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King and CountryKing & Country World War II Figures Archive Part 2

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

D Day '44 - British and US Troops

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
DD01 Squad 1 - 3 Rangers plus Radio Operator 2003 - 2006
DD02 Squad 2 - 3 Rangers plus 29th Infantry Captain 2003 - 2006
DD02A Special Postcard Figure 2003 - 2006
DD03 Paratrooper with radio & Paratrooper lying firing machine gun 2003 - 2006
DD04 Ranger Ioading carbine & Running Medic 2003 - 2006
DD05 3 Crouching US 101st Airborne Troopers with 57mm Anti Tank Gun 2003 - 2006
DD06 4 29th Infantry GI's in Action Poses 2003 - 2006
DD07 GMC Truck - with detachable back cover and US Military Policeman 2003 - 2006
DD07A US Military Policeman 2003 - 2006
DD08 D Day 'Take Five' - 3 Sitting GI's 2003 - 2006
DD09 Motor Half Track and 2 crew 2003 - 2006
DD10 Dodge WC-54 Ambulance - with Walking Medic and Wounded GI. 2003 - 2006
DD11 Wounded GI and Kneeling Medic 2003 - 2006
DD12 LCVP Landing craft - LCVP Landing craft (made from polystone) and three US Navy crew, Machine Guns and Flag 2003 - 2006
DD13 US Jeep and Trailer with 2 x 82nd Airborne Soldiers 2003 - 2006
DD14 US Jeep and Trailer with 2 x 1st Infantry Soldiers 2003 - 2006
DD15 'Beach Assault' - Four figures 2003 - 2006
DD16 'Support Section' - 4 x 1st Infantry in action poses. 2003 - 2006
DD17 'Covering Fire' - 3 x 1st Infantry in action poses. 2003 - 2006
DD18 'Signal Section' - 3 x 1st Infantry, radioman, crouching, kneeling. 2003 - 2008
DD19 US Chaffee Tank & Commander 2003 - 2006
DD20 3 x Kneeling 82nd Airborne Pathfinders in Action 2003 - 2006
DD21 3 x Standing 82nd Airborne Pathfinders in Action 2003 - 2006
DD22 Patten's Command Car 2003 - 2006
DD23 M5 Stuart tank with commander 2003 - 2006
DD24 MS General Lee Tank 'The Grant' - with Commander, Gunner, Radio Operator. 2003 - 2006
DD25 'Fighting Patrol' - Sgt and 3 x 82nd Airborne Troopers 2003 - 2006
DD26 'Firefight' - 4 x 101st Airborne Troopers in action poses 2003 - 2006
DD27 M4A3EH Sherman (Easy Eight) and 3 Crew 2003 - 2006
DD28 'D Day Casualties' - 4 figures 2003 - 2006
DD29 General Dwight D Eisenhower - A portrait in miniature of the supreme Allied Commander on D.Day standing in a typical pose. 2003 - 2006
DD30 M7 'Priest' Self Propelled Gun with 4 Crew 2003 - 2006
DD31 'D Day Minus One' - For the airborne fans there's a brand new set of three 82nd Airborne troopers getting into their equipment ready to board their C47's. 2003 - 2006
DD31C 'US D-Day Minus One' - Paratrooper with Overseas Cap. 2003 - 2006
DD32 81mm Mortar and 3 Man Team '3rd Infantry division' - A superb 3-man mortar team with their 81 mm mortar. 2003 - 2006
DD33 'Fighting Patrol' - A 4-man attack patrol in action...great figures, great poses. 2003 - 2006
DD34 Bazooka Team 82nd Airborne 2003 - 2006
DD35 M 16 Quad 2004 - 2006
DD36 'Covering Fire' - Four 101st Airborne troopers provide fire support for their buddies. 2004 - 2006
DD37 'Flank Attack' - While the enemy is pinned down, four 82nd Airborne guys go into a flanking assault. 2004 - 2006
DD38 M8 Greyhound Armoured Car - with 37mm gun, Commander, Driver and 2 x 82nd Airborne Troopers - Mounting a 37mm gun this model comes complete with a vehicle commander…a driver and two standing 82nd Airborne troopers giving directions. 2004 - 2006
DD39 GMC "Jimmy" 2.5 ton Truck with 3 crew 2004 - 2006
DD40 4 GI truck passengers 2004 - 2006
DD41 US MP on Harley Davison - Sitting astride his Harley Davison this USMP keeps a careful watch on the convoy discipline. Great pose and detail - even down to his "RayBans". 2004 - 2008
DD42 US MP - Extra backup comes in the form of this single standing MP figure ready to enforce military law, if necessary with his “tommy-gun”. 2004 - 2006
DD43 'Infantry Patrol' - Led by their carbine-toting officer three 3rd Infantrymen cautiously make their way forward. Two riflemen (one also carrying a bazooka and ammo) are backed up by a BAR man. 2004 - 2006
DD44 'Tank Riders' - Four sitting and kneeling 3rd Infantrymen give their legs a rest and hitch a ride on a passing Sherman Tank. These versatile figures can be used in a wide variety of situations, poses and on vehicles. 2004 - 2006
DD45 M4A3 Sherman - This late war M4A3 Sherman is mounting a 105mm howitzer gun. It comes complete with 3 crew figures, a variety of extra stowage items plus a fully elevating gun. 2004 - 2006
DD46 D Day Paratroopers Set - x 82nd Airborne troopers who have joined up with 2x 101st troopers. The paratroopers uniforms are muddied and they've got camouflage painted faces! 2004 - 2009
DD47 'On The Beach (A)' - A 4-man fire support section - a lying prone rifleman is next to a BAR gunner, giving covering fore is a kneeling rifleman. Another advancing Ranger rifleman completes the set. 2005 - 2007
DD48 'On The Beach (B)' - An officer and his radio operator backed up by two other Rangers; one firing a Tommy-gun and one running rifleman. 2005 - 2007
DD49 Dodge 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier and Water Trailer - The Weapons Carrier alone is a fantastic model but you also get a driver and an extra Paratrooper plus a removable load of AMMO and supplies and the water trailer. They are all in 101st markings 2005 - 2007
DD50 M18 'Hellcat' Tank Destroyer 2005 - only
DD51 Churchill Tank and 2 crew - One of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade's Churchills. It's in the markings of the 3rd Btn. Scots Guards and aptly named "DUNKIRK". It also has "Winston's Revenge!" chalked on the side of the turret 2005 - 2007
DD52 'Command Set' - Brigadier Lord Lovat, the most famous Commando leader, and his command section. With him are his personal bagpiper, Bill Millin, a radio operator and his sergeant body-guard 2005 - 2008
DD53 'Gun Group' - A lying prone Bren gunner backed up by three other "in action" Commandos armed with Lee Enfield rifles and a "Tommy gun". 2005 - 2007
DD54 'Sword Beachmaster' - Royal Navy Commander Colin Maude and his dog "Winston" are directing traffic on "SWORD BEACH". A Royal Navy signaler, a radio loudspeaker and a bicycle-carrying Commando complete this set 2005 - 2007
DD55 Winston S Churchill as at D Day +6 - Churchill is realistically depicted as he was on D.Day +6 when he landed in Normandy to see the situation for himself dressed in naval uniform 2005 - 2007
DD56 'Jumping Paratroopers' - These 3 new "airborne" paratroopers complete with deployed 'chutes. All of them are in different action poses and wearing 101st Airborne patches. 2005 - 2008
DD57 'Commando Attack' - Led by an NCO firing his 'Sten' gun three more Commandos rush into attack. Two men are armed with the ever reliable LEE ENFIELD rifles whilst the fourth carries the trusty BREN Light Machine Gun. 2005 - 2007
DD58 'Taking Prisoners' - Two walking-wounded Waffen SS officers are escorted by a rifle-toting Commando. Watching this little scene is a British Military Policeman sitting astride his Triumph motorbike. 2005 - 2007
DD59 Bren Gun Carrier 3rd Inf Div - This latest version is, without doubt, K&C's most detailed and accurate one yet. This carrier, in the markings of the British 3rd Infantry Division, is manned by two typical "Tommies". 2005 - 2007
DD60 Staghound Armoured Car 12th Monitoba Dragoons - The Staghhound was designed and built by the Americans but used exclusively by the Brits and Canadians! This model is the Canuck version and marked up as one of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons vehicles complete with commander and gunner 1/2 body figures. 2005 - 2008
DD61 'Beach under Fire' - A medic tending a wounded Ranger whilst his buddy looks on...a fourth Ranger stands nearby providing covering fire with his M1 carbine 2005 - 2007
DD62 'Calling for Reinforcements' - A kneeling Ranger officer and his radioman call for more backup. Another kneeling Ranger is firing his M1 whilst one more runs up with extra ammo. 2005 - 2008
DD63 DUKW Amphibious Vehicle Set - One of the Allies most useful and versatile vehicles — the famous DUKW. The K&C polystone and metal version is over 13 inches long. Comes with a removable transport load of 50 gallon gas drums and a pile of Jerricans plus there's two great full-body GI's 2005 - 2007
DD64 'Tommy Patrol' 3rd Inf Div - "The Poor Bloody Infantry". Four weary but watchful "Toms" make their way forward. Check out any photos of British infantry in Normandy or afterwards and you'll see these guys. 2005 - 2007
DD65 SPECIAL British Edition Sherman - KING & COUNTRY’S British Edition SHERMAN is in the markings of ‘A’ Squadron of the 13/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own) of the 27th Armoured Brigade. This particular Brigade was in direct support of the British 3rd Infantry Division and landed on SWORD Beach on the morning of 6 June 1944. All tanks of the 13/18th Hussars carried large two digit identity numbers on their turrets which were also used as radio call–signs. After landing on D-Day elements of the 13/18th moved inland to support paratroopers of the British 6th Airborne fighting off German counter attacks. Over the coming days and weeks the Regiment and Brigade was in constant action in Normandy. Finally on 29 June the 13/18th was pulled out of the frontline to prepare for ‘Operation Charnwood’ – Montgomery’s assault on Caen. This attack failed to achieve its objectives as did its follow–up ‘Operation Goodwood’. The heavy fighting in Normandy had taken its toll of both men and tanks and on 22 July it was decided to disband the 27th Brigade and incorporate all its main elements with other existing armoured formations. The 13/18th Royal Hussars were transferred to the 8th Armoured Brigade as reinforcements and continued to play a vital role in the ultimate Allied victory. The regiment fought through the rest of the French campaign and Belgium, Holland and finally into Germany in 1945. This 13/18th Sherman is in typical Normandy campaign colours and festooned with additional stores and supplies. Three of its crew come with the model – a driver, gunner and standing tank commander. Its battle worn appearance denotes it has seen ‘more than its fair share of action’. The model also comes in its own specially designed box and will be one of only 500 produced for the UK. Limited Edition 2005 - 2006
DD67 M5 Stuart Tank - M5 Normandy Stuart Tank with 3 crew complete with 'Hedge Cutters' to break through the Normandy bocages. 2006 - 2009
DD68 American Ambulance Jeep Set - This latest jeep belongs to one of the forward medical aid units and has no less than 3 full body figures included – a driver, a medic holding a ‘drip’ and seriously wounded GI on a stretcher. Two other stretchers complete the set. 2006 - 2009
