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King and CountryKing & Country World War I Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

First World War

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
FW001 The Kaiser - Kaiser Wilhelm ll 'Kaiser Bill' to the British Tommies… dressed immaculately in his Feldmarshall's uniform surveying his troops. 2007 -
FW002 Kaiser's Aide de Camp - The Monarch's ADC in a typical relaxed pose. 2007 - 2010
FW003 The Crown Prince - 'Little Willie' the Kaiser's eldest son... a military incompetent who was given, thanks to his father, a field command. He is dressed as an honorary colonel of a Lifeguard Cavalry Regiment. 2007 - 2010
FW004 Hindenburg - The fabled and imposing Paul von Hindenburg... one of Germany's greatest generals and future Chancellor of Germany before Hitler. 2007 - 2013
FW005 Mounted German Officer - A mounted Major of the 13th Bavarian Rifles. 2007 - 2009
FW006 Marching German Officer - With his sword drawn this Officer of the 13th Bavarian Rifles strides purposely forward. 2007 - 2009
FW007 German Officer with Flag - Officer of the 13th Bavarian Rifles carrying the German Battle Flag over his shoulder. 2007 -
FW008 Bugler - This Drummer / Bugler marches at the head of the column keeping up the men's spirits. 2007 - 2011
FW009 Marching German Rifleman - Marching to the front confident in his cause... his Officers... his country. 2007 -
FW010 Standing German Rifleman - About to be inspected or on guard duty. 2007 -
FW011 Standing German Officer - Officer of the 13th Bavarian Rifles awaiting orders. 2007 -
FW012 Corporal Hitler - Although Austrian by birth Adolf Hitler eagerly joined the Bavarian Army on the outbreak of War. Personally brave he was awarded the Iron Cross. 2007 -
FW013 Kaiser's Staff Car - A handsome open-topped automobile, complete with military driver and military police bodyguard. 2007 - 2009
FW014 Standing Firing Rifleman - This German Infantry man is Standing Firing trying to hold his ground in th trenches of 1914. 2007 -
FW015 Kneeling Firing German Rifleman - This Kneeling Firing German Rifleman is giving some well needed low level cover fire for his comrades. 2007 -
FW016 Charging with Rifle & Bayonet - This German infantry man has been sent over the top into no-man's land to try and scrabble some land between himself and the allies. Bayonet drawn he is not looking to take prisoners. 2007 -
FW017 Running with Rifle & Bugle - This German infantryman is running with his Rifle whilst trying to keep some order in the rain and smoke of battle by blowing his bugle. 2007 - 2011
FW018 German Officer with Pistol - Leading from the front this German Officer heads across no-man's land heading towards the allies in the hope to lead his men to victory and capture another few meters of land. 2007 -
FW019 German Machine Gun Set - A lying prone machine gunner ''mans'' his Maxim gun. A Kneeling gun commander with binoculars directs his fire to ensure that his charging comrades make it to the other side. 2007 -
FW020 Shot German - This poor fellow will be one of the thousands to fall in no-man's land, paying the ultimate price. 2007 - 2010
FW021 Dead German - This poor chap will hopefully get picked up in the evening as the red cross troops clear no-man's land. 2007 - 2009
FW022 Standing Loading German Rifleman - Loading his Rifle as quickly as he can to keep the wall of bullet going towards the allied lines. 2007 -
FW023 Kneeling Loading Rifleman - Like his Standing comrade this German Rifleman loads his gun as quickly as he can. 2007 -
FW024 Field Marshal Sir John French - The original commander of the BEF 2007 - 2010
FW025 KOSB Officer with Map - An Officer from the King's Own Scottish Borderers attached to the General Staff. 2007 - 2010
FW027 KOSB Standing Firing Rifle 2007 - 2010
FW028 KOSB Sergeant Standing Ready 2007 - 2010
FW029 KOSB Lying Loading Rifle 2007 - 2010
FW030 KOSB Lying Firing Rifle 2007 - 2010
