 2006
LAH37 SS Standard Bearer at Attention 2004 - 2009
LAH38 SS Bugler 2004 - 2009
LAH39 SS Algemeine [General] Saluting 2004 - 2009
LAH40 NEW Hitler Staff Car - 6 Wheel Mercedes with saluting Hitler, Chauffer, SS Adjutant and 3 SS Bodyguards 2004 - 2007
LAH41 Lamposts[2] 1930 Style - one with Nazi Banner the other with a SS Banner 2004 - 2008
LAH42 Leibstandarte Headquarters - This is based on an actual building at the Leibstandarte's Berlin Barracks. The two-storey structure has the SS motto "MEIN EHRE HEIST TREUE" on the top of the facade [Height 11.25'', Length 9.5'', Width 3''] 2004 - 2009
LAH43 Leibstadarte Annex - This is a separate building annex in the same architectural style as the Headquarters decorated with similar SS motifs and a Nazi banner. [Height 11.25'', Length 9.5'', Width 3''] 2004 - 2009
LAH44 The Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler - Dressed in a simple brown-shirt uniform, Hitler stands giving his famous, almost horizontal, salute. 2005 - 2009
LAH45 SA Chief Ernst Rohm - The notorious Rohm, destined to meet an untimely end, is depicted in his dress SA uniform. The pose is based on a famous photograph. 2005 - 2009
LAH46 SA Man Marching - A typical SA Storm Trooper in full marching order with pack on back and left hand gripping his waist belt. 2005 - 2012
LAH47 SA Standard Bearer Marching - Carrying a Nazi Flag over his right shoulder. 2005 - 2012
LAH48 SA Officer Marching - Like Rohm, in a dress SA uniform of tunic and breeches this marching officer is also saluting. 2005 - 2012
LAH49 Feldmarschall von Rundstedt - Although never a Party member, von Runstedt as an Army General was frequently present at Party Rallies. Here he gives a proper 'Army' salute. 2005 - 2009
LAH50 Hitler Jugend, Youth Leader Marching - Older teenagers prior to their conscription into the Wehrmacht were often appointed Hitler Jugend Leaders. This 18 or 19 year old marches confidently forward. 2005 - 2007
LAH51 Hitler Jugend, Boy Marching - A young 14 year old, his military back pack in place, on the march. 2005 - 2007
LAH52 Hitler Jugend, National Flag Bearer Marching - Red and White strips surmounted by a white diamond with black swastika. 2005 - 2007
LAH53 Hitler Jugend, Standing Drummer - Beating rhythmically on his traditional medieval-style drum, this young HJ youth was another familiar sight at pre-war Nuremburg Rallies. 2005 - 2007
LAH54 Hitler Jugend, Standing Bugler - Bugle aimed at the sky this HJ Musician calls his comrades to 'parade' 2005 - 2007
LAH55 SS Motorcycle Escort - An LAH SS motorcyclist to accompany the Fuhrer's six wheel Mercedes. 2005 - 2009
LAH56 Hitler Jugend, Black Flag Bearer Marching - With the single 'Rune' a gift from SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler to the HJ. He saw the HJ as the perfect breeding ground for the future generations of SS men. 2005 - 2007
LAH57 Dr Goebbels - Hitler's Propaganda Minister and a particularly nasty little Nazi with a big mouth. 2006 - 2012
LAH58 Marching Algemeine SS Man - The Algemeine SS or 'General' SS were recruited all over Germany and served the Party on a full-time or part-time basis. 2006 - 2012
LAH59 Marching Algemeine Officer 2006 - 2012
LAH60 Marching Algemeine with Standard 2006 - 2012
LAH61 Oath Taking Ceremony - While a Standard Bearer holds the LAH Banner horizontally two new LAH recruits, one hand on the flag, one raised, take the 'blood' oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer. 2006 - 2008
LAH62 Taking the Oath - Additional LAH recruit single figure. 2006 only
LAH63 Wehrmact Mounted Officer 2006 - 2012
LAH64 Wehrmact Marching Officer 2006 - 2012
LAH65 Wehrmact Flag Bearer 2006 - 2012
LAH66 Wehrmact Drummer 2006 - 2012
LAH67 Wehrmact Marching Rifleman 2006 - 2012
LAH68 Panzer Mk 1 Set - Volunteers from Leibstandarte AH were given tank training in 1938 and paraded before Hitler on his birthday of that same year. Later after the outbreak of WW2, Leibstandarte AH was converted into the 1st SS Panzer Division. 2006 - 2007
LAH69 SS Polizei General - Polizei General Kurt Daluege head of the Ordingspolizei. 2006 - 2008
LAH70 SS Polizei Officer with Sword - At Attention with Sword Drawn on Parade. 2006 - 2008
LAH71 SS Polizei Standard Bearer - At attention carrying the Party Banner. 2006 - 2008
LAH72 SS Polizei Presenting Arms - Carrying the K98 Mausser with bayonet fixed. 2006 - 2008
LAH73 SS Polizei NCO - Non Commissioned Officer inspecting his men. 2006 - 2008
LAH74 SS Man Marching with Rifle (Winter Dress) - SS Man in winter parade dress marching with rifle. 2006 - 2009
LAH75 SS Officer Marching with Sword - Marching SS Officer in winter parade dress. 2006 - 2010
LAH76 SS Standard Bearer Marching - Marching Standard Bearer with National Flag in winter parade dress. 2006 - 2009
LAH77 SS Officer at Attention - SS Officer at Attention with sword drawn in winter parade dress. 2006 - 2009
LAH78 SS Man Presenting Arms - SS Man presenting arms with rifle and in winter parade dress. 2006 - 2009
LAH79 LAH Recce Truck - This Krupp 'Protze' truck was used by the Reconnaissance Company of the Leibstandarte as their principle vehicle. Here, in parade mode it comes with a seated driver. standing officer and 4 sitting riflemen. 2007 - 2010
LAH80 Reichsfurer Heinrich Himmler - A standing saluting figure of 'Reichsheini' as he was called, behind his back, in the SS. 2007 - 2013
LAH81 Reichsleiter Martin Boreman - The Brown Eminence' - was a major power behind the scenes in the Third Reich. Here he appears in SS uniform - many top Nazi officials were given 'honorary' ranks in the SS by Himmler himself. 2007 - 2013
LAH82 Nuremburg Review Stand -Based on some of the ruins which still can be seen in present - day Nuremburg, this stand makes the ideal display area for the LAH 'personalities'. Size: Length 330mm Height 145mm Width 135mm (all measurements are approx) 2007 - 2011
LAH83 Nuremburg Nazi Eagle - The companion piece and perfect backdrop for LAH82. Note: The figures are for scale only and they are not included. 2007 - 2011
LAH84 LAH Motorcycle Combo - Two-man motorcycle combination in parade dress of the LAH 's Reconnaissance Company 2007 - 2011
LAH85 Algemeine SS Officer Saluting 2007 - 2013
LAH86 Algemeine SS Man Standing 2007 - 2013
LAH87 Der Fuhrer's New Staff Car - Similar in composition to the first version, this Fuhrer figure stands saluting while accompanied by his personal SS driver, an SS adjutant, an SS General and two seated bodyguards. All new sculpts and a brand new, larger, more detailed Mercedes. 2008 - 2011
LAH88 Reichminister Rudolf Hess - Hitler's Deputy... he flew to Scotland in 1941 to try to seek a peace settlement and spent the rest of his life in Spandan Prison for his troubles. 2008 - 2012
LAH89 Feldmarschall Werner Von Blomberg - Pre-war Army Chief of staff in dress parade uniform. 2008 - 2010
LAH90 SA Chief-of-Staff Viktor Lutze - After the fall (and death) of Ernst Rohm the SA was put into the careful hands of Lutze and under the watchful eyes of Himmler and Heydrich. 2008 - 2013