DD69 Brig Gen Norman Cota - Brig Gen Norman 'Dutch' Cota was the Deputy Commander of the 29th Infantry Division on Omaha Beach. 2006 - 2009
DD70 Lt Col Benjamin Vandevoort - Lt Col Ben Vandevoort was the Commander of the 2nd Battalion 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division that landed at Ste Mere Eglise. 2006 - 2009
DD71 'Horse trooper' - During the first few days after landing in Normandy some US paratroopers used captured German cavalry horses to carry out patrols. This para also has a captured Schmeisser machine gun. 2006 - 2007
DD72 Paratrooper with a Walking Horse - Wounded American Para walks along side his recently captured 'four legged' prize. 2006 - 2007
DD73 'The Souvenir Hunters' - All soldiers like “battle-trophies” and these three GI paratroopers are no exception! While one shows off his captured German flag and officer’s cap his buddies enjoy a well-earned bottle of good French wine. 2006 - 2008
DD74 'Reach for the Sky' - A young paratrooper has captured a tough looking crewman of a German Assault Gun. Even though his enemy is disarmed and lightly wounded this GI, with rifle and fixed bayonet, is taking no chances. 2006 - 2008
DD75 US Patrol Jeep - A great looking set...three GI's of the famous 1st Infantry Division "The Big Red One" and their ubiquitous 1/4 ton transport. In the front an officer sits next to his driver. Providing the "top cover" a standing GI rests on his .30 calibre machine gun. 2007 - 2011
DD76 'Combat Photographer' - A special "tribute" piece to Joe Rosenthal (the AP Photographer who took the famous Iwo Jima photograph) and thousands of other Allied combat photo and camera men who risked life and limb to cover World War II and bring us so many stirring and incredible images of battle and war. 2007 - 2012
DD77 'War Correspondent' - The "Companion piece" to DD76 is seated at his typewriter. This terrific little figure is full of Character another "tribute" to the war correspondent Ernie Pyle who wrote the classic "The Story of G.I. Joe" which was later made into a great WWII movie starring Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith as Pyle himself. Sadly, Ernie was killed later in the war. 2007 - 2010
DD78 M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage - This is the first of King & Country’s KINGSIZE collection… a big, big artillery piece with no less than 5 full-bodied artillery men to man the gun. Mounted on a Sherman tank chassis the 155 gun was originally of French design. Adapted and improved by the U.S. Army this heavy artillery piece saw much action in the European Theatre of Operations in the latter stages of the war. This gun comes with many fine detailed features and K&C’s very own battle-worn appearance. It will provide collectors with lots of extra fire support! 2007 - 2008
DD79 General Omar Bradley - The GI’s General and one of Eisenhower’s most steady and reliable field commanders. Bradley commanded the US 1st Army Group during and after the Normandy invasion… here he stands, hands on hips, in a typical pose. 2007 - 2012
DD80 General James Gavin 82nd Airborne - The youngest divisional commander in the U.S. Army during WW2. Gavin was only 37 at the time of the Normandy and “Market Garden” jumps. He also enjoyed a very successful post-war military and civilian career. Here, he is in parade dress, saluting. 2007 - 2009
DD81 At Attention - A proud 82nd Airborne trooper in parade dress. Looks great in multiples… 2007 - 2009
DD82 Kneeling Officer with Binoculars - Leading the attack is this crouching officer of the 82nd Airborne checking out enemy positions. 2007 - 2009
DD83 Kneeling Firing Rifleman - Another kneeling 82nd. Airborne figure… this one putting in some well-aimed shots. 2007 - 2009
DD84 Standing Firing Tommy-Gun - An 82nd Airborne NCO adding a little extra fire-power to the “fire fight”. 2007 - 2009
DD85 Standing Firing BAR Gunner - Even more fire to keep the enemy’s head down! 101st. Airborne. 2007 - 2009
DD86 'Running Forward' - Moving to a new location… 101st. Airborne. 2007 - 2009
DD87 'Warning!' - This “dismounted Glider Pilot” is sending out a pretty clear message to his buddies… “Wait!” 2007 - 2009
DD88 GI Tank Crew - 3 US Tankers, one standing sergeant, one kneeling NCO and one lying mechanic. 2008 - 2011
DD89 FFI Resistance Command Group - Three Resistance fighters take on the hated 'Boches'. 2008 - 2010
DD90 FFI Resistance Ambush Group - Another 3 Resistance fighters using captured enemy weapons. 2008 - 2010
DD91 FFI Demolition Team - One figure prepares to plush the 'plunger' another fires his Sten gun. 2008 - 2010
DD92 M24 Chaffee Tank - M24 Chaffee Tank in an Olive Drab camouflage...nicknamed 'Rebel Rouser' is ideal for action in early 1945. 2008 only
DD93 'Classic Sherman' - A 'Classic' welded hull, early mark model of the famous Allied tank of WW II. This latest addition Sherman comes with a couple of unique features... Firstly, it's relatively free of battlefield 'clutter', however, it does have two different loads of extra supplies that can be placed on or off the rear deck of the tank. It comes complete with two crew members. 2008 - 2011
DD95 'The Rescue' - 1st Inf Div 'The Big Red One' - A GI pulls his wounded buddy to safety. 2008 - 2011
DD96 'Over There' - 1st Inf Div 'The Big Red One' - A veteran NCO points out the enemy position to one of the new guys in the platoon. 2008 - 2011
DD97 '2 Man Patrol' - 1st Inf Div 'The Big Red One' - A sergeat with a 'Tommy Gun' leads a Rifleman forward. 2008 - 2011
DD98 'Alive and Dead' - A crouching rifleman approaches a dead Waffen SS trooper. 2008 - 2011
DD99 'I Need More Ammo' - 1st Inf Div 'The Bid Red One' - While his kneeling officer provides covering fire with a BAR gun 2008 - 2011
DD100 General Phiippe Leclerc - Second only to De Gaulle, he was France's most famous and revered fighting General. During the Liberation of France he commanded the French 2nd Armoured Division and took the formal surrender of Paris in August 1944. 2008 - 2010
DD101 Free French M10 Tank Destroyer - The M10 of the French Armoured Regiment of Gen Leclerc's 2nd Armoured Division bearing the name 'RICHLIEU' and belongs to the Fusilier Marins (French Naval Marines). Includes 3 French Marines. 2008 - 2010
DD102 Fusilier Marins Officer - French Marine officer with binoculars. 2008 - 2010
DD103 Free French Scout Car - An American White Scout Car in the markings of the French 2nd Armoured Division complete with 3 French Marines. 2008 - 2010
DD104(SL) M26 Armoured Recovery Vehicle - The M26 entered service in 1943 and was used extensively and virtually exclusive by the US Armoured Forces in the latter part of WW II. Complete with 4 crewmen, rolling wheels and a weathered paint finish This 'monster' model measures 4.25" x 11" and weighs 4.7Ibs. Limited Edition of 1250 units. Limited Edition 2008 - 2012
DD105 "Churchill and His Tommy Gun" - As everyone knows Britain's wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a former soldier and loved to "test" all kinds of new weaponry... After test-firing a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun on a rifle range early in the war Winston declared it was a "real war-winner". On hearing this in America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a special Thompson made for the P.M. and presented it to him at the Casablanca Conference. This Churchill is based on a famous photograph taken during the war. 2011 -
DD106 "The Big Three" - AKA "A Place Called YALTA" - In early 1945 American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill journeyed to the Crimean resort of Yalta to meet Soviet Russia's Joseph Stalin. Together these three men decided on the final progress of the war against Hitler's Third Reich and their own plans for post war Germany and the rest of Europe. The three seated leaders make a strong contrast in style... Churchill, in his Royal Air Force uniform ebullient and confident... Marshal Stalin, quiet and brooding in his Red Army uniform and... Roosevelt, the sole "civilian" but wearing a U.S. Navy boat cloak. This great little set commemorates the last time all three of these Allied leaders were to meet... Within a few months Roosevelt would die... Churchill would be voted out of office... Only "Uncle Joe" would remain! 2012 -
DD107 The LCA (Landing Craft Assault) - This British designed and built LCA actually made up the bulk of the landing craft used to put infantry on the beaches on D. Day itself. All of the British and Canadians used these little craft as well as some of the American forces. This polystone and metal craft comes in typical two-tone British naval camouflage and is crewed by two Royal Navy matelots - - one Cox'n and one Bren Gunner. Its dimensions are: Length 16.5" (42cm) width 4.5" (11.75cm) 2009 - 2011
DD107/01 The LCA (Landing Craft Assault) #711 - TThe LCA is made from 'polystone' and metal and comes in a typical two-tone British Naval camouflage complete with two Royal Navy sailors - a Cox'n and a Bren Gunner. Size: Length 16.5" (42cm) Width 4.5" (11.5cm) Please Note: This model is the same as the original DD 107, but with a different marking. New number is LCA #711. Its dimensions are: Length 16.5" (42cm) width 4.5" (11.75cm) 2009 - 2011
DD108 'Bren Gun Team' - This three-man section comprises... one standing Bren Gunner plus two riflemen. 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment of the British 3rd. Infantry Division that landed on Sword Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944. 2009 - 2012
DD100 'Medic & Wounded' - A tribute in miniature to the men who risked their lives to tend their wounded comrades often under fire. Here, a kneeling medic tries desperately to save a seriously wounded "Tommy". 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment of the British 3rd. Infantry Division that landed on Sword Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944. 2009 - 2012
DD110 'Attacking!' - As one soldier sits wounded, another provides covering fire and the remaining "Tommy" runs forward. 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment of the British 3rd. Infantry Division that landed on Sword Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944. 2009 - 2012
DD111 'Moving Inland' - A lying prone Bren Gunner alongside a kneeling rifleman and an advancing "Tommy". 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment of the British 3rd. Infantry Division that landed on Sword Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944. 2009 - 2012
DD112 'Command Set' - A Canadian officer, revolver in hand, assesses under fire, his position. Next to him his radio-man relays a message. Covering them both is a kneeling rifleman. from the "Canadian Scottish Regiment" of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division. 2009 - 2012