FW031 Battlefield First Aid - Kneeling Medical Orderly administers first aid to a wounded 'KOSBie'. 2007 - 2010
FW032 KOSB Officer Pointing 2007 - 2010
FW033 Vickers Machine Gun Set - A seated gunner is assisted by his loader. At the beginning of the Great War each infantry battalion was assigned eight Vickers Machine Guns. . 2007 - 2010
FW034 German Armoured Car Set - This early war Bussing-Eberhardt armoured car, armoured plated with a Maxim 08 machine gun in a rotating turret complete with a Standing vehicle commander. 2008 - 2010
FW035 Charging Uhlan Officer 2008 - 2010
FW036 Uhlan Bugler 2008 - 2010
FW037 Uhlan Pointing Downward 2008 - 2010
FW038 Uhlan Attacking Downward 2008 - 2010
FW039 Uhlan Pointing Upwards 2009 -
FW040 Advancing Officer - A young British Officer, pistol in one hand... walking stick in the other leads his men forward. 2009 - 2013
FW041 Kneeling Firing 2009 - 2013
FW042 Standing Firing 2009 - 2013
FW043 Kneeling Ready 2009 - 2011
FW044 "Attack!" - A sergeant, Rifle and bayonet in hand, charges forward with two other Riflemen in support. 2009 - 2012
FW045 Dead Casualty - Here's one unfortunate lad who won't be going home to Blighty! 2009 - 2011
FW046 Wounded - Carrying his wounded mate over his shoulder this Tommy might just win a medal... if he survives the deadly German machine guns. 2009 - 2011
FW047 Grenadier - This corporal used to bowl for his village cricket team... here he's bowling a "Mills Bomb" at the Huns! 2009 - 2011
FW048 Lewis Gunner - Lying prove behind some sand bags this Lance Corporal provides covering fire for the advancing troops. 2009 - 2013
FW049 British Mark IV Heavy Tank - A superb model of the most produced tank of the Great War. Armed with both cannon and machine guns this metal monster terrified the enemy and provided much needed close fire support for the "PBI"... the "Poor Bloody Infantry". This K&C model is in the markings of "Cavalier" one of "C" Squadrons vehicles of the newly formed Royal Tank Regiment. 2009 - 2011
FW050 "Officer with Pistol & Field Telephone" - Mauser Pistol in hand this Officer is frantically calling for reinforcements! 2009 - 2012
FW051 "Grenadier Set" - Two man-set complete with plenty of "potato-mashers". 2009 - 2011
FW052 "Machine Gun Set" - As the gunner aims his Maxim '08 Machine Gun his "number-two" brings up extra ammo. 2009 - 2012
FW053 "Kneeling Firing Rifleman" 2009 - 2012
FW054 "Standing Firing Rifleman" 2009 - 2012
FW055 "Standing with Rifle & Bayonet" 2009 - 2012
FW056 "Sniper" 2009 - 2012
FW057 "77mm Artillery Set (1917)" - Three "coal-scuttle" German artillerymen prepare to fire their field gun at the advancing enemy. Note the splinter camouflage paint scheme. 2009 - 2012
FW058 "77mm Artillery Set (1914)" - An alternative 1914 version of the 77 field gun with an early-war 3-man crew to match. 2009 - 2013
FW059 "Artillery Officer with Binos (1914)" - A great add-on figure to command the early-war field gun set. 2009 - 2013
FW060 General Papa Joffre - Joffre was a 'steady hand at the tiller' of the French Army in the early days of WW I. The ample figure of "Papa" Joffre inspired confidence in the public, his men and his fellow Officers. Cool, calm and collected, Joffre was a "steady hand at the tiller" of the French Army in those early days. He is best known for regrouping the retreating Allied Armies and defeating the Germans at the First Battle of the Marne in 1914. 2010 - 2013
FW061 General Foch - Foch, was recognized by many, as the "most original mind in the French Army". Initially serving as a subordinate to Joffre he later became Supreme Commander of all Allied Armies in 1918. 2010 - 2011
FW062 Mounted French Officer - Proud and confident this mounted figure leads his troops forward. 2010 - 2013
FW063 Marching French Officer - A bearded Lieutenant, sword in hand advances. 2010 - 2013
FW064 Marching Poilus - Three differently posed Poilus journey to the front. 2010 - 2013