LAH91 Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring - Supreme head of the Luftwaffe... ruthless, vain, lazy and... fat. Goring could also be a loyal friend and a dangerous enemy. This is K&C's second version of the extravagant and exuberant Goring. 2008 - 2012
LAH92 Seaman Presenting Arms - Kriegsmarine sailor in parade uniform of white top and navy blue trousers with Mauser K98 rifle and fixed bayonet. 2008 -
LAH93 Seaman Marching with Rifle 2008 - 2013
LAH94 Seaman Flagbearer - Carrying the Reich "Battle Ensign" this leading Seaman marches forth. 2008 - 2013
LAH95 Marching Officer - This officer with sword is wearing the traditional long frock coat... typical dress uniform of a German Naval officer. 2008 - 2012
LAH96 Admiral Karl Donitz - Marshall's baton in hand... Donitz was a former WW1 U boat captain and a leading figure in the Kriegsmarine. For much of the war he was in charge of all U boats. 2008 - 2012
LAH97 The 'Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler' Regimental Band- A full 22 piece marching regimental band of the premier SS regiment, including a 'Schellenbaum Carrier' ABSOLUTELY FREE The complete band comes in its own Special box. Additional musicians are available on an individual bases. 2008 -
LAH97A Side Drummer 2008 -
LAH97B Bass Drummer 2008 -
LAH97C Cymbalist 2008 -
LAH97D Bell-Lyrist 2008 -
LAH97E Bassoon Player 2008 -
LAH97F Flautist 2008 -
LAH97G Saxophonist 2008 -
LAH97H Clarinettist 2008 -
LAH97I Tuba Player 2008 -
LAH97J French Horn Player 2008 -
LAH97K Trombonist 2008 -
LAH97L Trumpeter 2008 -
LAH97M Drum Major 2008 -
LAH98 Schellenbaum Carrier 2008 -
LAH99 'Hitler & His Dog' - Although often ill-at-ease with people Hitler, a life-long vegetarian, genuinely loved animals... especially dogs. Here, he wears his simple field gray jacket adorned with his party badge, Iron Cross First Class, Imperial German Wound Badge and black trousers. By his side is his faithful German Shepherd... "Blondi"... Together they would die in his Berlin bunker in May 1945. 2009 - 2014
LAH101 'Berghof Waiters' - The majority of the Fuhrer's staff at the Berghof were drawn from his own personal SS bodyguard regiment "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". This little set comprises three of his SS waiters... one carrying the Fuhrer's favourite chocolate cake... another pouring coffee... and the third overseeing the other two. All three are dressed in white mess jackets with black trousers. 2009 - 2011
LAH102 'Berghof Table & Chairs' - Utilizing actual photos of the Berghof in its heyday K&C has replicated in miniature the tables and chairs seen on the patio of the Berghof in countless photos. This set comprises one table and four chairs. 2009 - 2011
LAH103 'Nazi Eagle on Plinth' - In cities like Munich, Nuremburg and, of course, Berlin, street architecture was utilized by the Nazis to help "frame" their displays and rallies. A pair of typical "Germanic" eagles in Golden/Brass colour surmount simple but elegant stone columns. Dimensions: Height: 21.5cm Base: 4.4cm x 3.8cm 2010 -
LAH104 Konstantin Hieri - Konstantin Hieri was the Reicharbeitsfuhrer of the paramilitary German Labour Service. 2010 - 2013
LAH105 Heinrich Himmler Relaxing - Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler enjoying a cup of coffee whilst sitting on a Berghof's sun lounger. 2010 - 2012
LAH106 Eva Braun - Hitler's long time mistress and briefly his wife. By all accounts, friendly, outgoing and totally disinterested in politics. 2010 - 2014
LAH107 Reinhard Heydrich Standing with Hat - Another of the most feared and hated characters in the Third Reich. Doomed to meet a well-deserved end at the hands of Czech patriots in 1942. 2010 - 2014
LAH108 Sun Loungers (2) - 2 Sun Loungers accurately based on photographs of the real thing. 2010 - 2012
LAH109 Baldur Von Shirach - Head of the Hitlerjugend and Gauleiter of Vienna. 2010 - 2014
LAH110 Dr Robert Ley - Another important man in the Third Reich and Head of the German Labour Front. He killed himself while awaiting trial in Nuremberg in 1945. 2010 - 2014
LAH112 'Hitler's Berghof' - Again using photographic evidence of the real building taken before its destruction after the Second World War K&C has reconstructed this two-piece miniature to portray the mountain retreat. The front of the Berghof was dominated by a massive picture window facing onto some of the most beautiful vistas of the nearby mountains. Built in a typical Alpine chalet style this model sits on a spacious patio area that can easily accommodate tables, chairs and any number of standing and sitting figures. Each two-piece polystone, hand-painted set comes in its own very distinctive box. Dimensions are as follows: The Berghof Building:12.5"x 4"x 9.5" (328mm x 111mm x 253mm) The Berghof Patio:14"x 10.5"x 3" (376mm x 276mm x 77mm) 2009 - 2012
LAH113 LAH Officer At Attention 2009 - 2013
LAH114 LAH Marching with Sword 2009 - 2013
LAH115 LAH Presenting Arms 2009 - 2013
LAH116 LAH Marching with Rifle 2009 - 2013
LAH117 LAH At Ease 2009 - 2013
LAH118 LAH At Attention 2009 - 2013
LAH119 LAH Drum Horse - Walking One of K&C's most collected mounted figures was the standing LAH Drumhorse "Sigrune"... Long since retired there have been many, many requests to produce another. So here it is... this time, walking on parade. 2010 - 2014
LAH120 Mounted SS Trooper On parade - "Sigrune" was usually accompanied by a mounted SS cavalry detachment in black parade uniforms. 2010 - 2014
LAH121 Mounted SS Guidon Bearer 2010 - 2014
LAH122 Josef Sepp" Dietrich" - Dietrich has proved to be one of the most collected German figures K&C has produced. His uniforms were many and varied. Here he is dressed in standard green and field grey tunic and trousers of the Waffen SS and in a typical pose. 2010 - 2014
LAH123 Hitler's Secretary Traudl Junge - One of a small select group of secretaries who followed the Fuhrer everywhere. Traudl Junge married one of Hitler's SS adjutants. She is also featured in the award-winning movie "DOWNFALL" about the last days of Hitler in the bunker in Berlin in 1945. 2010 - 2014
LAH124 Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler - This is the Hitler after the failed bombplot of July 1944… 2010 - 2014
LAH125 Reichsmarschal Hermann Goering - Chief of the Luftwaffe and once the Fuhrer's closest confidante... By late 1944 his reputation and standing in the Third Reich was much diminished. Here he is, in yet another of his self-designed uniforms. 2010 - 2014
LAH126 'The BDM Girls' Two teenage girls from the "League of German Maidens"... the female equipment of the "Hitlerjugend". 2011 - 2012
LAH127 German Red Cross Lady - The Nazis took over virtually every organization in Germany after 1953... The Red Cross was no exception! 2011 - 2012
LAH128 German Nurse - Still proudly wearing his campaign medals this retired old soldier gives the "Hitler" salute. 2011 - 2012
LAH129 'Old Veteran' 2011 - 2012
LAH130 Hitlerjugend (small) 2011 - 2012
LAH131 Hitlerjugend (medium) 2011 - 2012
LAH132 Hitlerjugend (tall) 2011 - 2012