DD113 'Attack!' - A standing Canadian NCO fires off a burst from his Sten Gun while another rifleman takes aim. from the "Canadian Scottish Regiment" of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division. 2009 - 2012
DD114 'Casualty of War' - A lone Canadian soldier caught by a burst of enemy machine gun fire. from the "Canadian Scottish Regiment" of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division. 2009 - 2012
DD115 Road Sign - A typical stone French Road sign bearing a place name British and Canadian soldiers would get to know only too well in the following days and weeks..."CAEN". 2009 - 2012
DD116 'Cromwell Mk IV Tank' - Providing some of the armour support during the Normandy campaign was one of Britain's best tanks and finest armoured divisions. This latest fighting vehicle is a Cromwell Mk IV of the Welsh Guards of the Guards Armoured Division. Although this division did not land until D. Day +11 it took part in some of the heaviest fighting in the Normandy "bocage" and saw almost continuous action until the German surrender in May 1945. This model comes with two crew figures and a detachable "back pack" of extra supplies. 2009 - 2011
DD117 'Piper in action' - Many Canadian regiments had strong Scottish connections. This brave piper, regardless of enemy fire, pipes his comrades forward. from the "Canadian Scottish Regiment" of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division. 2009 - 2012
DD118 Dismounted Military Policeman - This MP from the Canadian Provost Corps points the way ahead for his fellow soldiers. from the "Canadian Scottish Regiment" of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division. 2009 - 2012
DD119 Monty in Normandy - In the middle of the latest Canadian releases is this brand-new figure of Gen. Bernard Montgomery, D. Day's Ground Forces Commander. "Monty" is typically dressed and wearing his double-badged black beret and an RAF leather flying jerkin. 2009 - 2012
DD120 Grenadier - This final Canadian soldier of this release is a dynamic figure throwing a "Mills" bomb grenade at an enemy position. from the "Canadian Scottish Regiment" of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division. 2009 - 2012
DD122 'Jumping Screaming Eagles' - Two 101st. Airborne paratroopers in all-new poses descend on their fully-deployed canopies... somewhere in Normandy in the early hours of June 6, 1944. 2010 - 2011
DD123 'Jumping All Americans' - Another two... completely different... US 82nd. Airborne troopers float down somewhere near Ste. Mere Eglise... June 6, 1944. 2010 - 2011
DD125 US Military Policeman - Directing traffic somewhere in Normandy June 1944 2014 -
DD126 'D. Day Minus One' - Three US Army "Rangers" stand on a cold, wet English dockside waiting to board their Landing craft that will ferry them to France... 2010 - 2012
DD127 Standing Ranger - With his rifle resting at his feet another Ranger contemplates the coming battle 2010 - 2012
DD128 Standing BAR Gunner - One more Ranger holding his B.A.R. machine gun 2010 - 2012
DD129 Standing Medic - Holding his folded stretcher this Medic prepares to board 2010 - 2012
DD130 U.S. Navy Officer - This deck officer, dressed in workaday khaki can be seen on the dockside... on ship... or in one of the new landing craft 2010 - 2012
DD131 Standing Sailor - There's always some guy around who just like to stand and watch 2010 - 2012
DD132 US Beach Master Set A - 2 man US Navy team test out their equipment 2010 - 2012
DD133 Marching Ranger - Rifle slung over his shoulder this GI heads for the Landing Craft 2010 - 2012
DD134 Marching Ranger Officer - This officer is leading his troops into position 2010 - 2012
DD135 British Sherman Firefly - Another long-awaited and much-requested piece of Armour... the Sherman Firefly... A unique blend of American know-how and British ingenuity. The war-winning Sherman mounting the proven 76mm gun... At last an Allied tank that could take on (and destroy) all those Tigers and Panthers!Mounted with the 76 mm gun, the Sherman is in the markings of 'B' Squadron: 2nd Armoured Battalion of the Irish Guards, complete with 2 crew, detachable radio antenna and a 'back pack' of extra supplies. 2010 - 2012
DD136 Dismounted British Tank Crewmen - Three superb "portraits" of typical British "tankies"... goes great alongside the Firefly. 2010 - 2012
DD137 Normandy LCVP Landing Craft (#PA26-21) 2010 - 2012
DD138 Normandy LCVP Landing Personeel (#PA26-22) - The Second LCVP (for those collectors who need at least 2 for their displays). This second craft has a different cox'n figure plus, of course, the two .30 calibre machine guns and gunners. As the other LCVP the ramp raises and lowers... as required. 2010 - 2012
DD139 Sailor with Binoculars - Wearing his "steelpot" and navy blue windcheater jacket this sailor is on "lookout" duty. 2010 - 2012
DD140 Sailor putting on Life Jacket - It pays to be safe at sea... life can be dangerous so it makes sense to wear your life jacket at all times… 2010 - 2012
DD144 Crewman with Radio - This sailor on shore duty using his "walkie-talkie" to contact one of the landing craft. 2010 - 2012
DD145 Crewman Shouting - Another "swabbie" making his presence felt! 2010 - 2012
DD146 Austin Light Utility (Normandy Version) - Painted up in "Mickey Mouse" colours of black and olive drab and sporting the Allied star this little "Tilly" and its ATS driver are ready to disembark on the beaches of Normandy. H.M. Queen Elizabeth II then Princess Elizabeth drove one of these during her wartime ATS service. 2010 only
DD147 Lying Prone Officer with Tommy-Gun - This young officer shouts out orders to his men as the enemy move rearer. 2011 - 2014
DD148 'Firing Back' - A neat little two-figure riflemen set... As one GI fires his Garand the other loads a new clip into his rifle. 2011 - 2014
DD149 Prone GI with .30 Cal. Machine Gun - This gunner lays down some medium fire support. 2011 - 2014
DD150 Sitting B.A.R. Gunner - This sitting GI reloads his B.A.R. Light Machine Gun. 2011 - 2014
DD151 'Grenade Attack!' - As one GI prepares to throw his grenade the other guy with the rifle gets ready to "cover" him. 2011 - 2014
DD152 The M7 PRIEST S.P.G. - It's been a long, long time since K&C produced one of these big beauties. This new, much more detailed "priest" mounts the classic 105mm field piece and comes with a vehicle commander. 2011 - 2013
DD153 M7 Priest Crew Additions - Two very useful artillery gunners to help man the "Priest". 2011 - 2013
DD154 (SL) 'The Eisenhower Staff Car Set' - This latest "Strictly Limited" shows supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower on a tour of inspection somewhere in southern England in the spring of 1944. His U.S. Army Staff Car comes complete with a female WAC driver. At Eisenhower's side is Kay Summersby, his personal driver when he arrived in Britain in1942. Over the next three years she proved invaluable to him and took care of many of his domestic and personal tasks. During this time Summersby became a U.S. citizen and was commissioned into the U.S. Women's Army Corps (WAC's) leaving the service as a Captain in 1947. Please Note: Just 750 of this special set have been produced. Limited Edition 2011 -
DD155 Saluting British Military Policeman 2011 - 2014
DD156 'Escort Officer' - Wearing the famous "IKE" jacket this U.S. Army Officer is a perfect "add-on" to accompany any senior inspecting officer. 2011 - 2014
DD157 'Escort MP' - Where the "brass" go the MP's are sure to follow... 2011 - 2014
DD158 Gen. Omar Bradley - Omar Bradley the " soldier's general" inspecting the troops... 2011 - 2014
DD159 US Soldier Port Arms - A GI in his parade uniform being inspected. 2011 - 2014
DD161 US Armoured Jeep - A summer version of the highly successful "Battle of the Bulge" armoured jeep... No snow-chains this time, just regular wheels but there is an all-new driver figure. A very useful new Jeep for any Normandy '44 collection! 2012 -
DD162 US Trailer - Another version of the jeep trailer, this one with a brand-new load of supplies for the troops. By the way this little trailer can be towed behind other K&C American vehicles. 2012 -
DD163 Dingo Armoured Car Normandy Version - Series 250 This second "250" release portrays a reconnaissance vehicle of the famous "Guards Armoured Division". Painted in typical British "Mickey Mouse" pattern the vehicle contains a seated driver and a separate Bren Light Machine Gun. Limited Edition 2012 -
DD164 'Dingo Commander' - Also available is a seated Guards officer looking for the enemy with his binos. This officer can also be utilized in other British armoured vehicles. 2012 -
DD165 'British Tommy turning with Sten Gun' - This walking sergeant keeps a sharp lookout on his men as well as an even sharper lookout for the enemy! 2012 -
DD166 'British Tommy Stretcher Bearer - This "Tommy" is manfully carrying a large folded stretcher under one arm and striding along a road somewhere in Normandy... or maybe Holland. 2012 -
DD167 'British Tommy Port Arms' - Another "Tom" on patrol with his "Lee Enfield" rifle at the ready… 2012 -
DD168 'British Tommy Rifle at the Trail' - This "Tommy" has fixed his "pig-sticker" bayonet onto the end of his rifle and carries it at the trail. 2012 -
DD169 Sling Arms 2012 -
DD170 'Officer with Map Case' - "Where exactly are we?" Battlefields are busy and confusing places and in the "fog of war" it's very easy to get lost... This officer is double checking his map. 2012 -
DD171 'Radio Operator' - A radio operator should, whenever possible, stay close by his officer. 2012 -
DD172 'In Der Fuhrer's Face' - Answering the call of nature onto der Fuhrer's portrait ... maybe not in "good taste" for some but enjoyed by many... And I'm sure it happened on more than a few occasions! 2012 -
DD173 'Standing Guard' - Another 'Tom' guarding the officer's back. 2012 -
DD174 'Humber Heavy Utility' - This is K&C's second Humber military vehicle in two months. These rugged command cars were the inspiration for the long-wheel base Land Rovers of the post-war era. This version comes with a driver and is in typical "Mickey Mouse" camo. 2012 -
DD175 'Liberation' 2014 -
DD176 'The Humber MKII Armoured Car' - This vehicle could only be designed in Britain... it is so "British- looking" in style and a great model.
It first saw action in North Africa with the 8th. Army (K&C will release a "desert-version" later this year). This new K&C model is a "tribute" to the men of the Free Polish Army who fought alongside the British during the war. This Humber belongs to the Reconnaissance Regiment of the famous 1st. Polish Armoured Division who fought again in Normandy, Holland and Germany. Many of the "Free Poles" stayed on in Britain after the war marrying British girls and raising families rather than return to their Communist-dominated homeland. This vehicle set is dedicated to them, their country... and their service.