FW065 Marching Poilus (Single Figure) - A single "add-on" Poilus that can be collected in multiples to make a grand parade. 2010 - 2013
FW066 French Scout - A handsome little piece based on a Detaille illustration of a classic French Poilu. 2010 - 2013
FW067 Poilu Attending to a General's Horse - A pensive soldier holds the reins of his General's horse. 2010 - 2013
FW068 French Drum Major - Music plays an important part in virtually every army... including the French. This Drum Major instructs his musicians. 2010 - 2013
FW069 French Drummer 2010 - 2013
FW070 French Bugler 2010 - 2013
FW071 Auf Wiedersen - This German 'Soldat' tries to comfort his weeping fiance as his Regiment departs. 2010 - 2012
FW072 Au Revoir - A different country... a different parting... As his wife holds his Rifle this 'Poilu' cradles his small baby. Will he ever see them again? 2010 - 2012
FW073 Goodbyeee - A Scottish soldier embraces his sweetheart as he goes off to war. 2010 - 2012
FW074 "Officer w/ Pistol and Sword" - This dashing young French infantry officer valiantly leads his men forward. 2012 - 2014
FW075 "Kneeling firing Rifleman" 2012 - 2014
FW076 "Poilu Charging" 2012 - 2014
FW077 "With Rifle & Bayonet" 2012 - 2014
FW078 "Standing Firing Rifleman" 2012 - 2014
FW079 "Machine Gun Set" - This two-man set provides extra fire support to the attacking infantry. 2012 - 2014
FW084 French Flagbearer 2012 - 2014
FW092 Kaiser Bill's Staffwagen - "Kaiser Wilhelm II, Germany's Imperial Warlord, was obsessed by war and conquest, he always liked to be as close to the action as his generals would allow. In order to do so, comfortably, he had several special staff vehicles built to carry him closer to the battle. This particular Mercedes contained his camp bed, toilet facilities, a wash basin and his personal maps. Attached to it was a canopy and stairs to allow easy access. It even had a small heater/ stove to provide his favorite coffee! This K&C model includes the driver." 2011 -
FW093 Kaiser Bill - A brand-new Kaiser Wilhelm figure complete with a large coat / cape to ward off the winter chill. 2011 -
FW094 Field Marshal August Von Mackensen - One of the Kaiser's most trusted advisers, Von Mackensen wears the dress field uniform of the famous "Death's Head Hussars", one of Imperial Germany's most famous cavalry regiments. 2011 -
FW095 "Field Marshal Karl Von Bulow" - Another noted field commander. By contrast to Von Makensen, he is wearing the more modern (and simpler) field uniform and cap. 2011 -
FW096 The Kaiser's Valet - From the all-highest down to one of the Kaiser's more humble subjects... his personal servant... his valet. 2011 -
FW096(S) "Albatros DV (Von Richtofen)" - Although Manfred Von Richtofen is usually pictured in his famous all red-Fokker Tri-plane he originally achieved fame flying an all-red Albatros... and that's how he and his aircraft are pictured here. 2011 - 2012
FW099(S) "Albatros DV (Goering)" - This particular Albatros was flown by the future Luftwaffe Chief before he took over command of the "Flying Circus" after the death of the Red Baron. 2011 - 2012
FW100 Field Telephone 2011 -
FW101 Shouting Mechanic 2011 -
FW102 Standing Mechanic 2011 -
FW103 Oswald Boelcke - One of the leading German aces and an influential tactician of the early years of air combat. Boelcke is considered the father of the German fighter air force with 40 victories... He was killed in 1916. Here, he celebrates his latest "kill" with a battle of champagne. 2012 -
FW105(S) "Albatros DV (Voss)" - German flying ace Werner Voss flew one of the most colourful and brightly marked Albatros of any of the leading pilots. The swastika on the fuselage was originally intended as a good luck symbol... 2011 - 2012
FW106 "Lt. Werner Voss" - In addition to the "pilot 'n' plane package" all three German Air Aces are also available as single figures... 2011 - 2013
FW107 "Manfred Von Richtofen" - In addition to the "pilot 'n' plane package" all three German Air Aces are also available as single figures... 2011 - 2013