LAH133 'The Bill Posters' - Three Nazi brownshirts taking a break from sticking their posters up all over town. 2011 - 2013
LAH134 Nazi Billboard - A portable street hoarding displaying three different Nazi posters. Goes very well with set LAH133. 2011 - 2013
LAH135 SA Leader - Looking satisfied with his "boys" work this SA officer looks on. 2011 - 2013
LAH136 SA Flagbearer 2011 - 2013
LAH137 'Drunk & Disorderly' - The enemies of the SA often described the Sturmabteilung as a "drunken rabble"... These three SA men are living up to that reputation! 2011 - 2013
LAH138 'Dietrich on Parade' - Sepp Dietrich in a new "parade" pose. 2011 -
LAH139 Marching Flagbearer - A new-updated version of a now retired figure... Carrying the " blood" banner. 2011 - 2013
LAH140 Marching SS Banner-man 2011 - 2013
LAH142 Standing with Banner - This particular SS officer is wearing the dress " aiguillettes and gauntlets" of the 1st company of the " SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". 2011 - 2013
LAH143 "Standing-At-Ease SS Officer" 2011 -
LAH144 'Father & Son' - An SS officer and his Hitlerjugend son. 2011 - 2013
LAH145 Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler - In 1938, with the war clouds gathering, Himmler decided that he and his men should also have field gray uniforms just like the German Armyas well as their traditional black garb. 2011 -
LAH146 At-Ease "Sepp" Dietrich 2011 -
LAH147 Street Poster Drum - These tall "street decorations" were utilized as the perfect spot to stick a poster on. 2011 - 2013
LAH148 SA Bugler - To draw attention to their street activities the SA would often be accompanied by one or more of their musicians to announce their presence to everyone! 2011 - 2012
LAH149 Panzerjager 1 - When the Leibstandarte was incorporated into the Waffen SS this was one of the first armoured vehicles they were equipped with. The set includes the vehicle commander. 2011 -
LAH150 Double Banner Street Lamps - For any parade or Berlin Street scene the new Street Lamps make a useful addition... swastika banners on one side... SS rune banners on the reverse. 2011 -
LAH151 Nazi Eagle Archway - This ceremonial arch provides an ideal setting for a large parade or just a small group of figures on guard duty. 2012 -
LAH152 SA Man Marching with Rifle 2012 -
LAH153 SA Honour Guard with Rifle 2012 -
LAH154 SS Dog Handler 2012 -
LAH155 1938 Hitler Saluting 2012 -
LAH156 Brown-Shirt Hitler 1933 - Throughout the period of the late 1920’s and into the first half of the 1930’s Hitler most often appeared in public this simple version of the SA brown-shirt uniform. The pose is also typical … 2012 -
LAH157 General Gerd Von Runstedt - A pre-war Von Runstedt on a tour-of-inspection. 2012 -
LAH158 KriegsMarine Drum Major 2012 -
LAH159 KM Drummer 2012 -
LAH160 KM Fifer 2012 -
LAH161 KM Singing Sailor - Belting out a traditional German marching song as he parades by. 2012 -
LAH162 KM Kettle Drummer 2012 -
LAH163 KM Naval Trumpeter 2012 -
LAH164 Pre 1933 SS Man Marching with Rifle 2012 -
LAH165 Pre 1933 SS Honour Guard with Rifle - Before 1933 and the adoption of the Hugo Boss-designed black uniform the SS were similar in style to SA... substituting black for brown kepis and trousers. 2012 -
LAH166 S.A. Drum Major - Mace in hand this veteran “Musik-leiter” leads his men on parade. 2013 -
LAH167 S.A. Trumpeter 2013 -
LAH168 S.A. Drummer 2013 -
LAH169 'SS-Hauptampt' - SS Central Command H.Q "This 2-storey fašade has been specially – designed to go with K&C's earlier fašade releases but beasts a far larger upper balcony (to accommodate more of the Berlin ’38 personalities). Additional side pieces (to extend a display) will be released later." 2012 -
LAH170 The Fuhrer's 770K - The Mercedes Benz 770K has the party leader standing in the front seat giving his familiar straight arm salute to the “Party Faithfull”. Based on several photographs taken in 1935 and 1936 he still wears the simple brown shirt uniform with his gold party badge and iron cross (First Class) on his breast. Seated next to him is his personal driver and close friend SS Standartenfuhrer Julius Schrek. 2013 -
LAH171 Reichsfurer-SS Heinrich Himmler, 1934 2014 -
LAH172 Deputy Leader Rudolf Hess 2014 -
LAH174 Marching SA Bannerman 2014 -
LAH175 Goose-Stepping SS Man 2014 -
LAH176 Goose-Stepping SS Officer Saluting 2014 -
LAH177 Goose-Stepping SS Officer with Sword 2014 -
LAH178 Goose-Stepping SS Bannerman 2014 -
LAH179 Goose-Stepping SS Flagbearer 2014 -

Landing Craft

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
LCA01 Landing Craft Assault (Length 17'' Width 5.5'' Height 2.74'') 2005 - 2006
LCA03 Landing Craft Mk 3 (Length 21'' Width 6'' Height 5'') 2005 - 2006
LCA06 Landing Craft Mk 6 (Length 24'' Width 6'' Height 5'') 2005 - 2006


Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
LW01 Generalleutnant Adolf Galland - flying Legend... Adolf "Dolfo" Galland (1912-1996) was a superb fighter pilot himself who first saw action in Spain during the Civil War and during WW2 became commander of Germany’s Fighter Force (General der Jagdflieger). He shot down 104 enemy aircraft and was himself shot down twice. Awarded the Knight's Cross with Swords and Diamonds he eventually fell foul of the Luftwaffe High Command. After the war he became a successful businessman and was one of the technical advisers on the movie "Battle of Britaim". 2009 - 2013
LW02 Major Werner Molders - Werner “Vatti” Molders (1913-1941) was another outstanding pilot and leader in the Luftwaffe in WW2. He was also a great personal friend of Galland. Both served in the Condor Legion in Spain before WW2. During the war he became the first German pilot to achieve 100 aerial "victories". His final WW2 tally was 101 plus 14 he achieved in Spain. After several squadron and group commands he became "Inspector General of Fighter" at just 28. A deeply religious man he was killed in an air crash on November 22, 1941. 2009 -
LW03 Oberleutnant Gunther Rall - Born in 1918, Gunther Rall is the third most successful fighter ace in history still alive today. He shot down a total of 275 aircraft... all but 3 of them on the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945. He flew an amazing total of 621 combat missions and was himself shot down 8 times and wounded on 3 occasions! All his victories were scored in the Messerschmitt 109. After the war he rejoined the "new" Luftwaffe and rose to the rank of Generalleutnant retiring in 1975. 2009 - 2013
LW04 Messerschmitt 163 Komet - The Luftwaffe's first operational jet fighter... It was an aircraft of last resort which only flew once the Allied bomber streams were already battering "The Third Reich". Its performance was, quite literally, explosive! Its revolutionary jet engine made it dangerous and unpredictable. But, when it worked it truly was a sight to behold streaking upwards at incredible speed unable to be caught by Allied fighters. K&C's polystone and metal model comes complete with a pilot and ground wheels plus a small towing tractor vehicle with a Luftwaffe Ground Crewman. The aircraft is in the markings of JG 400 and painted to represent a typical Me. 163 during late 1944/early 1945. 2009 -