2012 -
DD178 Major General Percy Hobart - Percy Hobart devised and designed many of the specialized armoured vehicles that made D DAY landings so successful. He also commanded the 79th Armoured Division 2012 -
DD179 “M4A3E8 "Easy-Eight" Sherman” - This is K&C’s second version of this iconic U.S. tank…We released a “winter” camouflaged “Easy-Eight” to accompany our last Battle of the Bulge GI’s in late 2012. At the time many collectors also asked for a “standard” olive drab version and here it is! The “Easy-Eight” was faster, better armoured and, of course, mounted the impressive 76mm main gun. Our K&C model is all “buttoned-up” and ready for action but also has a half-body tank commander in the open top turret hatch on the lookout for the enemy. 2013 -
DD180 'The Universal Jeep' - As you guys know K&C loves jeeps of all shapes and sizes… we’ve put machine guns on ‘em… we’ve fitted them out as “Medic Jeeps”… We’ve covered them in snow… Heck, we’ve even delivered Santa in a jeep. Now, we surmised how about doing just your BASIC JEEP… no guns… no stretchers… just a jeep and driver, pure and simple. Plus, of course, the canvas cover. 2012 - 2014
DD182 Shouting NCO - 1st Inf Div Holding his MI Carbine this NCO shouts out instructions to his men. 2012 -
DD183 Machine Gun Team - 1st Inf Div Providing fire support for the riflemen in the section is this brand-new 30 Calibre MG team of two. 2012 -
DD184 Standing Firing Rifle - 1st Inf Div A classic pose for a classic infantryman. 2012 -
DD185 Advancing with Rifle & Bayonet - 1st Inf Div Carefully making his way forward this G.I. is taking no changes… bayonet fixed! 2012 -
DD186 Kneeling with Rifle & Bayonet - 1st Inf Div As his buddy advances this G. I. kneels ready to guard his back. 2012 -
DD187 Crouching Pointing - 1st Inf Div Another G. I. indicates a target to his front. 2012 -
DD188 With Rifle & Grenade - 1st Inf Div This G. I. advances with rifle and grenade ready… 2012 -
DD189 "Valentine Mk. III Tank" "This third and final version of the K&C “Valentine” tank is in the markings of the British 11th. Armored Division. Formed in 1941, the division was kept in the U.K. for home defense but eventually landed on Juno Beach on D.DAY + 7. Thereafter it took part in the liberation of France before capturing the Belgian port city of Antwerp. From Belgium it moved into Holland. In March 1945 it crossed the Rhine and captured the German city of Lubeck before uncovering the horror of the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. K&C's 11th.Armoured “Valentine” belongs to the 3/5 Royal Tank Regiment and appears as it would have in the months leading up to D.Day. A half-body tank commander figure is included." 2013 -
DD190 “Shooting Officer” - Binos in one hand, .455 Webley Service revolver in the other this officer leads his men into the attack. 2013 -
DD191 “Firing 'Tommy' Gun” - In the early days of the Commandos, the Thompson sub machine gun was one of the main weapons of choice…This NCO takes careful aim with his. 2013 -
DD192 “Lance Corporal Bren Gunner” - Classic action pose with the classic Light Machine Gun…providing covering fire. 2013 -
DD193 “Standing Firing Rifle” - This Commando is using the Second World War version of the great Lee Enfield rifle…The No.4 Mk.I, began to be issued in 1941 and the Commandos were among the first units to receive the new revised weapon. 2013 -
DD194 “Kneeling Firing Rifle” - As above but in the kneeling firing position. 2013 -
DD195 “Radio Operator” 2013 -
DD196 Crouching Sergeant w/' Tommy' Gun” - Another senior NCO in a typical Commando pose…’Tommy’ gun at the ready. 2013 -
DD197 “Advancing Rifleman” - Cautiously edging forward expecting trouble at any time. 2013 -
DD198 “Taking out the Guard” - This great fighting double…is a little one-sided…the poor German guard never knew what hit him! A Commando dagger thrust in the side of the back was reckoned to be so painful you couldn’t even scream! 2013 -
DD199 “Grenadier” - This Commando is just about to throw his “Mills” bomb at the enemy. 2013 -
DD200 “Knife To The Neck” - Another knifing technique is the stab to the side of the neck…Extremely painful but the victim will bleed to death in seconds…a bit messy though! 2013 -
DD201 “Crawling Commando” - Knife in one hand this Commando is about to take care of the third unfortunate guard… 2013 -
DD202 “Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor & Limber” - Commonly known as the “Quad” this was the British and Empire’s primary vehicle to haul the 25 pounder gun howitzer and its limber. Originally designed in the late 1930’s as war with Germany approached the Morris C8 Quad came into operational service with the Royal Artillery in October 1939…It stayed in production throughout the war until 1945. During the war (and for many years afterwards) they saw action wherever and whenever British and Empire Forces were engaged. This K&C model sports typical “Mickey Mouse” camouflage and comes complete with a seated R.A. driver and the artillery limber for the ammunition. 2013 -
DD204 “British 25 Pounder Field Gun” - If the Sherman tank was an American military “icon” of WW2 then the “25 Pounder” must be a British one! For generations of British guys (of a certain age) and that includes me…we all had models of 25 pounders in among our toy soldiers…Different versions and scales of this gun were manufactured by Britains, Lone Star and, of course, DINKY. I love this little field gun and I hope you will too… Over 13,000 were built (of the real gun) in Britain, Canada and Australia and remained in service with different overseas armies until the late 1970’s. The K&C “25 Pounder” is in plain olive drab and comes with a removable seated gunner so that collectors can have the gun “in action” with other crew members or being towed behind the Quad and Limber. 2013 -
DD205 “Gun Commander” - A single, standing officer about to give the order to commence fire! 2013 -
DD206 “Kneeling Bombardier” - A kneeling corporal complete with “rammer”. 2013 -
DD207 “Shell and Charge Loaders” - Two “gunners”, one holding an H.E. (High Explosive) shell and the other holding the charge… ready for battle. Jul-13
Carrying the large British back-pack field radio most operators also carried a side arm…In this case a Browing 9mm Automatic."
2013 -
DD209 "The Rescue" - A lone Medic assists a badly wounded G.I. off the battlefield and towards a nearby aid station. Available for one year only 2013 only
DD210 “Blood Transfusion” - Countless lives were saved during WW2 by the speedy availability of fresh plasma that could even be administered in the midst of a battle. Available for one year only 2013 only
DD211 "Kneeling Officer w/Map" - This “101st.” Officer is wondering “Where the hell are we?” 2013 -
DD212 "The Scout" - An 82nd. trooper signals his men to halt…Has he seen some enemy activity? 2013 -
DD213 "Kneeling Ready" - M1 Garand in one hand this 101st paratrooper crouches down on one knee. 2013 -
DD214 "Kneeling Aiming Carbine" - As his buddies take cover this 82nd. trooper brings his M1 Carbine up to the shoulder. 2013 -
DD215 "Lying Prone BAR Man" - An 82nd. “BAR” gunner prepares to give covering fire. 2013 -
DD216 "Cautiously Advancing" - Glancing from side to side and careful not to make too much noise this 82nd. rifleman edges forward. 2013 -
DD217 "Bayonet Fixed" - This 101st. Para is taking no chances… 2013 -
DD218 "Tommy-Gunner" - Another 82nd. trooper calls out as he moves forward…his Thompson at the ready. 2013 -
DD219 "Walking Rifleman" - 101st. Airborne 2013 -
DD220 "Officer w/Carbine" - A carbine-carrying 82nd officer. 2013 -
DD221 "Walking B.A.R. Gunner" - “82nd.” Airborne 2013 -
DD222 "Para Radioman" - This 82nd. Radioman is trying to make contact with any other units in the vicinity. 2013 -
DD223 M3A3 "Stuart" Light Tank - Named after the famous Confederate Cavalry leader our little “Stuart” is in the markings of the 52nd. Armoured Brigade of the famous British 7th. Armoured Division (The Desert Rats). Apart from its small 37mm main gun it is equipped with 2 x .30 caliber machine guns and a half-body tank commander. 2013 -
DD224 M3A3 "Stuart" Light Tank (US Army) 2014 -
DD225 US M20 Armoured Car - Fast, agile and always ready these speedy, lightly-armed vehicles were often the eyes and ears of battlefield commanders throughout the European Theatre of Operations. This "summer" version of the M20 comes with a standing vehicle commander plus a partial body M20 driver. 2014 -
DD226 Sitting Machine Gunner - In support of the reconnaissance vehicle the infantry have provided the heavier .30 caliber machine gun. 2014 -
DD227 US Tommy Gunner - Backing up the Machine Gunner the standing US Infantryman complete with a M1928 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun 2014 -
DD228 US Army Tank Riders Set #1 2014 -
DD229 US Army Tank Riders Set #2 2014 -
DD231 British Commando: 'Dead and Gone' - A commando has "taken-out" a lone German sentry... Here he drags the body away to conceal the evidence as other Germans wonder "What happened to Fritz?" 2014 -
DD232 British Commando: Kneeling with Rifle - Crouching down, this Commando is on the alert for the approach of any other German sentries or patrols. 2014 -
DD233 British Commando: Kneeling with Sten Gun - One more Commando, kneeling this time, with the ubiquitous Sten gun at the ready. 2014 -
DD234 British Commando: Sten Gun with Silencer - Commandos used all kinds of weaponry... One of the most useful was the Sten Gun equipped with a "silencer". 2014 -
DD235 British Commando: 'A Quick Knee to the Groin' - The polite way of saying..."a swift knee to the balls!" Fighting in a non-conventional manner demands utilizing all methods of hand-to-hand fighting...none of them these two figures amply illustrate. 2014 -
DD236 Tank Back-Pack Set - Three different sets of extra supplies, suitable for both Allied and Axis vehicles 2014 -
DD237 "Cockleshell Commandos" - "On The Enemy Coast" - As one of the canoe's occupants remains with paddle ready the other, a corporal, silently gets out of the craft... Tommy gun in hand... and prepares to move ashore. 2014 -
DD238 "Cockleshell Commandos" - "Paddling Into Battle" - Another 2-man crew paddle silently towards the enemy shore. 2014 -
DD239 "Gang of Heroes" - Four GI's have an appointment with a bank manager somewhere behind German lines and intend to make a rather large withdrawal 2014 -
DD241 Walking Wounded 2014 -
DD242 Sitting Wounded - This GI has caught a piece of shrapnel in his knee. 2014 -
DD243 Cheers 2014 -
DD244 US Army Movie Cameraman 2014 -
DD245 Back Thataways - A walking GI indicates the nearest First Aid Station. 2014 -
DD246 Supplies Medic 2014 -
DD253 Jumping 82nd Paras - Two different 82nd Paras under their open 'shutes. 2014 -

