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King and CountryKing & Country Historic Oriental Figures Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.


The might of the Imperial Army ensured the peace and prosperity of Emperor Qianglong's long reign. Here, in all their splendour, are four of the Emperor's most famous and colourful Regiments led by Qianglong himself, mounted on his favourite steed.

Regiments: Emperor's Own Lion Regiment - Orange Coats, Fighting Dragons - Red Coats, Leaping Tiger - Blue Jacket, Manchu Dragons - White Coats.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
CA1 Marching Guardsmen with Lance 'Lion Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA2 Marching Guardsman with Lance 'Fighting Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA3 Marching Guardsman with Lance 'Tiger Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA4 Marching Guardsman with Lance 'Manchu Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA5 Marching Regimental Flagbearers 'Lion Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA6 Marching Regimental Flagbearers 'Fighting Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA7 Marching Regimental Flagbearers 'Tiger Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA8 Marching Regimental Flagbearers 'Manchu Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA9 Marching Banner Men 'Lion Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA10 Marching Banner Men 'Fighting Dragons'. 1995 - 2005
CA11 Marching Banner Men 'Tiger Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA12 Marching Banner Men 'Manchu Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA17 Marching Musketeers 'Lion Regt.'. 1995 - 2005
CA18 Marching Musketeers 'Fighting Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA19 Marching Musketeers 'Tiger Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA20 Marching Musketeers 'Manchu Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA21 Marching Archers 'Lion Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA22 Marching Archers 'Fighting Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA23 Marching Archers 'Tiger Regt.'. 1995 - 2005
CA24 Marching Archers 'Manchu Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA25 Mounted Officer 'Lion Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA26 Mounted Officer 'Fighting Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA27 Mounted Officer 'Leaping Tigers' 1995 - 2005
CA29 Mounted General 'Lion Regt.' 1995 - 2005
CA30 Mounted General 'Fighting Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA31 Mounted General 'Leaping Tigers' 1995 - 2005
CA32 Mounted General 'Manchu Dragons' 1995 - 2005
CA33 Mounted Emperor Quianlong 1995 - 2005

Chinese Wedding

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
CWP Chinese Wedding Procession - A fabulous parade of 33 colourful characters making up a traditional Chinese bridal party of the Manchu Dynasty, comprising: Bridal Sedan with Bride; 8 x Sedan Bearers and 24 assorted Musicians, Bannermen and attendants. 2000

Streets of Old Hong Kong

Many of these items are available in both gloss and matt finishes, denoted by a G or M in the set number

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
Gloss Finish Matt Finish
HK01G HK01M Amah with Chickens 1994 - 2003
HK02G HK02M Policeman with Criminal 1994 - 2003
HK03G HK03M Running Rickshaw (NO Passenger) 1994 - 2007
HK05G HK05M Delivery man with pole and Baskets 1994 - 2003
HK06G HK06M Standing Rickshaw with Coolie 1994 - 2003
HK07G HK07M Cart and Man Only 1994 - 2003
HK09G HK09M Dai Pai Dong Food stall with chef 1994 - 2003
HK10G HK10M Two Hakka Ladies 1994 - 2003
HK11G HK11M Fortune Teller with Mother and Baby 1994 - 2003
HK12G HK12M Colonial Governer 1994 - 2004
HK14G HK14M Two Coolies Eating at Table 1993 - 2004
HK15G HK15M Chinese Gent with bird cage 1994 - 2004
HK16G HK16M Two Temple Guards 1994 - 2003
HK17G HK17M Colonial Governer with Hong Kong Flag 1994 - 2004