FW108 "Hermann Goering" - In addition to the "pilot 'n' plane package" all three German Air Aces are also available as single figures... 2011 - 2013
FW109 "Marching Rifleman w/Cap" - Both FW109 and FW110 have their rifles slung and will add to any columns created with the other marching releases. 2012 -
FW110 "Marching Rifleman w/ Pickelhaub" 2012 -
FW111 "Fokker DVII of Leut August Reben Jasta 18" 2012 -
FW112 "Fokker DVII of Leut Josef Jacobs, Jasta 7" 2012 -
FW113 "o/ Leut Harald Auffarth, Jasta 29" 2012 - 2014
FW114 Albatros DV (Paul Baumer) - A new model includes a seated pilot figure and cast from a brand new mold. Baumer flew this aircraft with Jagdstaffel 5 in June 1917 and he was awarded the 'Blue Max' Please Note: ONLY 150 models produced 2012 -
FW115 Albatros DV (Ernst Udet) - Ernst Udet flew this Albatros while flying with Jasta 37 in the autumn of 1917 Includes a seated pilot. Please Note: ONLY 150 Produced 2012 -
FW126 Mounted Kaiser Wilhelm II 2014 -
FW127 Mounted Generaloberst Helmuth von Moltke 2014 -
FW128 Mounted Infantry Officer with Binoculars 2013 -
FW129 Baden 114th Infantry Regiment: Standing Firing 2013 -
FW130 Baden 114th Infantry Regiment: Kneeling Firing 2013 -
FW132 Baden 114th Infantry Regiment: Lying Firing 2013 -
FW133 Baden 114th Infantry Regiment: Kneeling Ready 2013 -
FW134 Baden 114th Infantry Regiment: Bugler 2013 -
FW138 Baden 114th Infantry Regiment: Machine Gunner 2013 -
FW131 Baden 114th Inf Regt: Running with Rifle 2014 -
FW135 Baden 114th Inf Regt: Advancing with Rifle 2014 -
FW136 Baden 114th Inf Regt: Charging with Rifle 2014 -
FW137 Baden 114th Inf Regt: Present Arms 2014 -
FW139 "Officer w/Pistol" 2014 -
FW140 "Loading his Lee Enfield" - Slamming the bolt shut and chambering another .303 round! 2014 -
FW141 "Standing Firing" 2014 -
FW142 "Kneeling Firing" 2014 -
FW143 "Lying Prone" 2014 -
FW144 "Vickers Machine Gunner"  - Initially just 4 machine guns were issued to each infantry battalion going to France in 1914. 2014 -
FW145 "Pack Up Your Troubles" - This "Tommy", rifle over the shoulder, moves up to the front line. 2014 -
FW145(M) "Marching" - Another version of the previous "Tommy" complete with moustache. 2014 -
FW157 "British Mk.IV Tank" - A second version of the popular Mk.IV from a few years back. 2014 -
FW146 "The Renault FT-17 Tank" - A superb little model of a superb little French tank with a terrific camouflage pattern. 2014 -
FW147 "Charging Officer" - This young French infantry officer is now wearing the universal “horizon bleu” uniform and on his head the new “Adrian” steel helmet. Revolver in hand he leads his men into the jaws of death. 2014 -
FW148 "Charging with Bayonet" 2014 -
FW149 "Ready to Repel" - “Poilu” is French slang for “The Hairy One” and this bearded soldier exemplifies the look of a veteran in the trenches! 2014 -
FW150 "Kneeling Firing" 2014 -
FW151 "The Grenerader" - “Lebel” rifle held firmly in one hand this soldier prepares to throw his grenade. 2014 -
FW152 "Running Forward" 2014 -
FW153 "Standing Firing" 2014 -
FW154 "Crouching Wounded" 2014 -
FW155 "Let's Go!" - This action pose was suggested by a very famous French Poster of WW1. 2014 -
FW156 "The Rescue" - In the midst of battle one “Poilu” stops to carry his wounded “copain” (mate) to safety... 2014 -
FW161 British: Standing Stretcher Bearer 2014 -
FW162 British Tommy: 'The Last goodbye' - A Tommy stands wearily at rest after a battle 2014 -
FW164 'Have a Drink' 2014 -
FW165 Walking Wounded 2014 -
FW168 Bantam and Prisoner - Here one of the smaller soldiers 'Bantams' although wounded escorts a captured German to the rear 2014 -
FW169 Sitting Wounded Tommy 2014 -
FW170 Sitting Wounded Fritz 2014 -
FW171 “Crouching Wounded” - A kneeling British corporal, his arm wound already “dressed” waits for transport out of the line. 2014 -