Montgomery's 8th Army

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
EA01 'Scottish Patrol' - 4 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders from the famed 51st Highland Division. 2005 - 2006
EA02 'Scottish Piper' - Argyll piper playing the Regimental March "The Black Bear". 2005 - 2008
EA03 'Aussie Attack' - Officer and 3 Infantrymen on the Offensive with bayonets fixed. 2005 - 2006
EA04 25lb Gun and Crew'- The most famous British medium field piece with Royal Artillery officer and 4 gunners in action. 2005 - 2006
EA05 'Quad and Limber' - Quad artillery tractor and ammunition limber with RA Gunner and Military Policeman 2005 - 2006
EA06 'Bren Gun Support' - Three Aussie infantry Bren Gun group. 2005 - 2007
EA07 Matilda Tank - Matilda Mkll with Driver, Radio Operator and Tank Commander 2005 - 2006
EA08 'Monty' - Lieut. Gen. Bernard Montgomery who is the most famous fighting General of WWII in Britain. 2005 - 2011
EA09 'Advance Under Fire' - A crouching British officer pistol in hand, leads his men towards the enemy. Two additional desert “Tommies” follow their officer with Lee Enfields and fixed bayonets. Backing them up is an advancing Bren Gunner firing his weapon from the waist. 2006 - 2012
EA10 DINGO Scout Car Set - The Daimler “Dingo” Light Armoured Car was mostly used as a scouting vehicle for armoured units. This little “Dingo” is in the markings of the 2nd New Zealand Cavalry Regiment and includes 2 “Kiwi” troopers in the vehicle. 2006 - 2008
EA11 Field Marshal Alexander - Handsome, debonair and always immaculate “Alex” rose to supreme Allied Commander in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operating. Here, however he is Commander, Middle East Forces in August 1942. Accompanying him is one of his Military Police bodyguards. 2006 - 2009
EA12 'The Best of Enemies' - The Desert War was fought on almost chivalrous terms for modern warfare. Both sides, for the most part, fought cleanly and fairly and that included treatment of prisoners. Here, a British “Tommy” provides a drink of water from his own water bottle for a captured Afrika Korps soldier. A charming little vignette. 2006 - 2009
EA13 'The Mine Sweepers' - A Royal Engineer officer, map in one hand, “Tommy – gun” in the other, looks on as two of his men recover enemy mines. Two wooden German “Minen” signs are included in the set. 2006 - 2008
EA14 Indian Army Machine Gun Set - Several distinguished Indian Divisions served with the Eighth Army. Here 3 Sikh gunners man a Vickers heavy machine gun laying down covering fire for the infantry assault. 2006 - 2009
EA15 'Returning Fire' - Three more British infantry add their “firepower” to the attack. All are armed with the standard .303 Lee Enfield bolt – action rifles. 2006 - 2012
EA16 Desert Vickers - Vickers Mk IV Light Tank with 3 Crewmen (this is a Desert version of FOB19). 2007 - 2008
EA17 Major David Sterling - Commanding Officer of the SAS. 2007 - 2012
EA18 'The Watchers' - A major role of both the SAS and LRDG was to observe and report enemy positions and troop movements. As one of this 2 man set observes the enemy through binos the other observes the landscape around them. 2007 - 2010
EA19 'The Imposter' - Among the SAS and LRDG were fluent German speaking refugees from Europe. Here one of them puts on the uniform of a captured Afrika Korps soldier, whist his mate keeps his rifle on a captured prisoner. 2007 - 2010
EA20 'The Attackers' - Two 'Free lancers' prepare to take on the enemy 2007 - 2010
EA21 'On Guard' - A classic SAS figure with arab headdress, British tropical uniform, full beard and a 'Tommy Gun' at the ready. 2007 - 2011
EA22 SAS Mortar Team - A 2 man SAS Mortar Team prepare to lay down a little diversion before the attack. 2007 - 2010
EA23 LRDG 30cwt Chevrolet (Uncamouflaged) - The 'classic' image of the LRDG is the 30cwt Chevrolet Truck, originally purchased from the Egyptian branch of General Motors and customized by the LRDG. This version comes in plain 'sand' finish and mounts a Bren and a Lewis Gun, complete with a crew of 3. 2007 - 2010
EA24 LRDG 30cwt Chevrolet (Camouflaged) - This Chevrolet Truck is partly camouflaged with a pale blue pattern on a basic sand colour, complete with a 'Boyes' anti tank rifle and a Bren gun just in case. Complete with a 3 man crew. 2007 - 2010
EA25 SAS Recce Jeep - The favourite mode of transport for the SAS, albeit heavily armed. 2007 - 2011
EA26 Pipes & Drums - K&C's first all-new pipe band in 12 years! This twelve-piece group comprises 1x Drum Major, 1x Pipe Major, 3x pipers, 1x big drummer, 2x bass drums and 4 side drummers of the Black Watch, the senior Highland Regiment. All of the band are in "shirt-sleeve" parade order and are wearing the "Royal Stewart" kilts for the pipers and the "Government Black Watch" tartan for the remainder. Additional pipers and drummers are available as "singles" to increase your band or as individual figures. 2008 - 2011
EA26A Drum Major 2008 - 2011
EA26B Pipe Major 2008 - 2011
EA26C Piper 2008 - 2011
EA26D Big Drum 2008 - 2011
EA26E Bass Drum 2008 - 2011
EA26F Side Drum 2008 - 2011
EA27 Desert Austin K2 Ambulance - This very, very British looking truck comes with a driver looking out for land mines. 2008 - 2010
EA28 Desert Stretcher Party - Two RAMC stretcher bearers carry a wounded Tommy out of the battle: perfect add-on to EA27. 2008 - 2010
EA29 The Crusader Tank - The model is in the typical 2 colour desert camo and in the markings of the 3rd Hussars of the famous 7th Armoured Division 'The Desert Rats'. Complete with commander and a seated British Infantryman. 2008 - 2011
EA30 8th Army Tank Riders - 3 Scottish Infantrymen in a range of poses that can fit on the Crusader or on the ground. 2008 - 2010
EA31 (SL) 'Churchill & His Generals' -Our latest "Strictly Limited" and a truly unique offering... Here, the great man himself is perched on the rear of an 8th. Army Humber Staff Car giving his famous 2 finger "V for Victory" salute. Alongside him are Chief of the Imperial General Staff... Field Marshal Alan Brooke, Churchill's loyal ally and military supremo. In front of them is the 8th.Army's General Montgomery... Driving the vehicle is a Corps of Military Police sergeant. Just 999 of this great Churchill set are being produced and it is sure to be popular not only with toy soldier collectors but also "Churchilliana" enthusiasts! - - limited edition 2009 only
EA32 Saluting Scottish Officer - An officer of the Gordon Highlanders, swagger stick under one arm, salutes Churchill. 2009 - 2013
EA33 Gordon Highlander Presenting Arms - A Gordon Highlander soldier presenting arms, from the 51st Highland Division. 2009 - 2013
EA34 Saluting Gurkha Officer - From the 4th Indian Division. 2009 - 2013
EA35 Gurkha Rifleman Standing at Attention - From the 4th Indian Division. 2009 - 2013
EA36 Sikh Regiment Marching Officer - A Sikh Regiment Officer Marching, from the 4th Indian Division. 2009 - 2013
EA37 Sikh Rifleman Marching - A Sikh Regiment Rifleman Marching, from the 4th Indian Division. 2009 - 2013
EA38 Coldstream Guards Sergeant - The sergeant is from the Guards Brigade of the 78th Division. 2009 - 2013
EA39 Coldstream Guardsman Shoulder Arms - The Guardsman is from the Guards Brigade of the 78th Division. 2009 - 2013
EA40 Major Paddy Mayne, S.A.S. - Paddy Mayne was one of the true legends of WW2... The winner of no less than 4 D.S.O.'s he served with the Special Air Service almost from the formation of the Regiment. Brave... bold... and sometimes reckless "Paddy" Mayne was responsible for personally destroying over 130 German and Italian aircraft on raids on Axis airfields. While fighting he could be superb... out of the line he could be extremely difficult. A complex but very brave soldier. Here he's dressed in typical casual S.A.S. desert style. 2010 - 2013
EA41 'Universal Carrier' - One of the war's most famous British vehicles these little carriers usually mounted a Bren Gun... Ours however had adopted the heavier, belt-fed Vickers Machine Gun. In 7th.Armoured Division markings ("The Desert Rats") it comes with 2 crew. 2010 - 2013
EA42 'The Desert Bentley' - How this pre war "touring Bentley" came to end up with the S.A.S is interesting... it was won in a poker game in Alexandria. Originally owned by a wealthy British Cavalry officer he lost it (along with a great deal of money) to a friend of "Paddy" Mayne's. When "Paddy" saw it he had S.A.S mechanics overhaul it... paint it... and customize it (guns and all) for Desert operations. K&C's version comes with a seated S.A.S. driver. 2010 - 2011
EA43 'The M3 Grant Crusier Tank' - After Dunkirk in 1940 the British Army lost virtually all of its tanks in France... what few that were left were sent out to the Middle East where by 1941 they were easily outclassed, outgunned and outfought by Rommel's Panzers. Help however was on the way in the shape of the American designed M3 tank. Britain ordered over 2,000 of these tanks armed with both a 75mm main gun (on a side sponson) and a 37mm gun in the top turret. The British redesigned the top turret to accommodate a radio and reduce one crew member and christened their M3 the "Grant". The Americans preferred the original design and named theirs the "Lee". This new model is in the distinctive British camouflage pattern of sand and olive drab with black and white delineation lines. Two crew figures can be seen and this "Grant" belongs to the famous 7th. Armoured Division... "The Desert Rats". 2011 - 2013
EA44 Desert Rolls-Royce - The " Rolls-Royce Armoured Car" was a unique British fighting vehicle first developed and used back in 1914 which saw active service right up to the early half of 1942. Based on a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost chassis it was designed to have armoured bodywork surmounted by a single turret containing a vickers machine gun. The original remaining 1914 models were modernized in 1920 and 1924 and saw extensive service in the Middle East. At the outbreak of war in 1939 some 76 vehicles were operational. This K&C model is in a distinctive desert "splinter" camouflage and comes with one crew figure. 2011 - 2012
EA45 New Desert Monty - In mid 1942 the demoralized, dejected and sometimes defeated 8th.Army needed a new leader who could rebuild the army, revitalize its officers and men and restore its ability to... win! Lt. General Bernard Law Montgomery was the man to do the job. Here we see "Monty" not long after his arrival in Cairo... looking both smart and confident and ready for the task! 2011 - 2014
EA46 General Charles De Gaulle - "Le Grand Charles", the symbol and epitome of Free France. A great man and a brave soldier but very difficult to work with! Roosevelt never liked him... Churchill respected him but knew how difficult he could be ... "Of all the crosses I had to bear in the Second World War the heaviest was the Cross of Lorraine!". General De Gaulle strides purposely forward to inspect his men. 2011 - 2013
EA47 Legion Officer Saluting 2011 - 2013
EA48 Legionnaire Present Arms 2011 - 2013
EA49 Legionnaire Flagbearer -This senior NCO carries a small Legion company fanion attached to his Mas.36 rifle. 2011 - 2013
EA050 Legion Sergeant with Tommy Gun - Leading his men forward this veteran NCO is armed with a " Chicago Piano" or, to be more precise, the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun. 2011 - 2013
EA051 Legionnaire Advancing w/ Rifle 2011 - 2013
EA052 Legionnaire Running w/ Rifle 2011 - 2013
EA053 Legionnaire Kneeling firing 2011 - 2013
EA054 Legionnaire Standing firing 2011 - 2013
EA055 Legionnaire Lying firing Machine Gun 2011 - 2013
EA056 'Austin Light Utility' (Eighth Army Version) - Complete with female ATS driver this desert "Tilly" fits into Monty's H.Q... a familiar sight on the wartime streets of Alexandria and Cairo. Limited Edition 2010 -
EA057 "edford OYD Truck - "K&C has received quite a few requests to have a "desert" version of the popular "Field of Battle" Bedford Truck... and here it is...
We're produced just 150 of this 8th. Army adaptation...
Limited Edition 2010 - 2011
EA058 The M7 Priest - Ninety of these 105mm-armed assault guns were dispatch to North Africa early in 1942... many of these were modified by the British with side skirts... some were not... this is one of the latter. This vehicle includes a commander figure. 2012 -
EA059 The Carro Armato M13/40 - Aussie version complete with Australian tank commander. During the fighting in Libya in 1941 the 6th. Australian Cavalry Regiment captured a number of Italian tanks (including M13/40's), which were taken over by Australian troopers and fought against their former owners. To help identify these "hybrid" creatures large white kangaroos were painted on the hulls and turrets. Limited Edition 2011 -
EA060 Aussie Sign Painter - Aussie soldiers have always been happy to leave a little sign for the enemy to see what they're up against. Here's a nice little add-on to EA059. 2011 -
EA061 M7 Priest Crew - Two add-on gunners that can operate the American 105. 2012 -
EA062 Morris CS8 British 15cwt. Truck - A familiar sight to all British and Empire forces this little truck is in 6th Australian Infantry Division markings and comes with an Aussie driver. Special Note: This little 15cwt truck is a "Series 250" release. Limited Edition 2012 -
EA063 Foreign Legion Marching with Rifle - Following the success of the earlier released Free French Foreign Legion "parade" figures here are some more. And here is the first one... 2012 -
EA064 Foreign Legion Marching with Light Machine Gun - A Legionnaire carries the formidable ( and heavy) 7.5mm FM24/29 Machine Gun. From De Gaulle's Free French Foreign Legion troops we move across the desert sands to... The "Diggers" 2012 -
EA065 Foreign Legion Marching NCO with Tommy Gun - In the Legion it was the Non-Commissioned Officers who carried the sub-machine guns. This NCO carries the 1928 Thompson. 2012 -
EA067 Aussie Officer with Binoculars - Tommy-gun in one hand and Binos in the other this typical Aussie prepares for battle. 2012 -
EA068 Aussie Sergeant with Tommy-Gun This NCO is leading a fighting patrol out into "No Man's Land". 2012 -
EA069 Aussie Bren Gunner - The Bren Light Machine Gun was one of the mainstays of the British and Empire forces. This Aussie has one slung over his shoulder. 2012 -
EA070 Aussie Advancing with Rifle - With Slouch-hat on head and bayonet fixed this particular Aussie is ready for a fight. 2012 -
EA071 Aussie on Guard 2012 -
EA072 'Bringing up Supplies' - A "Digger" and his pack mule bring up extra ammo to the front line. A great little set. 2012 - 2013
EA073 Aussie with Rifle at the Trial - Another member of the fighting patrol. 2012 -
EA074 Dead Afrika Korps 2012 -
EA066 'Desert Dingo' - This is the third and final version of this little British armoured reconnaissance vehicle. Dingoes saw wide and varied use by British and Empire forces throughout the war in North Africa. This new one belongs to the 7th. Armored Division” The Desert Rats” and is “christened” MORECAMBE. The vehicle includes a driver and separate Bren Gun. 2013 -
EA078 Valentine Mk.III Tank - The Valentine was the most produced of any British-designed tank during WW2. More than 8,000 were built in 11 different marks. They accounted for over one quarter of all British tank production between 1940 and 1944. In addition to serving with both British and Canadian army units large numbers were supplied to Soviet Russia under lend-lease… This is the first K&C Valentine (two more are planned) and is in the markings of the 1st. Army Tank Brigade, stationed in Tobruk, Libya in 1942. Thia model “HECTOR” wears the unique “splinter” three-colour camouflage and comes with a vehicle commander. 2013 -
EA079 'Attacking Officer' - Webley Service Revolver in hand this young Lieutenant leads his men forward. 2013 -
EA080 'Sergeant Tommy-Gunner' - Providing additional support for his officer and men the “Tommy-Gun” toting Sergeant rattles off a burst of .45 bullets! 2013 -
EA081 Lying Prone Bren Gunner - An invaluable asset to any squad of British and Empire infantry was the handy Bren Gunner with his Light Machine Gun. 2013 -
EA082 Lying Firing Rifleman - Next to the Bren Gunner this rifleman acts as his “number two”. 2013 -
EA083 Charging with Rifle and Bayonet - Bullets are good but sometimes it takes the cold steel of a bayonet to force the enemy to retreat!. 2013 -
EA084 Standing Firing Rifleman - A British “Tommy” and his Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle make a winning combination. 2013 -
EA085 Desert Quad Gun Tractor and Limber Includes Driver 205.95 2014 -
EA087 (Aust) 25lb Field Gun (Australian) Complete with a Australian Gunner (brown boots) 93.95 2014 -
EA087 (Brit) 25lb Field Gun (British) Complete with a British Gunner (black boots) 93.95 2014 -
EA088 British Gun Commander 43.95 2014 -
EA089 Australian Gun Commander 43.95 2014 -
EA090 (Aust) Gunner Standing with Ram Rod (Australian) (brown boots) 43.95 2014 -
EA090 (Brit) Gunner Standing with Ram Rod (British) (black boots) 43.95 2014 -
EA091 (Aust) 25lb Gun Crew (Australian) (brown boots) 86.95 2014 -
EA091 (Brit) 25lb Gun Crew (British) (black boots) 86.95 2014 -


Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
FJ01-07 MG34 Machine Gun Team - Fallschirmjager machine gunner and his 'spotter' laying down a belt of covering fire from their MG34 gun. 2007 - 2009
FJ02-07 Mortar Team - Two Fallschirmjagers provide mortar support with their small, portable leGrW36 weapon. 2007 - 2009
FJ03-07 Weapons Carrier - A Weapon Carrier being unloaded and weapons distributed by a shouting Fallschirmjager 2007 - 2009
FJ04-07 Fallschirmjager Bugler - Bugles are simple and easy to use on the Battlefield to help and organize widely dispersed landing forces. 2007 - 2009
FJ05-07 'Returning Fire' - 4 Fallschirmjagers in action. 2007 - 2009
FJ06-07 'Prisoner and Escort' - A well armed Fallschirmjager brings in his British prisoner-of-war. 2007 - 2009
FJ07-07 Anti Tank Gun Set - 3 Fallschirmjagers operate an air-portable 37mm anti tank gun. 2007 - 2009
FJ08-07 Motorcycle Combo - A highly mobile 'fire team' on their BMW add extra fire support to the assault. 2007 - 2009
FJ09-07 Dispatch Rider - Typical Fallschirmjager on his bike. 2007 - 2009
FJ10-08 MG34 Gunner 2008 - 2009
FJ11-08 Forward Observer 2008 - 2009
FJ12-07 Kneeling Firing Rifle 2008 - 2009
FJ13-07 Standing Firing Rifle 2008 - 2009
FJ14-07 Standing FJ Officer 2008 - 2009
FJ15-07 FJ Mortar Team 2008 - 2009
FJ16-07 FJ Grenadiers 2008 - 2009
FJ17-07 FJ Fire Team 2008 - 2009
FJ18-07 FJ Motorcycle Scout 2008 - 2009
FJ01 Schwimwagen on patrol - includes 3 figures 2002 - 2005
FJ02 'The Attackers' - Officer and 3 paras 2002 - 2005
FJ03 'Fighting Support' - Another 4 paras 2002 - 2005
FJ04 'MG42' - Machine gun with 2 crew 2002 - 2005
FJ05 'Ambush' - Another 4 paras moving forward ready to pounce 2002 - 2005
FJ06 'Communications' - 3 Paras with a Field Radio 2002 - 2005