HK19G HK19M The Lion Dance Set 1995 - 2003
HK20G HK20M Shoe Shine Set 1995 - 2003
HK21G HK21M The Fruit Seller 1995 - 2003
HK22G HK22M Two Temple Lions 1995 - 2003
HK23G HK23M Sedan Chair with Mandarin 1995 - 2003
HK24G HK24M The Chinese Chess players 1994 - 2004
HK25G HK25M Chinese Food Barrels 1994 - 2004
HK26G HK26M Basket with Four Fish 1994 - 2003
HK27G HK27M Father and child 1995 - 2003
HK27G HK27M Wealthy mother with young boy 1995 - 2004
HK28G HK28M H.K. Fire Brigade Set and Burning Building 1995 - 2003
HK29G HK29M Labourer with sack 1995 - 2003
HK29G HK29M Chinese Coolie carrying sack 1995 - 2004
HK30G HK30M Chineseman with suitcase 1996 - 2003
HK30G HK30M Park Bench 1996 - 2004
HK31C G HK31C M Sitting Chinese Lady with bound feet 1996 - 2003
HK31F G HK31F M Young girl with baby 1996 - 2004
HK31G G HK31G M Man with suitcase 1996 - 2004
HK32G HK32M Chinese Cobbler Set 1996 - 2005
HK33G HK33M Chinese Tea Table and Lady 1996 - 2005
HK34G HK34M Chinese Opera Players 1997 - 2004
HK35G HK35M Bride and Groom 1997 - 2004
HK36G HK36M Chinese Opera Soldiers 2 1997 - 2004
HK37G HK37M Street Barber Customer and Washstand 1997 - 2006
HK38G HK38M Sitting Scholar Chair and Table 1997 - 2004
HK40G HK40M The Tea Waiter 1997 - 2004
HK41G HK41M Mandarin with Umbrella Set. 1997 - 2006
HK42G HK42M Coolies with luggage (2 pieces) 1997 - 2004
HK43G HK43M The Street Doctor 1997 - 2007
HK44G HK44M Chinese Sign Writer 1998 - 2004
HK45G HK45M The Spectator 1998 - 2004
HK46G HK46M Traditional Chinese Bench - A simple wooden bench table for all seated figures. Seated figures include Old Man sitting with a Bird and Cage (HK82M), Old Man with Long Pipe (HK111M), Sitting Mother and Daughter (HK112M), Sitting Businessman (HK122M) and Sitting "Tai Tai" (HK123M). 1998 -
HK47G HK47M Sitting man and woman 1998 - 2004
HK48G HK48M The Sampan Set Boat plus Sampan Lady 1998 - 2004
HK49G HK49M The Street Sweeper and Baskets 1998 - 2004
HK50G HK50M The Orange Tree Man and one Tree 1998 - 2005
HK51G HK51M Grandfather & Grandaughter with Lantern 1998 - 2004
HK52G HK52M The Old Shopkeeper with his cats 1998 - 2004
HK53G HK53M The Lantern Makers Set 1998 - 2005
HK53D G HK53D M Individual Lantern 1999 - 2004
HK54G HK54M The Street School 1999 - 2004
HK55G HK55M Fisherman 1999 - 2004
HK55G HK55M The Fisherman 1999 - 2004
HK56G HK56M 6 Marching Chinese Constables 1999 - 2003
HK58G HK58M Mounted Policeman 1999 - 2003
HK59G HK59M The Noon Day Gun 1999 - 2003
HK60G HK60M Small Boy/Girl celebrating Chinese New Year. 1999 - 2004
HK61G HK61M Tai Chi Set - (3 figures) 1999 - 2006
HK62G HK62M Seated US Marine in Dress Blues - Seated US Marine in Dress Blues. 1999 - 2004
HK63G HK63M Sitting Amah with child in sailor suit 1999 - 2004
HK64G HK64M Street Tailor and 2 seamstresses - Displaying a bolt of cloth, this standing roadside tailor overseas the delicate work of his two seated employees. 1999 - 2006
HK65G HK65M Tailors Customers (2 figures) 1999 - 2005
HK66G HK66M The Monkey Man 1999 - 2005
HK67G HK67M The Tea House Set 1999 - 2005
HK68G HK68M The Dim Sum Waiter 2000 - 2010
HK69A Street Sign Lamppost - Plain) 2000 - 2005
HK69B Street Sign Lamppost - Blue Pool Road 2000 - 2005
HK69C Street Sign Lamppost - Bonham Strand 2000 - 2005
HK69D Street Sign Lamppost - Repulse Bay Road 2000 - 2005
HK69E Street Sign Lamppost - Kennedy Rd 2000 - 2005
HK69F Street Sign Lamppost - Queens Road 2000 - 2005
HK69G Street Sign Lamppost - Old Peak Rd 2000 - 2005
HK70 Double Lamppost 2000 - 2004
HK71 Chinese Tea House Facade 2000 - 2010
HK72G HK72M Jack Tar - A British sailor 2000 - 2004
HK73A Dried Fish Shop Facade 2000 - 2005
HK73B Chung Tai Grocery Shop Facade 2000 - 2005
HK73C Herbal Medicine Shop Facade 2000 - 2005
HK74 Chinese Pagoda - A common site in parks and along trails, the Pagoda is a traditional Chinese structure. It is a perfect backdrop for all the seated figures including Old Man with Long Pipe (HK111) and Sitting Mother and Daughter (HK112). 2000 - 2005