FW172 “A Nice Cup of Tea, Mate!” - Another British casualty lies on his stretcher for transport back to a base hospital...In the meantime a Medical Orderly offers him a drink of tea. 2014 -
FW174 “The Royal Hospital Visit” - The bearded King George V, in the uniform of a Field Marshal, pays a visit to one of the Military Hospital in Flanders. He is greeted by one of the Ward Sisters. 2014 -
FW179 “Lieut. General Sir William Birdwood” - Birdwood commanded the 1st. Anzac Corps made up of both Australian and New Zealand troops in France during this time. A highly experienced professional soldier he was well-liked by his Aussie and Kiwi soldiers, both officers and rank & file. After being presented with an Australian slouch hat he continued to wear it through the war as a mark of respect and affection for his men. 2014 -
FW180-NSW “Australian at Attention (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW180-Q “Australian at Attention (Queensland) 2014 -
FW180-V “Australian at Attention” (Victoria) 2014 -
FW181-NSW “Australian Marching" (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW181-Q “Australian Marching" (Queensland) 2014 -
FW181-V “Australian Marching" (Victoria) 2014 -
FW182 “New Zealander Stand-at-Ease” - Lee Enfield rifle by his side and wearing the famous “Kiwi” lemon-squeezer shaped hat this soldier is immediately recognizable as a proud New Zealander. 2014 -
FW183 “New Zealander Presenting Arms” - Not all Kiwis wore the “lemon-squeezer” hat...Some units were issued with the Aussie-style “slouch-hat”. However their coloured striped hat head bands (“puggrees”) easily identified them as “Kiwis”. 2014 -
FW184-NSW “Hitching A Ride” (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW184-Q “Hitching A Ride” (Queensland) 2014 -
FW184-V “Hitching A Ride” (Victoria) 2014 -
FW189-NSW Australian: Advancing Officer (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW189-Q Australian: Advancing Officer (Queensland) 2014 -
FW189-V Australian: Advancing Officer (Victoria) 2014 -
FW190-NSW Australian: Kneeling Firing (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW190-Q Australian: Kneeling Firing (Queensland) 2014 -
FW190-V Australian: Kneeling Firing (Victoria) 2014 -
FW191-NSW Australian: Standing Firing (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW191-Q Australian: Standing Firing (Queensland) 2014 -
FW191-V Australian: Standing Firing (Victoria) 2014 -
FW192-NSW Australian: Kneeling Ready (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW192-Q Australian: Kneeling Ready (Queensland) 2014 -
FW192-V Australian: Kneeling Ready (Victoria) 2014 -
FW193A-NSW Australian: Charging (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW193A-Q Australian: Charging (Queensland) 2014 -
FW193A-V Australian: Charging (Victoria) 2014 -
FW193B-NSW Australian: Advancing (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW193B-Q Australian: Advancing (Queensland) 2014 -
FW193B-V Australian: Advancing (Victoria) 2014 -
FW193C-NSW Australian: Moving Forward (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW193C-Q Australian: Moving Forward (Queensland) 2014 -
FW193C-V Australian: Moving Forward (Victoria) 2014 -
FW194-NSW Australian: Dead Casualty (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW194-Q Australian: Dead Casualty (Queensland) 2014 -
FW194-V Australian: Dead Casualty (Victoria) 2014 -
FW195-NSW Australian: Wounded (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW195-Q Australian: Wounded (Queensland) 2014 -
FW195-V Australian: Wounded (Victoria)  
FW196-NSW Australian: Grenadier (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW196-Q Australian: Grenadier (Queensland) 2014 -
FW196-V Australian: Grenadier (Victoria) 2014 -
FW197-NSW Australian: Lewis Gunner (New South Wales) 2014 -
FW197-Q Australian: Lewis Gunner (Queensland) 2014 -
FW197-V Australian: Lewis Gunner (Victoria) 2014 -

Australian Light Horse

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