Fields of Battle

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
FOB01 French General's Aide de Camp 2005 - 2007
FOB02 French Officer Saluting 2005 - 2007
FOB03 French 'Poilu' Presenting Arms 2005 - 2009
FOB04 French 'Poilu' Marching 2005 - 2009
FOB05 British Naval Officer 2005 - 2008
FOB06 British 'Tommy' Carrying Bren Gun 2005 - 2008
FOB07 British 'Tommy' Marching NO Helmet 2005 - 2007
FOB08 British 'Tommy' Standing 2005 - 2007
FOB09 French Char B1 bis Tank with Commander 2005 - 2006
FOB10 French Char B 1 bis 2nd Version - 2nd version of this popular French Tank, new paint scheme, name and a revised tank commander. Only 250 being produced Limited Edition 2006 - 2007
FOB11 French General 2006 - 2008
FOB12 French Marching Officer 2006 - 2008
FOB13 French Cavalry Officer Mounted - French Cavalry Officer with his sabre resting on his shoulder. 2006 - 2008
FOB14 French Cavalry Trooper - Mounted French Cavalry Trooper Even in 1940, France had thousands of horse mounted calavrymen. 2006 - 2008
FOB15 French Officer with Flag - French Officer proudly holds the Regimental Tricolour. 2006 - 2009
FOB16 French 'Poilu' Standing Ready 2006 - 2009
FOB17 French 'Poilu' Kneeling Firing - French soldier taking careful aim at the enemy. 2006 - 2009
FOB18 French 'Poilu' Machine Gunner - French soldier kneeling behind his Hotchkiss machine gun. 2006 - 2009
FOB19 Vickers Mk IV Tank - The Vickers Mk IV Light Tank was used primarily in the reconnaissance role, the set includes 2 Crew figures. 2006 - 2007
FOB20 German Kubelwagen - The VW Kubelwagen comes complete with seated Driver, standing General and his Adjutant. 2006 - 2012
FOB21 Wehrmacht Officer with Bino's - Standing German officer with binoculars. 2006 - 2009
FOB22 British 'Tommy' with Helmet - British 'Tommy' trudges back towards Dunkirk. 2006 - 2009
FOB23 British Sergeant Major - British Sergeant Major pointing the way to the beaches. 2006 - 2009
FOB24 Kneeling British Officer with Binoculars 2007 - 2010
FOB25 Vickers Machine Gun Set - A seated gunner firing his heavy Vickers Machine Gun 2007 - 2010
FOB26 Lying Firing Bren Gunner - Bren .303 Light Machine Gun in the shoulder of this prone infantryman, who is taking careful aim. 2007 - 2010
FOB27 Lying Rifleman 2007 - 2009
FOB28 British 'Tommy' Kneeling Firing 2007 - 2010
FOB29 British 'Tommy' Standing Firing 2007 - 2010
FOB30 Kneeling Tommy - Gunner - This Sergeant has one of the newly - issued Thompson sub-machine guns 2007 - 2010
FOB31 The French 75 Gun Set - The most famous French artillery gun of WW I and still in use at this stage of WW 2, complete with a 3 man crew, one of which is injured. 2007 - 2009
FOB32 French Poilu Standing Firing 2007 - 2010
FOB33 French 'Poilu' Lying Firing 2007 - 2009
FOB34 French Officer in Action - Revolver in hand this officer prepares to give his life 'Pour La France' 2007 - 2010
FOB35 Surrendering Senegalese - France's colonial empire provided plenty of troops for the Battle of France 2007 - 2008
FOB36 Surrendering French Soldier 2007 - 2008
FOB37 Renault R35 Tank - One of France's smaller tanks together with 2 French crew and a captured German prisoner 2007 -2010
FOB38 Return of the Stug - Sturmgeschutz III Ausf B, early war version with the snub-nosed 75mm gun and 2 crew figures. Plus a French Customs barrier / sign and a dead Poilu. 2008 -2011
FOB39 Blitzkrieg Panzer Mk IV - This model is ideal for the 'Fall of France' or the 'Barbarossa' attack on the Soviet Union in July 1941 5 completely new tank crew figures and a reconfigured vehicle compared to the Afrika Korps version. 2009 - 2011
FOB40 Austin K2 Ambulance - Following the great success of the "Desert" version of this vehicle K&C had many requests for an European olive green one... and here it is... Painted in standard British Army olive drab this particular "Katy" is in the markings of the 3rd. Infantry Division which fought in both the Fall of France in 1940 and the Normandy Invasion in 1944. This "Katy" is suitable for both kinds of displays. 2009 - 2012
FOB41 Stretcher Party - Two soldiers carry a wounded "Tommy" out of the frontline and on to the nearest First Aid Station... perfect to go with the K2. Also note Stretcher Bearers were armed... unlike medics. 2008 - 2010
FOB42 Bedford OYD Truck - The Bedford General Service Truck is in early-war markings of the British 3rd Infantry Division, complete with driver 2008 - 2010
FOB43 Polizei ADGZ Armoured Car - One of the more unusual German armoured cars of the early war period. This 8 wheeled monster comes with NO crew, see FOB44 for suitable figures 2008 - 2010
FOB44 Polizei in Action - Apart from the "Feldgendarmes" - the famous "Chained Dogs", other civilian police either volunteered or were drafted into special Field Police units as backup. This little 3-man set works well with the FOB43 armoured car or on its own. 2008 - 2010
FOB45 French Motorcycle Combo - A great little set... and very unique... Two French "Poilus" take a momentary rest in between delivering important dispatches from Headquarters to the troops in the field. 2009 - 2011
FOB46 Royal Navy Officer with Pistol - To help restore order and organize evacuation on the beaches of Dunkirk Royal Naval Landing Parties were put ashore. This officer, with pistol drawn, points the way. 2008 - 2010
FOB47 Royal Navy Sailor at Attention - The 'Matelot' is fully armed and part of the Landing Party... note his older 1914-18 web equipment 2008 - 2010
FOB48 Royal Navy Sailor 'Communications' - A sailor with his 'shore to ship' radio and rifle 2008 - 2010
FOB49 Royal Navy Sailor with Lewis Gun - A veteran "old-salt" complete with light machine gun. 2008 - 2010
FOB50 Royal Navy Sailor Marching - Marching sailor with Lee Enfield Rifle 2008 - 2010
FOB51 Military Police Sergeant - This standing MP shouting orders amidst the chaos. 2008 - 2010
FOB52 RAF Sergeant - Standing, saluting RAF NCO complete with kit bag and backpack awaits evacuation 2008 - 2011
FOB53 Field Marshal Lord Gort - Commander-in-Chief, British Expeditionary Force was ordered by Churchill to return to London. Here he stands... ready to go. 2008 - 2010
FOB54 Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein - Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein takes the salute on his favourite steed 'Tambour' 2009 - 2011
FOB55 Mounted German Adjutant - Captain Helmut Eckhardt, Manstein's adjutant, accompanies his General 2009 - 2011
FOB56 Mounted Wehrmacht Officer - This infantry colonel proudly leads his men past the reviewing officers 2009 - 2011
FOB57 Wehrmacht Marching Officer 2009 - 2012
FOB58 Wehrmacht Marching Rifleman 2009 - 2012
FOB59 Wehrmacht Bugler 2009 - 2012
FOB60 'Winning the Iron Cross' - A young infantry officer stands stiffly to attention as the General fastens the ribbon of the Knight's Cross around his neck. 2009 - 2012
FOB61 'For You Fritz the War is Over' - A young Luftwaffe pilot is closely guarded by a 'Home Guard' whilst the typical unarmed British 'Bobby' is taking down the details of the captured pilot. 2009 - 2012
FOB062 'The Refugee Cart' - A man pulls a heavily-laden hand cart overflowing with a family's pitiful belongings... As he struggles to pull the cart his young daughter tries to help by pushing... 2010 - 2013
FOB063 'Old Woman by the Road' - This old lady cannot believe that for the second time in her lifetime her world is about to be destroyed by war. 2010 - 2013
FOB064 'The Pram Set' - A mother pushing a pram with a young baby inside leads her other little girl by the hand... both of them carrying pathetic little backpacks... where are they going? Even they don't know... but as long as it's away from the fighting. 2010 - 2013
FOB065 'Father & Son' - Perhaps this is the husband and father of the woman with the pram and children? The man carries two heavy suitcases... his little boy a small case... They join the flow of refugees on the road. 2010 - 2013
FOB066 'The Old Couple' - An elderly grey-bearded man gently leads his wife down the road... First, their house had been taken over by the soldiers... then it lay in ruins... Now they have nothing but each other to hold on to... 2010 - 2013
FOB067 'Mother & Daughter' - A mother and daughter glance nervously upwards at the sound of approaching aircraft... A scene that could be France in the summer of 1940... Britain during the Blitz of 1941... or even Germany from 1942 onwards. Another mini tableau of civilians caught in wartime. 2012 -
FOB068 'Old Man & Wheel Barrow' - A companion piece to the previous set... Pushing a few meagre belongings all this man seeks is peace and safety. 2012 -
FOB069 Bomb Disposal Tilly - Among the vehicles most used by the UXB teams was the little Austin "Tilly". This latest "Series 250" version has a new paint-scheme, with the bright red mudguards of all bomb disposal vehicles and... a male Royal Engineers "Sapper" driver. Just 250 have been produced. Limited Edition 2012 -
FOB070 Newspaper Seller#1 2012 -
FOB071 'Standing Bobby' - Another of the member of the "Constabulary" going about his duty. 2012 -
FOB072 'Danger UXB' - A Kneeling Royal Engineers officer closely examines an unexploded German bomb. Note the "bomb disposal" badge on his left sleeve. 2012 -
FOB073 'Sapper Sergeant' - A standing R.E. sergeant, hands clasped behind his back, observes his officer at work. 2012 -
FOB074 'Sappers at work' - As one of the Engineers listens on his head set to any "ticking" of the bomb timing mechanism the other, in shirt sleeves, goes forward to clear some more debris away from the bomb site. 2012 -
FOB075 'Blitz Police Constable' - Holding a sign in one hand warning the public this constable prevents curious onlookers from getting too near the bomb-site. 2012 -
FOB076 'Tommy on Guard' - This "Tom" (Standard British infantryman) on guard duty... outside a barracks or next to a downed Messerschmitt. 2012 -
FOB077 “Standing Home Guard Major” - Second-in-Command of the Home Guard Battalion the volunteers belong to. 2013 -
FOB078 'Prisoner & Esvort' - A wounded German pilot being assisted by another British soldier. 2012 -
FOB079 'Singapore Surrender' - Three senior British officers, two with flags, advance towards the Japanese lines.
On February 15,1942, Singapore fell. Once regarded as Britain's imperial bastion in the Far East its capture by the Japanese was the largest capitulation of British and Empire Forces in either World War. Britain's own Prime Minister Winston Churchill called it "the worst disaster" and "biggest surrender" in British history. 70 years later few would disagree with either statement. So, why remember it? Or even commemorate the fateful anniversary? Well it's always easy to celebrate victories... but it's just as important to remember defeats and learn from them important lessons. Too often defeats and setbacks can be easily forgotten and overlooked in history but this particular defeat taught the British (and others) many valuable lessons in how to fight and eventually defeat the seemingly invincible Japanese. It also threw up one of the iconic photo images of WW2... The Surrender Party of tall, lean British officers carrying a white flag and the Union Jack making their way to meet their Japanese opponents' commander, General Yamashita at the Ford Motor Factory on the outskirts of the city of Singapore itself. K&C has produced two small unique sets to mark the 70th. Anniversary of that fateful day on February 15, 1942...
2012 -
FOB080 'General Yamashita and Major Sugita' - Japanese commander, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the " Tiger of Malaya," together with his interpreter Major Sugita. 2012 -
FOB081 “Marching Tommy” - When the British Expeditionary Force were evacuated from France in June 1940 many of its men came back with only their rifles and field kit. Here, a regular “Tommy” has arrived back at his regimental depot and is undergoing some basic “square-bashing” i.e. foot and rifle drill. 2013 -
FOB082 “The Captain” - Home Guard Officers came from all walks of life…butchers, bakers…even bank managers…but all eager and willing to defend their country against Adolf and his Nazi hordes! (Inspired by Dad's Army's Captain George Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe)?). 2013 -
FOB083 “The Sergeant” - As we all know the backbone of any military unit are the NCO’s (non commissioned officers) and the Home Guard was no exception. However not all sergeants have to be nasty and ‘orrible….Some can be really quite nice and awfully pleasant. (Inspired by Dad's Army's Sergeant Arthur Wilson (John Le Mesurier)?). 2013 -
FOB084 “The Scrounger” - In any military there are always the soldier who knows all the angles and is very good at cutting corners…and never getting caught out! (Inspired by Dad's Army's Private Joe Walker (James Beck)?). 2013 -
FOB085 “The Mummy’s Boy” - For some the military comes as a great shock to the system…For others it’s a huge adventure…For a few it’s a chance to play with a real gun! (Inspired by Dad's Army's Private Frank Pike (Ian Lavender)?). 2013 -
FOB086 Newspaper Seller#2 2012 - 2013
FOB087 Newspaper Seller#3 2012 - 2013
FOB088 “The Old Soldier” - The Home Guard attracted army veterans from the First World War and the Boer War…Even some how had served with the great Lord Kitchener in the Sudan! (Inspired by Dad's Army's Lance-Corporal Jack Jones (Clive Dunn)?). 2013 -
FOB089 "Oskar Schindler & Itzhak Stern" - During WW2 there were Germans who performed many acts of kindness and bravery protecting, helping and sometimes hiding Jews and others from Nazi persecution…maybe not many – but a precious few. One of the most notable and famous was Oskar Schindler whose story has been well told in Thomas Keneally’s book “Schindler’s List” as well as Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s Ark” movie. Here we see Oskar together with Itzhak Stern, the jewish accountant who helped run his firm and helped compile the famous “list” of men, women and children who were saved from almost certain death. 2014 -
FOB091 “Morris CS8 Truck (BEF)” - When the British Expeditionary Force went to France it took thousands of these 15cwt. trucks with them…only a handful returned home after Dunkirk. This 3rd Infantry Division Morris belongs to a Royal Artillery battery and has the typical “Mickey Mouse” pattern camouflage. R.A. driver included. 2013 -
FOB092 "French Waiter w/Vichy Water" - Dressed in the “classic” black and white French waiter’s costume our waiter carries a metal tray upon which sits a large bottle of Vichy Water and two glasses. 2013 -
FOB093 "French Waiter Pouring Coffee" - Another waiter pouring a cup of coffee…Is it “real” or “ersatz”…you decide. 2013 -
FOB094 Cafe Customers - A German officer relaxes with his sergeant at a typically French caf?. The set includes both soldiers…two separate chairs and the little traditional wrought iron and marble topped table. 2013 -
FOB095 Table & Chairs - An additional set of two chairs and the table. 2013 -
FOB097 “Bomb Disposal Morris CS8” - This CS8 belongs to a Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit-hence the bright red mudguards. A Royal Engineer lance-corporal is behind the wheel. 2013 -
FOB099 "Refugee Mother and Son" - They could be British, German, French, Russian or Polish? Who Knows? 2014 -
FOB103 National Fire Service: Section Leader 2014 -
FOB104 National Fire Service: Fighting the Blaze 2014 -
FOB105 National Fire Service: The Rescue 2014 -
FOB106 National Fire Service: Fireman with Hose 2014 -
FOB107 National Fire Service: Bedford 1939 Fire Engine 2014 -