HK75 Terrace with Tailor Shop - This mini street scene typifies old Hong Kong at the turn of the century. Here we show a tailor shop nestled in with other Chinese shops. 2000 - 2005
HK76 Terrace with Shoe Shop - This mini street scene typifies old Hong Kong at the turn of the century. Here we show a shoe shop nestled in with other Chinese shops. 2000 - 2005
HK77G HK77M Bookseller Set - This 5-piece set includes bookshelves, customers, and vendor. 2000 - 2012
HK78G HK78M Amah with Baby, Carrying Chicken and Basket 2000 - 2004
HK79G HK79M Mother sitting with Baby on her Knee 2000 - 2004
HK80G HK80M Coolie walking with 2 Baskets 2000 - 2004
HK81G HK81M Small Girl Sitting 2000 - 2004
HK82G HK82M Old Man sitting with a Bird and Cage (bench not included). 2000 - 2004
HK83G HK83M Chinese Snack Man 2000 - 2004
HK84G HK84M Sampan with Lady - The Sampan is made from Polystone. 2000 - 2004
HK85G HK85M See-Saw Set with 2 children 2000 - 2004
HK86G HK86M Round-About Set with 2 children - Two little kids are playing their favourite game. 2000 - 2007
HK87G HK87M Flying Dragon Set with 3 children 2000 - 2004
HK88 Chinese Garden 2000 - 2005
HK89 Chinese Moongate Facade 2000 - 2005
HK90G HK90M Southern Lion and Clown - They were traditional entertainers. Lion dance is still common in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan nowadays during the Lunar New Year. 2001 - 2004
HK91G HK91M Small Northern Lion and Musicians 2001 - 2004
HK92G HK92M Large Northern Lion on Platform with small Girl 2001 - 2004
HK93G HK93M Boy on Water Buffalo 2001 - 2004
HK94G HK94M Old Man with baskets plus girl carrying bananas 2001 - 2005
HK95G HK95M Mahjong Set - 4 wealthy ladies enjoying their favourite game. 2001 - 2005
HK96G HK96M Tea Lady - A maid serves the Mahjong players tea. 2001 - 2005
HK97G HK97M Chinese Laundry Set. 2001 - 2004
HK98G HK98M Street Dentist - A dentist practices his trade in a back alley of Kowloon. 2001 - 2005
HK99G HK99M New Sedan Chair with Lady 2002 - 2006
HK100G HK100M The Tea Merchant - A Chinese Tea Merchant oversees his latest delivery. Set includes also 2 coolies and 3 extra boxes of tea. 2002 - 2006
HK101G HK101M The New Fortune Teller Set - A wizened old fortune teller sits behind his table pointedly telling a rich Mandarin's wife her future. Sitting beside her is her lady's maid carrying the young offspring. 2002 - 2014
HK102G HK102M The Opium Smokers Set - Two rich young men partake of a pipe or two to while away the hours. Nearby the Opium seller watches over them while a pretty young servant girl fetches two more pipes. 2002 - 2014
HK103G HK103M Two Kitchen Helpers - Two young household maids help with the family’s food preparations. Both seated, one peels the fruit while the other stirs the tofu. 2002 - 2007
HK104G HK104M Chinese Kitchen Set - While the maids do some of the work a burly chef labours away with his meat cleaver and presides over a traditional stone stove/ kitchen table complete with a wok, plates of meat, fish and vegetables. 2002 - 2013
HK105G HK105M Gift Givers - Two kids are exchanging the gifts, showing their blessings to each other. 2002 - 2013
HK106G HK106M 5 Lady Musicians - This set features a group of five young ladies a flute practice. Each of the seated group plays a different kind of flute and each is superbly painted in a different style of traditional Chinese "Cheung Sam". 2002 - 2011
HK107G HK107M Lady Painting - A young lady from a wealthy family delicately paints a floral scroll whilst seated at her painting table. Carefully arranged upon it are her paints and brushes as well as European clock to remind her of the passing of the day. 2002 - 2007
HK108G HK108M Grandmother with Child - A grandma is taking her grandson for a walk. 2002 - 2007
HK109G HK109M NEW Fruit Seller - A Chinese young lady is selling fruit on the street to earn a living for her family. See the amazing can almost taste the fruit. 2002 - 2005
HK110G HK110M Children Eating Fruit - This is a little add on set for the Fruit Seller Set. One chubby little boy looks hungrily up at his elder brother as he munches his way through a piece of watermelon. 2002 - 2005