AL001 Officer with Pistol - Webley revolver in hand the Light Horse major leads his men towards the Turkish trenches. 2009 - 2013
AL002 Bugler 2009 - 2013
AL003 Charging with Rifle - Lee Enfield in one hand, reins in the other, this Aussie is in the forefront of probably the world's last great cavalry charge. 2009 - 2013
AL004 Charging with Bayonet to the Front - A classic image of the Lighthorseman... bayonet pointing towards the enemy 2009 - 2013
AL005 Charging with Bayonet to the Rear 2009 - 2012
AL006 Dismounted Horseman - With his dead mount at his feet this Lighthorseman still has plenty of Aussie spirit 2009 - 2012
AL007A Flag Bearer with Red Ensign - This earlier Australian National flag had a red background instead of the present-day blue. 2009 -
AL007B Flag Bearer with Squadron Guidon 2009 - 2013
AL008 Turkish Soldier Standing Firing 2010 - 2014
AL009 Turkish Soldier Kneeling Firing 2010 - 2014
AL010 Turkish Soldier Kneeling Loading 2010 - 2014
AL011 Turkish Soldier Standing Ready 2010 - 2014
AL012 Turkish Machine Gunner 2010 - 2013
AL013 Turkish Soldier Standing Ready 2 2010 - 2013
AL014 Leaping Lighthorseman 2010 - 2013
AL015 "Turkish 77mm Artillery Set" 2010 - 2013
AL016 "Firing Rifle Lighthorseman" 2010 - 2013
AL017 "The Rescue" 2010 - 2013
AL018 "Kneeling Firing Rifle" 2010 -
AL019 "Turkish Officer with Flag" 2010 - 2013
AL020 "Fighting Duo" 2010 - 2013
AL021 Standing Lighthorseman 2011 - 2013
AL022 Turkish Casualty - As he runs towards the Australian horsemen this unfortunate 'Johnny Turk' takes a bullet in the neck. 2011 - 2013
AL023 "Surrender and Die" - A wounded Turk is given a dramatic option by a dismounted Light Horseman. 2011 -
AL024 "Collapsing Horseman" - Here a fallen Lighthorseman is almost trampled to death by his wounded charger. 2011 - 2014
AL025 General Kemal Attaturk 2011 -
AL026 "Aussie Flagbearer" - carrying the modern Australian national flag 2011 -
AL027 "Australian Staff Officer" - Major Jack Haldane, a staff officer belonging to Gen. Chauvel's Light Horse H.Q. observe the Turkish defences at Beersheba. 2010 -
AL028 "General Sir Edmund Allenby" - Commander-in-Chief of all British and Empire Forces in the Middle East. Allenby was a first-class soldier and leader and popular with the Australians who were normally "dismissive" of British "top brass". Here, he is mounted on his favourite charger " Ajax" and wearing the typical British pith helmet. Allenby was also much admired by T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). 2011 - 2013
AL029 "Sir Harry Chauvel" - Chauvel was the first Australian to become a Lieutenant General and command an entire Army Corps. At Beersheba his Light Horse captured the town and confirmed his military reputation for boldness and daring. Quiet and reserved he continued to serve Australia until his death in 1945. 2011 -
AL030 "Heliograph Set" - In a war where the wireless and telephone were still in their infancy the ancient method of signaling by reflected sunlight was still valued. Here two Light Horse signalers are at work... reading the signals coming in and preparing to reply. 2011 - 2013
AL032 "Machine Gun Set" - Two Lighthorse troopers man a Vickers Heavy Machine Gun in support of their charging comrades. 2012 -
AL033 "Up and Over!" - This jumping Lighthorseman has leapt his mount over part of a Turkish sandbag defenseworks. 2012 -
AL034 "Turkish Soldier Thrusting Bayonet" - This "Johnny Turk" is doing his best to fend off the mounted Australian. 2012 -
AL035 "Turkish Soldier Running" - Crouched over this Turkish soldier tries to avoid the hoofs of the leaping horse. 2012 -
AL036 “Australian Officer” - Turning in the saddle this officer looks back towards his men. 2012 -
AL036B “Australian Officer” - As per AL036 but with "regulation" army-issued camel blanket. 2012 - 2014
AL037 “Aye Ready” - Lee Enfield rifle resting on his thigh this trooper scans the distant desert horizon. 2012 -
AL037B “Aye Ready” - As per AL037 but with "regulation" army-issued camel blanket. 2012 - 2014
