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King and CountryKing & Country - Romans & Barbarians Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

The Romans

An exciting and dramatic series that combines the power and the glory of Imperial Rome with the colour and spectacle of a Hollywood epic. Expert sculpting, casting and painting make these new Roman figures the most exciting and extensive range on the market today. The King & Country's Romans represent the men of the famed 20th Legion (XX) during the reign of Julius Caesar. Features include stainless steel swords and spear points... finely detailed shield patterns and lead-free pewter castings. All of this adds up to a collection of classic toy soldiers second-to-none. Hail Caesar!

Safety notice: Roman Legion Models feature high quality stainless steel swords and spears which are sharp, and could be dangerous if not handled carefully.

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
RO01 Julius Caeser on foot 2000 - 2004
RO02 Centurion (standing) 2000 - 2004
RO03 Fighting Aquilifer with Eagle Standard (standing) 2000 - 2004
RO04 Fighting Signifer with Legion Banner (standing) 2000 - 2004
RO05 Cornicen with Horn (standing) 2000 - 2004
RO06 Legionnaire Standing with Spear 2000 - 2004
RO07 Fighting Aquilifer with Eagle Standard (marching) 2000 - 2004
RO08 Legionnaire Marching with Spear 2000 - 2004
RO09 Legionnaire Marching with Sword 2000 - 2004
RO10 Legionnaire Throwing Spear (straight) 2000 - 2004
RO11 Legionary throwing spear (down) 2000 - 2004
RO12 Legionnaire Attacking with Sword 2000 - 2004
RO13 Roman Arch 2000 - 2004
RO14 Catapult and Crew 2000 - 2004
RO15 Mounted Centurion. 2003 - 2007
RO16 Standing Centurion (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO17 Fighting Centurion (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO18 Legion Signifer with Mascot (Red). 2003 - 2008
RO19 Fighting Aquilifer with Eagle Standard (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO20 Fighting Signifer with Legion Banner (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO21 Curnicen with Horn (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO22 Legionnaire Marching with Spear (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO23 Legionnaire Standing with Spear (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO24 Legionnaire Throwing Spear (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO25 Legionnaire Attacking with Spear (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO26 Roman Casualty (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO27 Legionnaire Walking with Spear (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO28 Legionnaire Kneeling with Spear (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO29 Legionnaire Kneeling with Sword (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO30 Legionnaire Defending with Sword (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO31 Legionnaire Defending with Shield (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO32 Legionnaire Attacking with Shield (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO33 Legionnaire Stabbing with Sword (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO34 Legionnaire Advancing with Sword (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO35 Roman Archer Ready to Fire (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO36 Roman Archer Firing Bow (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO37 Roman Archer Reaching for Arrow (Red) 2003 - 2007
RO38 Roman Archer Kneeling (Red) 2003 - 2008
RO39 Mounted Julius Caesar 2003 - 2008
RO40 Complete Roman Fort - made from one of each: 40A, 40D, 40E, 40F, 4 of 40B and 2 of 40C 2003 - 2008
RO40A Main Gate Tower 2003 - 2004
RO40B Corner Section 2003 - 2004
RO40C Wall Section 2003 - 2004
RO40D Barrack Block 2003 - 2004
RO40E Stairs Section 2003 - 2004
RO40F Small Gate Section 2003 - 2004
RO41 Roman Gateway - This polystone structure is hand-painted and has a 'walkway' along the top, the wooden gate opens and shuts. Size Length 13.5" (34cm) Hight 9.5" (24cm) Width 2" (5cm). 2003 - 2004

The Barbarians - Celts, Britons, Gauls and Huns.

In Ancient Rome BARBARIAN was a term of abuse. An insult. The Romans used it to describe all those living outside it's imperial borders. These Barbarians were seen as wild savages to be subdued at best and feared at worst. The very term 'barbarian' is derived from the Latin word for beard or unshaven... 'barba'

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
BAR01 Mounted Chieftain - This Celtic Chief carries a traditional 'Dragon Snake' banner and he has adorned his steed with several heads. 2006 - 2008
BAR02 Attacking with Axe - Running towards his enemy this warrior prepares to deal a crushing blow. 2006 - 2008
BAR03 Attacking with Sword & Shield - Poised ready for battle and seeking a likely victim. 2006 - 2008
BAR04 Fighting Chief - Wearing a captured Roman Auxiliary’s chain mail vest this Gallic Chief has already dispatched at least one of his enemies. 2006 - 2008
BAR05 Charge - This tribesman rushes forward, long lance at the ready. 2006 - 2008
BAR06 Gruesome Trophies - This Fighting Chief has decorated his shield with enemy heads. 2006 - 2008
BAR07 Slashing Warrior - About to strike a lethal blow this warrior has a captured Roman dagger on his belt. 2006 - 2008
BAR08 Running Warrior - With sword and shield yet one more ancient warrior rushes into the fight. 2006 - 2008
BAR09 'Wolfshead' - Over his captured Roman helmet this fighter has draped a wolf pelt complete with wolf’s head. 2006 - 2008
BAR10 Hacking Warrior with Sword & Shield - With his richly decorated shield and colourful helmet this particular warrior makes a striking impression. 2006 - 2008
BAR11 Barbarian Trumpeter - Wielding this strange looking musical instrument this half-naked warrior can signal to his comrades as well as strike fear in his Roman enemies. 2006 - 2008
BAR12 'No Mercy!' - This Barbarian shows no mercy to his captured Roman Legionary. 2006 - 2008

The Celts

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
CBG1 Mounted Chief on horseback 1990's
CBG2 Mounted Warrior on brown horse 1990's
CBG3 Mounted Warrior on black horse 1990's
CBG4 Naked Warrior throwing spear 1990's
CBG5 Standing naked Chief 1990's
CBG6A Warrior with axe green trousers 1990's
CBG6B Warrior with axe yellow trousers 1990's
CBG7A Warrior with head and axe 1990's
CBG7B Warrior with head and sword 1990's
CBG8A Warrior with sword red and black shield 1990's
CBG8B Warrior with sword and round shield 1990's
CBG9A Warrior with axe and shield 1990's
CBG9B Warrior with spear head and shield 1990's
CBG10A Warrior with sword shield blue/yellow trousers 1990's
CBG10B Warrior with sword shield pink trousers 1990's

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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