HK111G HK111M Old Man with Long Pipe - A common scene in old China. This seated figure puffs away contentedly watching the world go by. 2002 - 2010
HK112G HK112M Sitting Mother and Daughter - A delightful pair...Mother is sitting knitting while her young daughter holds the different balls of wool. These two look terrific sitting side by side in the traditional Chinese Pagoda (HK74) 2002 -
HK113G HK113M 'Dai Pai Dong' Set - A chef labouring over a steaming hot wok with plenty of tasty dishes prepared for his customers’ hungry appetites. 2002 -
HK114G HK114M 3 Food Barrels - Three barrels of fish, meat and vegetables, which you can add onto your “Dai Pai Dong” set (HK113G). 2002 - 2005
HK115G HK115M The Fire Cracker Set - A teenage youth sets fire to a string of fireworks his younger brother looks excitedly on. Nearby a young girl, frightened by the noise, clings on to the of her mother 2002 - 2009
HK116G HK116M Chinese New year Celebrations - This set shows old young parents celebrating Chinese New Year and exchanging gifts. 2002 - 2010
HK117G HK117M Chinese New Year Grand Children - This set shows a cute little add-on... two grandchildren greeting their grandparents. 2002 - 2010
HK118G HK118M Chicken and Geese Seller - A poultry seller is hawking a basket of chicken and geese while a canny customer is blowing down the rear end of a chicken to check out the health of the animal. 2003 - 2007
HK119G HK119M Man with Birdcage - A wealthy young mandarin about to examine a hand-made birdcage, its cover and its feathered occupant. 2003 - 2014
HK120G HK120M Bird Shop Set - A bird merchant about to offer his prosperous client an alternative choice. On the table next to him are three other cages. A birdcage maker working with slivers of fine bamboo to skillfully make a traditional Chinese birdcage. 2003 - 2014
HK121G HK121M New Running Rickshaw - This is the fourth different model since the series began back in 1994. This set only includes the Rickshaw and the Coolie 2003 - 2014
HK122G HK122M Sitting Business Man - Sitting Businessman is dressed in a traditional Cheong Saam (long gown) and is carrying a well worn suitcase covered in exotic Hotel stickers from all over S.E. Asia. This figure can also sit on the bench (HK46M/G). 2003 -
HK123G HK123M Sitting 'Tai Tai' - A wealthy married lady holding a beautiful hand-painted parasol. There's lots of exquisite detail both on her dress and her umbrella. This figure can also sit on the bench (HK46M/G). 2003 -
HK124 Bird Shop Facade - This structure features an upper balcony on which collectors can place figures to add interest. This facade fits perfectly with the Man with Bird Cage (HK119), the Bird Shop Set (HK120) and the Parrot (HK128). 2004 - 2014
HK125 Chinese Pharmacy / Herbal Tea Shop Facade - This structure features an upper balcony on which collectors can place figures to add interest. This facade fits perfectly with the Chinese Doctor Set (HK126) and the Doctor Helper Set (HK127). 2004 -
HK126G HK126M Chinese Doctor Set - This set shows a doctor and patient seated at his roadside table – full of accurate historical details. This set fits perfectly with the Chinese Pharmacy (HK125) and the Doctor Helper Set (HK127G). 2003 -
HK127G HK127M Street Doctor Helper Set - This set is an add on set for the Chinese Doctor Set (HK126G). The Chinese doctor is ably supported by his young assistant trying to light a fire to cook some medicinal herbs. This set also fits with the Chinese Pharmacy (HK125). 2003 -
HK128G HK128M Parrot - A cute little add-on for the new "Chinese Bird Shop" (HK124) – a colourful parrot on its stand HK128 – no self respecting bird shop should be without its parrot. It also goes well with Man with Bird Cage (HK119) and Chinese Bird Shop Set (HK120). 2003 - 2005
HK129G HK129M Chinese Festival Sign Writer Set - A sign writer hard at work at his table with a background wall covered with examples of his work. 2003 -