AL038 "Shirt-Sleeve Order” - “Any fool can be uncomfortable in the field”… This trooper has put away his heavy wool service jacket and looks much more comfortable with open necked shirt and rolled-up sleeves. His Lee Enfield remains “at the ready” resting across his lap. 2012 -
AL038B "Shirt-Sleeve Order” - As per AL038 but with "regulation" army-issued camel blanket. 2012 - 2014
AL039 "The Charger" - We’ve had many requests to produce another “bayonets forward” trooper on a galloping horse and here he is. 2012 -
AL040 “Goodbye Old Girl” - Inspired by an original WWI painting by Fortunino Matania… this forlorn trooper kneels by his fallen horse comforting the dying beast. 2012 -
AL041 "Officer with Pistol” 2012 -
AL042 "Standing Firing” - A dismounted trooper takes careful aim. 2012 -
AL043 "Standing Loading" - This “en pied” figure is cocking his rifle and putting another round up-the-spout. 2012 -
AL044 “Lying Firing” 2013 -
AL045 "Standing Horse #1" 2013 -
AL046 “Standing Horse #2” 2013 -
AL047 “Galloping Horse #1” - An “empty” horse charging alongside its mounted brethren…. 2013 -
AL048 “Galloping Horse #2” - Another “empty” horsescharging alongside its mounted brethren…. 2013 -
AL049 “Kneeling Turkish Radioman” - This brave kneeling Turk, pistol in one hand, frantically tries to use the field telephone to tell his superiors that the Australians have already broken through the first line of defences. 2013 -
AL050 "Charging Turk w/Rifle” 2013 -
AL051 "The Swordsman” - Legend has it that at least one Light Horse officer carried a sabre into the battle… 2013 -
AL052 “Hang On Mate!” - A dismounted wounded trooper has been rescued by one of his mates…. Here he hangs on for dear life under Turkish shot and shell. 2013 -
AL053 “The Shooter” - Reins in one hand, Lee Enfield extended in the other this charging trooper is about to reach the Turkish front line trenches. 2013 -
AL054 "Turkish Commander" - A standing, caped figure inspired by the Turkish officer in the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” played by Jose Ferrer. 2013 -
AL055 "German Officer w/Pistol" - A dynamic fighting German Officer on seconded duty with the Turkish Army. He wears German WW1 “Tropical” uniform complete with neck cloth to ward off the blistering sun. 2013 -
AL056 "Turkish Staff Car" - Here is the K&C WW1 German Staff Car as it might have appeared in the Middle East during the First World War complete with new Turkish driver! 2013 -
AL057 Galloping Stretcher Bearer - Charging into the action is this mounted Stretcher Bearer medic. 2013 -
AL058 Camel Field Ambulance - This crouching camel has two specially designed 'littes' perched on either side of it. Each 'litter' contains one wounded Light Horseman. 2013 -
AL059 Standing Medic 2013 -
AL060 Mounted Sgt Firing Revolver - This Light Horse NCO is using his Webley. 455 service revolver to deadly effect. 2013 -
AL061 Kneeling Medic - Offering some water to the camel borne wounded (Ideal with AL58) 2013 -
AL062 "Trooper with Rifle Up" - A Light Horseman of the 3rd wave on a trotting horse with his Lee Enfield resting on his thigh. *SPECIAL NOTE: In AL062, AL063 and AL064 the figures are separate from their individual horse. This allows collectors to “mix ‘n’ match” and provides the possibility of nine variations of both horse and rider. 2014 -
AL063 "Trooper with Rifle to the right" - Another trooper on a walking horse with his .303 slung across his shoulders and pointed to the right. 2014 -
AL064 "Trooper with Rifle to the left" - This third mounted trooper carries his rifle across his back pointed left. 2014 -
AL065 "Corporal w/Guidon" - This NCO carries the guidon of “A” squadron of the 4th Light Horse Regiment. 2014 -
AL066 "Fighting w/Bayonet" - A bayonet wielding trooper in full fighting mode. 2014 -
AL067 "Wounded Johnny Turk" - A Turkish infantryman staggers back…Has he been shot or cut down by the trooper? 2014 -