LW05 Luftwaffe Ground Crew - Two Air Force mechanics that can fit into any German airfield scene... very useful. 2009 - 2013
LW06 Ground Crew with Bomb - Another mechanic... toolkit in one hand... shouldering a 50kg bomb. 2009 - 2012
LW07 Luftwaffe - Helferin - In addition to clerical tasks these female members of the Luftwaffe performed meteorological work... radar control... searchlight duties... parachute packing. Some were even employed as mechanics and a few as ferry pilots. 2009 - 2012
LW08 Marching Officer with Sword 2009 -
LW09 Marching Officer with Flag 2009 -
LW10 Marching Airman with Rifle 2009 -
LW11 Standing Airman Presenting Arms 2009 -
LW12 Standing Officer Saluting 2009 -
LW13 Standing Airman with Rifle 2009 -
LW14 Walking Officer 2009 -
LW15 Standing at Attention with Flag 2009 -
LW16 Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch - Originally a friend of Herman Goering, Milch owed a lot to the Reichsmarschall. He was thought to be half-Jewish yet still achieved high rank in the Luftwaffe. Eventually he fell out of favour but still managed to survive both the war and a brief spell as a jailed war criminal. He died in 1972. 2009 -
LW17 Major Gunther Rall - Gunther Rall (1918-2009) was the third most successful fighter ace in history with 275 victories (241 on the Eastern Front). He flew over 600 combat missions, was shot down 8 times and wounded 3. He claimed all of his victories in the Me.109. After the war he rejoined the "new" Luftwaffe in 1955 rising to the rank of Generalleutnant before retiring. In 2004 he wrote his memoirs and died, aged 91 in 2009. 2009 -
LW18 'Section Leader' - By 1942 the huge losses in the Army's manpower meant that the Wehrmacht had to seek out additional troops. One huge potential source was Goering's Luftwaffe. Already over-manned and under utilized the Luftwaffe appeared to have "men-to-spare". Goering insisted however that he would only allow these airmen to be trained and used as ground forces if they could be retained under his overall command and they could then be designated as "Luftwaffe Field Divisions". Eventually some 21 divisions were raised and 5 fought in France during the Normandy campaign. Here a feldwebel is utilizing his camouflaged tent cover as a smock to observe enemy positions. 2009 -
LW19 'Machine Gun Team' - This weapon was one of the "scourges" of Allied armour in Normandy and afterwards. Here, this "gunner" takes careful aim at an approaching Allied tank while a rifleman looks on. 2009 -
LW20 'Panzerschrek Team' 2009 -
LW21 'Kneeling Officer' 2009 -
LW22 'Attack Set' - Three assorted Luftwaffe riflemen. 2009 -
LW23 'Advancing Set' - A young NCO, pistol in hand, and a rifleman advance cautiously. 2009 -
LW24 'Lying Firing Rifleman' 2009 -
LW25 'Searchlight' - A seated Luftwaffe airmen manning a portable searchlight. 2009 - 2012
LW26 'Spotter' 2009 - 2012
LW28 Focke-Wulf Fw190 - "Professor Kurt Tank's most famous design... the Focke-Wulf 190 caused shock and consternation when it first appeared in the skies over Northern France in 1941... Its speed, agility and powerful punch took the Allies completely by surprise. For 12 whole months there was nothing either the British or the Americans (or the Russians) could successfully put up against it. A simple, straight forward design the "190" easily outclassed and outflew its opponents. By 1944 however even the "190" was having problems with the hordes of new Allied fighters and the vast aerial bomber armadas the British and the Americans were unleashing upon Germany. This K&C model is in the "personal" markings of one of the Third Reich's top fighter "aces"... Major Heinz Bar. This particular "190" has the typical late war two-tone camouflage and the red "Defence of the Reich", band on its fuselage. On the tail can be seen Bar's tally of "kills" on the white section, Bar himself can be seen in the cockpit underneath the sliding canopy. Underneath the aircraft's belly can be seen a special extra fuel, centre-line, drop-tank. As an added bonus a full set of fuel drums and jerricans is included with the aircraft. Each complete aircraft and fuel drums comes in its own specially-designed presentation box. Bar joined the Luftwaffe in 1935, flew over 1,000 combat missions and shot down 220 British, American and Russian aircraft by the end of the war.Tragically he was killed flying a light civilian airplane in 1957. "Planned Production Run" on this particular Heinz Bar Fw190 is just 750 pieces." Limited Edition 2010 -
LW29 Oberstleutnant Josef 'Pips' Priller - He is perhaps the most famous German pilot for flying his Fw190 on a single strafing run of 'Sword Beach' on D Day. 'Pips' Priller flew over 1300 combat missions and shot down 101 Allied aircraft.. including 68 Spitfires. This was the highest tally for the Fw190. 2010 -
LW030 Leutnant Josef 'Sepp' Wurmheller - Before he was killed on the 22nd June 1944, 'Sepp' Wurmheller was credited with 102 enemy aircraft, 93 on the Western Front. His most successful day was during the ill-fated 'Dieppe Raid' when he shot down 7 British aircraft... despite suffering from a broken leg! This figure shows 'Sepp' recovering on crutches. 2010 -
LW031 Major Siegfried Schnell - Schnell was credited with 93 kills and the recipient of the 'Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves', he was shot down and killed in February 1944 flying a Messerschmitt Bf109 'Gustav'. 2010 -
LW032 Opel Maultier Flakwagen - This Luftwaffe crewed vehicle mounts a 20mm Flak Gun. The three crew members scan the sky for enemy aircraft. Perfect for Normandy... Italy... or even the Eastern Front (at least in the summer!) The Opel Maultier was originally developed to handle the terrible road conditions on the Eastern Front... The Germans realized that half-track style vehicles operated far better than normal all-wheeled transport trucks and lorries. A whole host of different applications could be used with the "Maultier"... including mounting flak guns on them. 2010 -
LW034 Airfield Refueling Carts - These two hand-drawn carts were a familiar sight on Luftwaffe airfields through the Second World War... From Benghazi to Stalingrad... and all points in between! 2011 -
LW036 Adolph Galland's Me.262 - In March 1945 General Der Jagdflieger Adolph Galland was tasked to form a brand-new fighter unit, JV44 that would fly the Me262. Originally conceived as a "pure fighter" the design and concept had been altered by Hitler himself to become a "fighter/bomber"... Ace pilots like Galland (104 "kills") were aghast but had no choice in the matter... They were expected to be able to take on the British, American and Russians as "fighters" one day and "fighter bombers" the next. This model shows Galland in "White Three" with two 500kg.bombs slung under the forward fuselage. This is the biggest and heaviest "Warbird" yet! Just 600 are being produced. PLEASE NOTE: THE TAIL SUPPORT IS NOT INCLUDED, SEE MODEL NUMBER LW37. Limited Edition 2011 -