HK130G HK130M Man Holding Lucky Sign - The customers of the sign writer (HK129G). 2003 -
HK131 Wine Shop Facade - A great 2 storey fašade with nice architectural detail. 2005 -
HK132G HK132M Captain and Waiter - A wine captain and a waiter serving their customers. 2003 -
HK133G HK133M Wine Shop Customers - Two customers seated at a table enjoying a delicious hot pot and a cup or two of rice wine. 2003 -
HK134A Street Sign Lampost "Boundary Street" 2005 only
HK134B Street Sign Lampost "Hollywood Road" 2005 only
HK134C Street Sign Lampost "Shanghai Street" 2005 only
HK135G HK135M Stonemason Set - An old stone carver with his young apprentice are working on large stone lion. 2005 - 2006
HK136 Gate Guardian Lions - A pair of magnificent traditional Chinese Lions in brass which would decorate and defend the doorways and entrances to all important homes and government buildings. Note: Only metallic finish is available. 2005 - 2011
HK137G HK137M Policeman with Rifle - Policeman with Martini Henry carbine standing on guard duty. 2005 -
HK138G HK138M Policeman with Notebook - Police Corporal with notebook taking notes. 2005 -
HK139G HK139M Policeman on Patrol - Chinese 'Bobby' on the beat. 2005 -
HK140 Police Station - Figures shown are not included. 2005 -
HK141G HK141M The 'New' Street School - A crusty, old teacher tries to impart some knowledge in 4 of his young pupils. Black board included. 2005 -
HK142G HK142M Street Kids - Two add-on figures of a pair of brothers having a little trouble with a bothersome rooster! 2005 -
HK143G HK143M Street Toy Stall - Charming set comprising a street stall crammed with traditional Chinese toys...a street "hawker" trying to entice young customers...two small boys and a female maid servant. 2005 - 2014
HK144G HK144M Tailor Shop Set - A kneeling tailor and his assistant make final amendments to a "Cheong Saam" clad young lady. A tailor's dummy complete with another sample of his work is also included. 2005 -
HK145G HK145M Tangerine Buyer - Every Chinese New Year householders decorate their homes with miniature Tangerine Trees. Here is one such domestic scene - - includes the trees. 2005 -
HK146G HK146M Flower Shop Set - Another colourful "street" scene from any Hong Kong market place...A Flower Stall covered in pots of different blooms...the Stall Holder and a female customer - - you can almost smell the flowers! 2005 - 2013
HK147G HK147M Photographer Set - This Chinese Photographer hides under a black cape ready to capture the perfect picture. 2006 -
HK148G HK148M Bride and Groom - As was the social norm of the day the Bride stands whilst the Groom is seated. 2006 - 2007
HK149G HK149M Plum Seller - Once a familiar sight on Chinese streets an itinerant fruit seller – in this case Plums, plying his trade from street-to-street…village-to village. 2006 -
HK150G HK150M New Majong Set - An all-new, upgraded version of an old favourite – this latest set features amazingly detailed painting – you can even see the different markings on the individual “mahjong” tiles! Set includes table and four different players. 2006 - 2012
HK151G HK151M 'Suckling Pig' Set - Streetside butcher prepares this Chinese delicacy. 2006 -
HK152G HK152M 'Curio Seller' Set - Merchant hopes for a sale from the customer. 2006 -
HK153 Tailor Shop Facade 2009 -
HK154G HK154M New Chinese Wedding Procession (Matt Finish) - A brand new version of an old favourite - this magnificent 27 piece set has been completely upgrade with new figures and features. 2006 -
HK155G HK155M Shoeshine Set - A familiar site on every street corner - a shoeshine boy and his customer. In this case, a British sailor on shore leave is having his shoes polished. 2006 -
HK156G HK156M Lion Dance Set - One boy stands on the shoulders of another while the 'LION' plucks the lettuce from another member of the troupe. 2006 -
HK157G HK157M Street Barber Shop - A revisit to a popular but long-retired subject 2006 -