AL068 "Lying Prone Turkish Machine Gunner" - Complete with Maxim ’08 Machine Gun. 2014 -
AL069 "Lying Prone NCO w/Binos" 2014 -
AL070 "Lying Prone Turkish Rifleman" 2014 -

Lawrence of Arabia

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
LOA001 "Lieut. T.E. Lawrence" - This is Lawrence as he first appears in the desert on his way to meet Prince Feisal... still dressed in his tropical British Army uniform and wearing Arab headress. 2012 -
LOA002 "Sherif Ali ibn el Karish" - Omar Sharif made an impressive entrance in the movie dressed all in black and riding towards Lawrence at the well. The movie "Ali" was actually a compilation of several different Arab leaders. 2012 -
LOA003 "Sheik Auda Abu Tayi" - During the Arab revolt against the Turks in 1916-1918 one of Lawrence’s staunchest Arab allies was the Bedouin Leader, Auda Abu Tayi. Portrayed on film in the 1962 epic by Anthony Quinn this dramatic figure sits astride his captured Arab stallion with his revolver held aloft. 2013 -
LOA004 "Arab Flagbearer" - Accompanying Auda is his personal flagbearer carrying the traditional Islamic green flag emblazoned with a verse from the Koran, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah!” 2013 -
LOA005 "Arab Standing Firing" - This Bedouin has acquired a German Mauser rifle from somewhere (or someone) and is putting it to good use. 2013 -
LOA006 "Sitting Arab Firing" - A favourite weapon of the Bedouin was the British .303 Lee Enfield. 2013 -
LOA007 "Lying Prone Arab" Another Lee Enfield user… 2013 -
LOA008 "Arab Machine Gunner" - Sitting behind his British – supplied .303 Vickers Heavy Machine Gun. 2013 -
LOA009 "Major Garland" - Contrary to both movie and myth the Arab armies were supplied with more British Military Advisors than just T.E. Lawrence. Garland, for practical reasons, has adopted traditional Bedouin head dress. 2013 -
LOA010 "Arab Loading Rifle" - This fierce some looking warrior is chambering another round into his rifle. 2013 -
LOA011 "Prince Feisal" - Played in the movie by Sir Alec Guinness the noble Prince is mounted on one of his favourite Arabian steeds and brandishes his scimitar. 2014 -
LOA012 "Feisal's Mounted Bodyguard" - Prince Feisal was protected by a hand-picked group of Nubian warriors. 2014 -
LOA013 "Standing Feisal Bodyguard" - Typically all of the Prince’s bodyguards wore special scarlett red cloaks to identify them among the bedouin of the Arab Army. 2014 -

Middle East (1914-18)

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
ME001 "Officer w/Pistol & Whistle" - Leading his men forward this young British officer is armed with his .455 Webley service revolver…and a whistle! 2013 -
ME002 “Kneeling Firing Rifle” 2013 -
ME003 "Standing Firing Rifle” 2013 -
ME004 “Charging” 2013 -
ME005 “Attacking” 2013 -
ME006 "Lying Prone Lewis Gunner” - Providing much needed fire-support is this Lewis Gunner. Special Uniform Details: All of these new infantry figures belong to the 8th.Btn Lancashire Fusiliers who fought in Egypt, Gallipoli and Palestine during the war. They are all wearing the tropical solar “topi” sun helment with the regimental flash on the left side.The men are wearing a mix of heavy wool tunics (more suitable for the Western Front) and KD (khaki drill) shorts with long sox and puttees. The officer wears a complete set of KD (tunic and trousers) in contrast to his men. 2013 -

Royal Air Force

Model Number Description
RAFA01 Sopwith Pup Fighter Royal Flying Corps
RAFA02 Vickers Gunbus 1 24 scale
RAFA03 SE5A Royal Flying Corps
RAFA03A SE5A Royal Flying Corps another slightly different paint scheme
RAFA04 Bristol Bulldog
RAFA05 Assault Group (Gloss) De Haviland Tiger Moth
RAFA05A Assault Group (Gloss) De Haviland Tiger Moth
ERS Eddie Rickenbachers Spad
FDV Fokker DV II
SC Assault Group (Gloss) Sopwith Camel
WB01AA Fokker DR1 Tri Plane - I am using an A after the WB01 for reference only not to confuse with the WB01 in polystone

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