LW037 'Luftwaffe Ground Crew - Three very useful Luftwaffe support staff that can be used to perform a wide variety of different airfield tasks. 2011 -
LW038 Major Rudolf "Rudi" Sinner - "Rudi" Sinner originally flew with Marseille in North Africa and achieved 39 confirmed victories, including two flying the Me.262. 2011 -
LW039 'Coffee Break' - Two more enjoy some ersatz coffee... after a mission... Oberfeldwebel Heinz Arnold (42 "kills") and Unteroffizier Edouard Schallmoser who gained a dubious reputation as a "Rammjager" for his dangerous habit of deliberately ramming enemy aircraft... with his own. He did not survive the war. 2011 -
LW040 Hauptmann Anton "Toni" Hackl - "Toni" Hackl is on telephone duty waiting for the call to "scramble". Hackl is credited with 192 enemy aircraft and was himself shot down 8 times. 2011 - 2014
LW041A Major Walter "Nowi" Novotny - Nowi Novotny was one of Germany's top air aces with a staggering 258 "kills" to his credit. At the end of the war he also commanded his own 262 squadron. 2011 - 2014
LW041B Major Heinz Bar - Earlier in mid 2010 K&C featured Heinz Bar flying his Focke Wulf 190. This new seated figures shows him relaxing prior to a combat mission. Of his wartime "tally" of 220 "kills" Heinz Bar shot down 16 while flying a 262. 2011 - 2014
LW042 Galland's Crew Chief - Leaning over the cockpit of the 262 is Galland's personal crew chief making sure everything... and everyone is ready to fly. 2011 -
LW043 Luftwaffe Volkswagen - This is the first of three military Volkswagen "Beetles" being released as part of K&C's Series 250 range of multi optional choices of fighting vehicles. This particular "Holzbrenner" Beetle was fueled by a wood gas generator because of the gasoline shortage and comes complete with a roof rack full of supplies and a Luftwaffe driver. Please note: Planned Production is just 250 vehicles of this version. Other Versions: The two other VW versions include a camouflaged Waffen SS one and an Afrika Korps adaptation. They will be released shortly after the Luftwaffe Beetle. Limited Edition 2011 only
LW044 Werner Molder's Messerschmitt Bf109 "Emil" - This "E" model 109 is in the personal markings of Oberst Werner Molders, one of Germany's most famous and highly decorated fighter aces. Molders, who had previously flown in the Spanish Civil War would go on to have 115 "kills" to his credit before himself being killed in an air crash in 1941. The aircraft we have portrayed is one Molders flew when he took command of JG51 in July 1940. At that time he was the Luftwaffe's youngest "Kommodore". His best friend was another top German ace... Adolf Galland. Just 500 of this particular aircraft are being produced. Limited Edition 2011 -
LW045 Franz von Werra's Me 109 - A unique version of the Me.109... this crash-landed 109 belongs to Franz Von Werra, the only German pilot to successfully escape from Allied captivity and finally make it back to Germany in early 1941. Von Werra made a successful "wheels-up" landing up in Kent, England during the Battle of Britain in 1940. After several failed escape attempts he was transported to Canada where he did finally escape into the U.S. before heading to Mexico. Through Brazil across the Atlantic to Spain and eventually Germany. His exploits were filmed as "The One That Got Away" starring Hardy Kruger. Just 250 of this model are being made. Limited Edition 2012 -
LW046 Oberst Leutnant Gunther Lutzow - Another of Germany's leading fighter pilots. 2011 -
LW047 Kommodore Helmet Wick Wick achieved 56 victories before and during the Battle of Britain... Promoted to "Kommodore" and given command of JG2 he was shot down and drowned in the English Channel in November 1940. 2011 -
LW048 'A Squadron of Spitfires!' - At the height of the Battle of Britain in 1940 Chief of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering was becoming increasingly impatient with his air force's inability to decisively crush the Royal Air Force. At the same time the Luftwaffe was beginning to lose an growing number of aircraft to the British. He decided to pay a visit to his frontline squadrons in France to find out for himself what was going wrong... Travelling on his private train the Reichsmarshall summoned Adolf Galland and Werner Molders, two of his top fighter aces, to meet him and discuss the worsening situation. At first he berated the two leading pilots and accused them (and their fighter units) of not doing enough to protect his bombers. After a while, his mood softened and he asked them both how to succeed... and what they required? Galland looked at Molders... Molders look to Galland... and finally Galland said, "A squadron of Spitfires!" The Reichsmarshall was not amused. This little vignette set portrays the historic meeting... 2011 -
LW049 Focke-Wulf FW190 "Dora" - At long last here is K&C's Focke Wulf 190 "DORA"... A lean, mean machine ready to take to the skies over the Reich to battle those damned B17's and Lancasters. The Dora's performance far outclassed its earlier version but was too little too late to prevent the Allied Air Forces from devastating Germany at this stage of the war. "Yellow 15" was flown with Jagdeschwader (JG) 301 by several different pilots. It boasts the red and yellow "Defence of the Reich" fuselage bands and is in typical later war "mixed" German camouflage with a center-line drop tank. This model's sliding canopy allows you to fit in LW050, the "exiting" pilot figure. Only 300 sets produced. Limited Edition 2012 -
LW050 'Exiting Pilot' - This young pilot looks happy to get back on the ground after a deadly brush with the Allied opposition! 2012 - 2013
LW051 Feldwebel Willi Reschke - Another of JG 301's "Dora" pilots shouts encouragement to his squadron mate... Reschke survived the war with a total of 27 "victories" and was awarded the "Knight's Cross". 2012 -
LW052 Oberfeldwebel Walter Loos - Giving the " thumbs-up" this well-respected ace shot down 38 enemy aircraft including 22 four engine American "heavies" and 8 Soviet aircraft. 2012 -
LW053 'Luftwaffe Topolino' - By this late stage of the war the Germans would use any and every vehicle they could lay their hands on... This little civilian Fiat 500 A "Topolino" now has a Luftwaffe pilot behind the wheel. 2012 -
LW054 "20mm Flak Gun" - Another version of this ubiquitous little Flak piece...Perfect for airfield defense – The gun comes with a seated gunner included. 2014 -
LW055 "Flak Gun Helpers" - 2 extra figures to support the gun and gunner...a “Spotter” complete with binos trained skywards and...a “loader” – A gun set without these two wouldn’t defend or protect very much! 2014 -
LW057 "The Heinkel 162 Salamander" - The third of our Luftwaffe late-war jet fighters. This amazing aircraft was rushed through design and testing stages and put into full production in the Spring of 1945...Alas too little too late however a few did fly in combat but many more were captured by the Allies and provided plenty of ideas and inspiration for Allied aircraft development in the immediate post war period.