HK158G HK158M Wonton Seller - Selling bowls of freshly-made noodles on the street can still be seen in China and Hong Kong. 2006 -
HK159G HK159M Metal Worker - The fixer of broken and damaged metal ware. 2007 - 2011
HK160G HK160M The Shrine Offering - A woman and her daughter worship at a little street side shrine. 2007 - 2014
HK161G HK161M The Clock Repair Man - They say you can buy anything or have it mended on the “Streets of Old Hong Kong”. Here, a clock and watch repairer is hard-at-work…an interested bystander (or customer) looks on. 2007 -
HK162G HK162M Tai Chi Too - Even today people performing the ancient exercise of "Tai Chi" are a familiar sight on the early morning "Streets of old Hong Kong". A man and a women go through their age-old ritual. 2007 - 2010
HK163G HK163M Herbal Tea Set 2007 -
HK164G HK164M Fish Seller Set 2007 -
HK165G HK165M NEW Chess Players Set - A young girl and an old man contemplate a game of Chinese Chess. 2007 -
HK166G HK166M Children at Play - Children doing what children do. all over the world. the HK version. This set fits perfectly with HK156 "Lion Plucks Green". . 2007 -
HK167G HK167M NEW Lantern Set - A giant decorative street lantern being painted by 2 skilled craftsmen. 2008 - 2014
HK168 The Village Gateway very rare 2010 only
HK169G HK169M In the Lap of the Gods - Two traditional Taoist priests stand before their altar exhorting the Spirit world to look favourably on their requests. 2008 -
HK171G HK171M Bride and Groom - The latest version of an old and popular set. 2008 - 2013
HK172G HK172M Happy Family - A proud father admires his young newly-born son. 2009 - 2013
HK173G HK173M New Sedan Chair Set - This is the 5th. brand-new version of an old favourite and, I hope, the best one yet! . 2009 -
HK173G(S) HK173M(S) New Sedan Chair Set (special) - A brand new paint job of the original Sedan Chair (HK 173). Limited sets available 2011 -
HK174G HK174M Sampan Set #1 2009 -
HK175G HK175M Sampan Set #2 2009 -
HK176 "18 Ship Street" - A faithful reproduction (in miniature) of one of the few genuinely old-type "shop-houses" which used to be a familiar sight all over colonial Hong Kong. Fortunately for us the real "18 Ship Street" has been preserved and can still be seen today. Dimensions: 134mm (width) x 300mm (height) x 103mm (depth) 2010 - 2011
HK177G HK177M Stray Dog - Always useful in any scene! 2009 -
HK178G HK178M "Happy Day" 2009 -
HK181G HK181M "God of Wealth" 2009 -
HK182G HK182M "The Little Dragon Boat" - A young boy celebrates 'The Festival of the Sea' with his imitation dragon boat. These were usually made out of paper or papier mache on top of a lightweight wire frame. 2010 -
HK183G HK183M "The Clown" - Wearing a giant papier mache mask this street clown is a familiar sight at any Chinese celebration. 2010 -
HK184G HK184M "The Fisherman" - A Chinese fisherman doing what fisherman do the whole world over... 2010 -
HK185G HK185M Celebrating Chinese New Year - A really beautifully detailed set... Two grandparents accept special gifts from their children and one of their grandchildren. This set includes chairs and exquisite miniature Chinese furniture. 2010 - 2014
HK186G HK186M "Forbidden Delights" - A young child tries to sneak up and get a taste of the delicious food presented on the table. This set also includes four chairs. 2010 - 2014
HK187G HK187M "Gleesome Threesome" - Three little kids... full of mischief. 2010 - 2014
HK188 Lamppost 2010 -
HK191 "The Chinese Gateway" - A superb rendition of a traditional three-entrance gateway seen all over China with several examples in Hong Kong. Beautifully crafted and painted. 2011 -
HK193M "The God of Longevity" - The pursuit of wealth, health and happiness are among the main features of Hong Kong society... at all levels. In many HK homes and offices there is often found a small statue of ""The God of Longevity"" to help bring the promise of a long and happy life.
A sturdy, robust figure... this little figure is full of character, colour and sure to be popular.