German Cavalry

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
GC01 Mounted Officer 2002 - 2005
GC02 German Scout 2002 - 2005
GC03 Mounted Rifleman with Helmet Looking Ahead 2002 - 2005
GC04 Mounted Rifleman with Helmet Turning Left 2002 - 2005
GC05 Mounted Rifleman with Sidecap Turning Right 2002 - 2005
GC06 Mounted Rifleman with Sidecap Turning Left 2002 - 2005
GC07 Supply Corporal 2002 - 2005

GS Series (Early Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler)

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
GS03-13 4 Personalities 1990's
GS03-14 Officer and Presenting Arms Set 1990's
GS03-15 Presenting Arms 1990's
GS03-16 Marching Officer and Rifleman Set 1990's
GS03-17 Marching Rifleman 1990's

Italian Forces

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
IF001 Mounted Mussolini - The Italian Dictator in a familiar role as "First Corporal" of the Fascist State. "Il Duce" wears a beautifully tailored gray/green uniform and sits proudly on one of his favourite steeds saluting the troops. 2009 - 2013
IF002 Consul General of the Chaplain's Dept. - The Church played an ambivalent role in Fascist politics... Some of the hierarchy were only too happy to join any movement that would combat the Communist and Socialist opposition. This figure portrays a senior churchman giving the Fascist salute. 2009 - 2012
IF003 Marching Officer 2009 - 2012
IF004 Marching Standard Bearer - The Fascists borrowed many design features for their badges, banners and flags from Imperial Rome... as we can see here. 2009 - 2013
IF005 Marching Rifleman - This soldier is wearing "mixed rig"... typical of Italian Forces in both the war in Ethiopia in 1936 and North Africa. It was quite usual to see the gray/green jacket worn with the lightweight Khaki trousers and gray/green leggings. The Italian sun helmet was also widely worn by all ranks. 2009 - 2013
IF006 At Attention Bugler 2009 - 2013
IF007 At Ease Soldier - This particular pose is very Italian... relaxed but ready! 2009 - 2013
IF008 Officer with Map - A senior officer (a Colonel) in all gray/green uniform, black shirt and ski cap consulting his map. 2009 - 2013
IF009 Semovente M40-75/18 - A neat little, self propelled gun in action somewhere in North Africa between 1940 and 1943. Two-tone desert camouflage and sitting commander, note the captured Bren Gun replacing the Italian Light Machine Gun. 2009 - 2011
IF010 Air Marshal Balbo - One of fascist Italy's most famous military heroes and a close confidante of Il Duce himself... Balbo was a great pilot who was doomed to meet his end flying... 2012 -
IF011 'Il Duce Saluting' - There have been quite a few requests for a standing figure of the Italian Dictator...and here he is! 2012 -
IF013 'The Italian War Monument' - Erected on the border of Libya (then an Italian Colony) and Egypt (on Mussolini's orders) this striking structure was built originally to celebrate Italy's victory over the British. Unfortunately (for the Italians) it proved to be more a monument to Mussolini's folly in getting embroiled in WW2. 2011 -
IF014 The Carro Armato M13/40 Tank - This medium Italian tank was a familiar sight on North Africa's battlefields between 1940 and 1943. It was utilized by the Italian Forces (as in this version) and also by the Australians and on a few occasions even by Rommel's Afrika Korps. It's also part of K&C's "SERIES 250" with 3 different versions being released... Italian, Aussie and Afrika Korps. This Italian version comes with its own vehicle commander. Limited Edition 2011 only
IF015 Officer with Binoculars - This particular officer belongs to the "Trieste Motorised Division" attached to the "10th Bersaglieri Regiment" 2011 - 2014
IF017 (10th. Bersaglieri Regiment) Corporal - This attacking NCO is gesturing to his men to follow him. 2011 - 2014
IF018 (10th. Bersaglieri Regiment) Grenadier 2011 - 2014
IF019 (10th. Bersaglieri Regiment) Firing Rifle 2011 - 2014
IF020 (10th. Bersaglieri Regiment) Machine Gunner - This lying prone machine gunner has been fortunate to be using the German MG34, one of the best weapons in the Axis arsenal. 2011 - 2014
IF021 (10th. Bersaglieri Regiment) Kneeling with Rifle 2011 - 2014
IF022 (10th. Bersaglieri Regiment) Lying Prone with Rifle 2011 - 2014
IF023 'Fiat Mod. 500A "Topolino"' -This great little Italian car was used by Axis forces throughout the war and appeared in every "Theatre of War" where Italian forces operated. This particular little "Desert" Topolino has open top "air conditioning" and comes with a driver. Two other 250's will be released later this year... an "Afrika Korps" one and a "Luftwaffe" version." Limited Edition 2012 -
IF024 'Carabinieri holding Carbine' - The role of "Military Police" in the Italian Army then and now is the responsibility of this legendary paramilitary police force. Even today they are a familiar sight on Italy's streets. This wartime Carabinieri wears the Napoleonic bicorne with a grey cover and regular Italian grey uniform. Most men, in addition to their carbines, carried a pistol as a side arm. 2012 -
IF025 Carabinieri checking Papers 2012 -
IF026 Carabinieri standing at Attention 2012 -
IF028 "Carabinieri Motorcycle Set" - This Italian military policeman provides the mobile element to the previously released Carabinieri figures. 2013 -
IF030 "Italian Officer of Askaris" - Italy raised many regiments and battalions of Native Troops to serve in Ethiopia, Somalia and Libya… both before and during the early part of the Second World War… All of them led by Italian officers. This officer is a typical example. 2013 -
IF031 “Flagbearer Sergeant” - This bearded Eritrean NCO with the 8th Battalion standard carries both rifle and pistol. 2013 -
IF032 “Charging #1” 2013 -
IF033 “Charging #2” 2013 -
IF034 “Crouching” 2013 -
IF035 “Kneeling Firing” 2013 -
IF036 “Sitting Firing” 2013 -
IF037 “Lying Prone” 2013 -
IF038 “Scouting For The Enemy” - One of the more unusual ways to get a better view of the opposition… This NCO climbs onto the shoulders of one of his men to seek out the enemy. 2013 -
IF039 “Avanti!” - This corporal urges his men “Forward!” 2013 -
IF040 “Standing Firing Rifle” 2013 -

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