Just 250 of this great looking little fighter have been produced.
Limited Edition 2014 -

Market Garden

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
MG01 Recce Jeep - This recce Jeep, includes 2 British Paras (LCpl Tony Neville and Pte Arthur Coates), is fully armed with twoLewis Guns and a Bren gun. They are ready for the serious battle ahead. 2007 - 2009
MG02 Airbourne Jeep and Trailer - The Jeep and Trailer, includes two British Paras, armed with a mounted Bren Gun. They are trying to get supplies to their colleagues. 2007 - 2008
MG03 'Walking Wounded' - A British Para (LCpl Pete Robinson) is carrying a wounded colleague (Cpl Frank Townsend) to the first aid station. 2007 - 2009
MG04 'The Scout' - A crouching Para (LCpl Pete Robinson) is on the look-out for the enemy... Sten gun at the ready. 2007 - 2009
MG05 'Patrol Leader' - The British Para Patrol Leader (Pte John Young) has his right-hand raised, halting his patrol. 2007 - 2009
MG06 Walking Rifleman - With his Lee Enfield rifle at the ready, the Para (Pte Bill Luke) is out on patrol looking for the enemy. 2007 - 2009
MG07 Pointing NCO - A British Para NCO (SSgt Dave Hull) is pointing towards the enemy. 2007 - 2009
MG08 Kneeling Rifleman - Kneeling Para (LCpl John Ross) with his rifle at the ready 2007 - 2009
MG09 Kneeling Firing Rifleman - A kneeling firing Para (Pte Eddie Davies), engaging the enemy with his Lee Enfield 2007 - 2009
MG10 Walking Radioman - Communication was important, here British Para Radio Operator (LCpl Robert Thompson) is trying to make contact with HQ. 2007 - 2013
MG11 Para Lieutenant with Sten Gun - A young Para commissioned officer (Lt Jack Bromley) has his Sten gun at the ready 2007 - 2013
MG12 Standing Firing Sten Gun - Pte Dan Maclean fires a burst from his Sten 2007 - 2013
MG13 Lying Firing Bren Gun - With his Bren Gun supported by two sand-bags, lying Para (Pte Keith Caldicott) supports his colleagues 2007 - 2013
MG14 Kneeling with Umbrella - This kneeling Para officer (Maj Harry Pope) with his umbrella is observing the enemy positions. 2007 - 2009
MG15 'Advance to Contact' - Three British Paras (Glider Pilot Sgt Chris Hopwood... Cpl Pete Foster with his Bren gun .... Pte Eric Stanley clutching his Sten gun) edge cautiously forward. 2007 - 2012
MG16 Maj Gen Roy Urquhart - Commander of the British 1st Airborne Division 2007 - 2013
MG17 Para with Mortar Bombs 2007 - 2010
MG18 'Manning the Piat' 2007 - 2012
MG19 Airborne 6lb Anti Tank Gun Set 2007 - 2012
MG20 Para Kneeling Firing Sten Gun 2007 - 2013
MG21 Para Lying Firing Sten Gun 2007 - 2012
MG22 Para Lying Firing Rifle 2007 - 2013
MG23 Major General Sosabowski - The Polish General is wearing his paratrooper 'Denison' smock and his distinctive blue/grey Polish beret. 2008 - 2013
MG24 Bren Gun Team 2008 - 2010
MG25 Polish Para Sniper - This expert rifleman uses the standard Lee Enfield .303 with a special hunting scope. 2008 - 2010
MG26 Firing Back - Using a captured German machine pistol this Polish Para is on the attack 2008 - 2010
MG27 Sitting Polish Para - Taking a rest from the fighting this paratrooper is still watchful and ready, rifle in hand. 2008 - 2010
MG28 'The Big Jump' - Two British Para's (both different) jumping into the Hell that was Arnhem on fully deployed 'chutes. Like their U.S. airborne comrades these Brits descend on fully deployed 'chutes ready for anything... 2010 - 2013
MG29 'Radio Jeep' - Jeeps were essential to these airborne soldiers and so were radios... Fortunately the jeeps worked... unfortunately the radios did not! However, it's all part of the "ARNHEM" story. Here an officer (with Sten gun ready) and his driver ferry their radio operator around the drop zone trying to get a better signal! 2010 - 2014
MG30 Movie Cameraman "Sgt Dennis Smith" - Sgt. Dennis Smith kneels down to film some of the action during the battle. 2010 - 2011
MG31 Mortar Team - One of the iconic images of the battle were the photos of a lone British Mortar Team in action with their 81mm mortar. This is K&C's tribute to them. 2010 - 2013
MG32 'Captured' - Sadly all too many of the British 1st. Airborne Division at Arnhem ended up killed, wounded or captured. Here, a casually smoking SS Panzer Grenadier guards two Paras... one seriously wounded. A poignant little set. 2010 - 2011
MG033(P) "Lieut. Jack Grayburn V.C." - John “Jack” Grayburn was a 26 years old platoon commander with 2 Para during the Battle of Arnhem. His citation of his posthumous Victoria Cross reads, “For supreme courage leadership and devotion to duty. Lieut. Grayburn led an assault to capture the southern end of the Arnhem bridge. Although attacking with great determination he and his men were forced to withdraw under heavy enemy fire. Jack Grayburn was wounded in the process. Throughout the next day and night him and his men occupied one of the approaches to the northern side of the bridge and repulsed several attacks on their position by enemy infantry, mortars and self-propelled guns. On the 19th and 20th September he took command of the remainder of his company and other elements and fought off more German attacks. He even organized offensive fighting patrols to harass and ambush the surrounding in their locations. During this period he was wounded a second time but still refused to be evacuated. Finally as a German tank approached his position he organized the safe withdrawal of his remaining men to a new defensive position. Later that same day, 20 September, 1944, he was killed. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG034(P) “Major Frederick Gough M.C.” - When Lieut. Colonel John Frost of 2 Para was seriously wounded at the Arnhem bridge on 20 September 1944 he handed over command of his battalion to “Freddy” Gough, the unit’s senior major. Major Gough was taken prisoner with the rest of 2 Para when their position was overrun but managed later to escape German captivity in April 1945 and join up with American forces in Bavaria. After the war he became a successful Member of Parliament and lived to see himself portrayed in the movie epic of the Arnhem battle, “A Bridge Too Far”. This “Pathfinder” figure has him seated with a map and field telephone. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG035(P) “The Airborne Cyclist” - This member of 2 Para has somehow managed to bring his “Airborne Folding Bicycle” up to the bridge... Unfortunately that’s where it will remain! Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG036(P) “A Cup of Tea, Sir” - The British soldier, even in the worst of situations, can usually make time for a quick brew-up. This paratrooper offers up a “cuppa” to one of his officers. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG037(P) "Advancing With Rifle" - This para cautiously moves forward, his Lee Enfield rifle at the ready, on the lookout for the enemy. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG038(P) "Advancing with Sten Gun" - Another para, perhaps in the same patrol as MG037, edges carefully on, Sten Gun in one hand…signalling behind with the other. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG039(P) "Crouching Bren Gunner" - Holding what was probably the best Light Machine Gun of WW2 in his hands this “red beret” can fit into any Arnhem display or diorama and look great! Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG040(P) "Kneeling with Rifle" - One more airborne soldier with his trusty Lee Enfield…at the ready. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG041(P) “Walkie-Talkie” - At Arnhem, because of its unique location, there was a serious problem with the British radio communications. Fortunately the American made hand-held “walkie-talkies”, although limited in range, were also available. This Lee-Enfield armed Para tries to get his message across. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG042(P) "Major Robert Cain V.C." - Robert Cain was a company commander with the 2nd. Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, part of 1st. Airborne’s Air Landing Brigade (they came by glider not parachutes). During Arnhem his exemplary courage, leadership and skill with the PIAT anti tank rocket launcher (knocking out several German tanks) led to him being awarded Britain’s highest military honour. He was also wounded three times during the battle but continued to fight and lead his men with great gallantry and endurance throughout. This figure shows him pistol drawn moving to a new position with the PIAT on his shoulder. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG043(P) “Lieut. Denis Boiteux-Buchanan M.C.” - Known to his brother officers as “Bucky” this officer had seen a fair bit of action before Arnhem including being captured and successfully escaping from both the Germans and the Italians! He jumped into Arnhem with the rest of 2 Para on 17 September, 1944 as Battalion Intelligence Officer. He was often in the thick of the fighting with Lieut. Col. Frost and sadly was killed in the final hours of the battle at the bridge on 20 September. He is buried at Oosterbeek War Cemetery in Arnhem. Here we show him kneeling studying the deteriorating situation. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG044(P) "The Grenadier" - This Para is taking no chances…Sten Gun in one hand a “Mills” grenade in the other…ready to throw. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG045(P) "Fighting Glider Pilot" - Many of the pilots in the “Glider Pilot Regiment” were former soldiers…Once their glider had landed and disgorged the troops the pilot and co pilot were expected to fight alongside their “human cargo”…This sergeant pilot is no exception…Note his pilot’s wings above the left pocket on his “Denison” smock. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG46 Arnhem Universal Carrier - 16 Carriers landed with the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem, belonging to the RASC. Vehicle complete with 2 RASC men. 2013 -
MG47 M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer - Can be towed behind the Universal Carrier (MG 46). 2013 -
MG48(P) Gunners Set - Two RA Gunners to man the 75mm Pack Howitzer. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG49(P) Sgt Jack Scott - This "Pathfinder" Para is armed with his weapon of choice... an American M1 Carbine and is shouting orders to the gun crew. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG50(P) Help at Last - A wounded Para is being carried into a dressing station by a medic from the 181st Airlanding Field Ambulance. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG51(P) Lance Sgt Bill Fulton - Bill Fulton was the first British soldier to actually step foot on the Arnhem Bridge on the evening of the 17th September 1944. Extra Fine Paint 2013 -
MG052(P) "Lt. Col. John Frost" - The commanding officer of 2 Para and the man who led the valiant but ultimately doomed defense of one end of the famous bridge which now bears his name. Here John Frost is in action firing his Mk.V Sten Gun from the hip. Extra Fine Paint 2014 -
MG053 "Airborne Jeep" 2014 -
MG054(P) "Sapper Tom Carpenter" - "9th Airborne Field Company Royal Engineers. Tom flew by glider to Arnhem where his section joined Col. Frost’s men at the bridge on the evening of 17 September. After much fierce fighting he was seriously wounded on 20 September and captured on the 21st. Our figure shows him in action with his trusty Lee Enfield rifle. Tom sadly passed away earlier this year." Extra Fine Paint 2014 -
MG055(P) "Corporal Bill Bloys" - 2 Para" Bill Bloys was Col.Frost’s batman and stayed with him throughout the battle at the bridge. Our figure portrays him using a Bren Gun in the closing stages of the battle at the bridge. Extra Fine Paint 2014 -
MG056(P) "Medic & Wounded Para" - "When the 1st Airborne Division landed at Arnhem their number included nearly 600 medical personnel as they expected heavy casualties. Here a kneeling medic tends to a wounded airborne soldier." Extra Fine Paint 2014 -
MG057(P) "“Capt.James Ogilvie” 2i.c.”D” Company, Glider Pilot Regt." - "One of the most famous images of the Battle of Arnhem is of a Scottish officer in his kilt learning over a jeep about to retrieve something. The officer was Capt.James Ogilvie, originally a “Gordon Highlander” but now leading a company of the Glider Pilot Regiment into Arnhem itself. Unlike most other officers he is not wearing a “Denison Para” smock but in battledress and carrying a Sten Gun. Capt. Ogilvie died attempting to swim across the Rhine of the night of the British withdrawal 25/26 Sept.1944." Extra Fine Paint 2014 -
MG058 British Paras - Two British Paras under their open ;chutes 2014 -

Russians, Fall of Berlin 1945

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
RA01 'SOVIET Command Group' - Officer, Flagbearer and 2 men Advancing 2002 - 2006
RA02 4 Figure assault group 2002 - 2006
RA03 2 Man add-on set 2002 - 2006
RA04 T34 tank with 2 tank riders 2002 - 2006
RA04W T34 tank with 2 tank riders in Winter Camouflage Approx. only 10 made 2002 - 2003
RA05 SU 85 Self Propelled Gun with Commander 2002 - 2006
RA06 1 Grenadier and 2 rifleman attacking 2002 - 2006
RA07 Burp Gunner and 2 Riflemen Attacking 2002 - 2006
RA08 'The Attack Set' - Led by a wary sergeant, this 4-man Red Army patrol make their way forward towards the hated fascist beasts. 2003 - 2009
RA09 'Soviet Tank Riders' - This four-man group is led by an NCO carrying the Soviet flag complete with hammer and sickle. 2003 - 2008
RA10 'Russian Anti Tank Gun Set' - Three Red Army artillerymen man their small anti-tank gun – the gun itself is a Russian adaptation of an earlier German model. 2003 - 2008
RA11 'Support Section' - Lying prone this gunner fire his belt-fed M1910 Maxim Machine Gun. Kneeling behind him an expert sniper picks off enemy officers. Two fur-hatted Russian soldiers (one an NCO) complete the set. 2003 - 2008
RA12 'Captured' - Two Germans have had the misfortune to fall into the hands of a couple of NKVD officers. The standing “Volksturm” medic may be lucky and be spared for a Russian prison camp in Siberia. The kneeling Waffen SS trooper is unlikely to endure the same fate. 2003 - 2009
RA13 'T34/85 Tank Set' - This model is upgunned with the 85mm tank gun. In addition, it has been "field-adapted" with old iron bed frames to act as anti-panzerfaust screens. Two Russian crew figures fill out the set. 2004 - 2009
RA14 'Katyusha Rocket Launcher' - This model, in the fixed-firing mode, comes with a Berlin road sign and a great Red Army soldier celebrating Berlin's destruction with a few bottles of Brandy and his accordion. 2004 - 2007
RA15 'Female Traffic Controller' - This single female Military Police woman, flags in hand, expertly guides tanks and vehicles on their way to the front. 2004 - 2008
RA016 Shouting Red Army Officer - This officer of the dreaded NKVD Secret Police is indicating the presence of German troops nearby. 2012 -
RA017 Red Army Soldier Charging - Glancing around to his right this soldier pushes forward. 2012 -
RA018 Red Army Soldier firing form the Waist - Another attacker firing his Ppsh sub-machine gun at the enemy. 2012 -
RA019 Red Army Soldier Running - This soldier clutches his SMG in one hand as he runs forward. 2012 -
RA020 Red Army Soldier Lying Prone 2012 -
RA021 Red Army Soldier Standing Firing 2012 -
RA022 "Red Army Soldier Sitting Wounded" - Many photographs of the early-war in Russia show figures similar to this unfortunate Red Army private. An uncertain fate awaits him in Nazi custody. 2013 -
RA023 "Red Army Soldier Surrendering" - Another unlucky “Ivan” who is falling into German hands. 2013 -
RA024 "Solider Holding burp gun" 2013 -
RA025-1 'Soviet T34/76 (#23)' - This battle-stained T34 has an opening top hatch and a kneeling figure that can be positioned on the rear engine cover of the vehicle. Only 150 produced. Limited Edition 2012 -
RA025-2 'Soviet T34/76 (#25)' - Another T34 from the same tank unit as #23. Also with a kneeling figure. Only 150 produced. Limited Edition 2012 -
RA025-3 'Soviet T34/76 (3A POAHHY!)' - This last of the trio has the Russian slogan painted on the side of the turret which means "For the Fatherland" and again comes complete with a tank commander figure. Only 150 produced. Limited Edition 2012 -
RA026 'Soviet T34/76 “Crush The Fascists.”' - This first “winter” T34/76 bears the slogan “Crush The Fascists” painted in red on both sides of the turret and comes with a suitably-clad Russian tank commander in the open turret hatch. (Just 150 being produced). Limited Edition 2012 -
RA027 "Red Army General" - A greatcoat-clad Russian senior officer…Stern, stone-faced and used to war. 2013 -
RA030 'Lend-Lease Russian Jeep' - As soon as Hitler attacked the Soviet Union both Britain (and later America) provided, Free-of-Charge, huge quantities of weapons, trucks and tanks to the Russians. Among the most valued were the Willys and Ford-built Jeeps which arrived by the hundreds and were immediately put into action. Here is one such example complete with Red Army driver. 2012 -
RA031 'Red Army Officer w/Burp Gun' - Scanning the enemy position through his binoculars this officer also clutches his iconic PPSh41 machine gun. 2012 -
RA032 'Kneeling Ready' - This kneeling figure, clad in his long, Russian-style greatcoat holds the Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30 rifle. 2012 -
RA033 'Standing Ready' - When K&C released the first batch of Russian infantry there were a few complaints that everyone had a PPSh “Burp Gun” and there were no riflemen! Well here is another rifleman advancing cautiously forward. 2012 -
RA034 Kneeling Firing Rifle 2012 -
RA035 Standing Firing Rifle 2012 -
RA036 Lying Prone Machine Gunner - Taking aim from the lying-prone position is this infantryman with his Degtyarev 7.62 machine gun. Another very useful (and important) member of the assault team. 2012 -
RA037 'The Scout' - Armed with both a PPSh-41 and a hand-grenade this Soviet is ready for anything! 2012 -
RA038 "Red Army Valentine MK.III" - Over 2,000 of these British built tanks were supplied to the Russians as part of Allied “Lend-Lease” agreements. Our model bears the number “39” and the slogan “Stalinets”. It comes with a half-body Soviet tank commander. 2013 -
RA039 'Soviet T34/76 “Moscow!”' - A second “winterized T34/76 is also available for those collectors who might like another second model for their displays or dioramas. This one carries the number “4” and “Moscow!” on both sides of the turret and has NO commander. (Just 150 being produced). Limited Edition 2012 - 2013
RA040 “Combat Leader” - Cautiously moving forward his PPSh-41 “Burp” gun at the ready. 2013 -
RA041 “Female Warrior” - Of all the combatant nations during WW2 only the Russians used women as “fighters” in front-line” units. 2013 -
RA042 "Sniper" - Lying prone and aiming at the hated enemy. 2013 -
RA043 “Kneeling Firing” - Wearing the ubiquitous side cap and padded jacket this Red Army soldier is firing his “burp” gun. With no base this figure can fit on top of any of K&C's armoured vehicles. 2013 -
RA044 “Advancing” - On the lookout for the Germans! 2013 -
RA045 “Female Shooter” - Another woman warrior to accompany RA041. 2013 -
RA046 “Sitting burp gunner” - A very useful "Tankrider". 2013 -
RA047 “Sitting w/Rifle” 2013 -
RA048 “Kneeling w/Rifle” 2013 -
RA049 "BA-64B Soviet Armoured Car" -One of the smallest Russian armoured fighting vehicles and one of the most numerous. Some captured ones were even used by the Germans. 2013 -
RA050 "Red Army Platoon Leader" 2013 -
RA051 "Advancing Burp Gunner" 2013 -
RA052 "Advancing Rifleman" 2013 -
RA054 Russian T-70 Tank - These small, recce, tracked vehicles were perfect for scouting in advance of the heavier T34's and Josef Stalin tanks. Introduced in late 1942 and early 1943 captured versions were also utilized by the Germans. This model comes with a partial body tank commander. 2014 -
RA055 Russian Guard Standing Female Sniper - The Russian Army of WW2 was the only army to employ women in a full combat role. This female sniper with her hessian-camouflaged rifle edges closer to the enemy. 2014 -
RA056 'Steady... Aim... Fire' - These two female soldiers are working as a sniper team... The sitting woman observes the enemy and selects a suitable target... Her comrade takes careful aim and gently squeezes the trigger! 2014 -

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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