Matt finish only 2011 -
HK194G HK194M Paper Windmill Stall - Another common sight in what was old Hong Kong... Particularly at Chinese Folk Festivals such as the Autumn Moon Festival and Summer Solstice. 2011 -
HK195 Street Sign Lamppost: "Lan Kwai Fong" 2010 -
HK196 Street Sign Lamppost: "Wellington Street" 2010 -
HK197 Street Sign Lamppost: "Nathan Road 2010 -
HK198 Street Sign Lamppost: "Stanley Main Street" 2010 -
HK199 Street Sign Lamppost: "Queen's Road Central" 2010 -
HK200G HK200M "The Victors' Dragon Boat" - This beautifully detailed and painted craft carries just six rowers, one drummer and a cox. 2012 -
HK201G HK201M Marching Hong Kong Policeman - Martini-Henry carbine over one arm this smart-looking constable (plus a few others) would make a fine little parade. 2011 -
HK203G HK203M Musical Trio 2012 -
HK204G HK204M Sailor at-ease - A Jolly "Jack Tar" on a run-ashore looking to down a few pints of beer and maybe seek out a little feminine company… 2012 -
HK205G HK205M The Letter Writer Set - Up until just a few years ago in Hong Kong you could still see an old man sitting on a little stool writing a letter for another old person who alas was illiterate and wanted to let the relatives back in China know what was going on. This charming little vignette is a very real piece of Hong Kong history. 2012 -
HK206G HK206M "Mother & Child” - Again, what was once a fairly common street sight in H.K… a mother carrying her child on her back has disappeared into history… except in “Streets of Old Hong Kong”. 2012 -
HK207G HK207M “Big Sister/ Little Brother” - In the days before universal schooling young girls major priority in Chinese households was to help look after and care for their younger siblings. This young girl is doing just that! 2013 -
HK208G HK208M "The NEW Mahjong Set" - One of the most popular “Street of Old Hong Kong” Sets… Here is the latest edition… 2012 -
HK209G HK209M "The Champions?? Dragon Boat" - The other competing team. 2012 -
HK211G HK211M “Tea Maid” - At any hour of the day or night there is always room for a cup of tea. 2013 -
HK213G HK213M "The God of Fortune” - All of us need a little good fortune… Perhaps this mythical Chinese figure can help…? 2012 -
HK216G HK216M “Mother & Child” - As the mother gathers some fruit her young daughter wants some attention… 2013 -
HK217 "New Chinese Pagoda" - A new upgraded version of an old favorite and perfect for any “Streets of Old Hong Kong” display or “Imperial Collection” diorama. 2013 -
HK218 “Moon Gate Row” - Several years ago K&C produced a small version of a typical 19th. Century row of Chinese shop houses. Now long retired. Here is the first of two redesigned, upgraded and upscaled versions for SOOHK enthusiasts! Approx. Dimensions: Height: 26cm, Width: 22cm, Depth: 8cm 2013 -
HK219 “Red Gate Terrace” - The second new terrace house…these two pieces can be joined to create a wealth of different layouts and configurations. Approx. Dimensions: Height: 25cm, Width: 22cm, Depth: 8cm 2013 -
HK222G HK222M “The Green Dragon Boat” - A third contender to join the previous two releases makes for an even more spectacular and colourful race. This team belongs to… 2013 -
HK224G HK224M “Flower Stall Set” 2014 -
HK225G HK225M "Lullaby" 2014 -
HK227 Chinese New Year Bloom 2014 -
HK234M Hong Kong Tram Car - The unique Hong Kong Tram Car made from tin plate, scale 1 : 30 Tram Number 88; Destinations 'Shau Kei Wan' and 'Kennedy Town' 2014 -

Modern Hong Kong

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
HKP Modern Police - 3 Modern Hong Kong Policemen and Police Dog. 1990 - 1996

Heroes of China

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
HoC001 "Dr. Sun Yat-Sen"  - The first K&C "Heroes of China" figure - Dr. Sun (1866-1925) was the first president and founding father of the Republic of China. He played a vital role in the overthrow of the decadent and corrupt Qing Dynasty. Dr Sun Yat-Sen was a uniting figure in the turbulent, post imperial China and remains a greatly revered leader to both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Here he is in the dress uniform of a General of the Army in the new Republic. 2013 -


Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
IC001 Chinese Emperor and Empress 2000 - 2005
IC002 Boy Emperor and Mandarin 2000 - 2005
IC004 The Court Musicians 2000 - 2005
IC005 Peking Opera Set - An operatic King and his favourite concubine - dramatic and colourful. 2005 - 2009
IC006 Opera Soldier - A walk-on extra to complete the scene. 2005 - 2009
IC007 The Musician Set - Four traditional Chinese Court Musicians playing their age-old instruments. 2005 - 2009
IC008 Dowager Empress Ci-Xi Set - Although physically feebled by age this ruler was still able to instill fear and awe in her court and subjects by her powerful personality and appetite for intrige. Seated on her throne she is attended by her senior Court Eunuch. 2005 - 2009
IC009 Ladies in Waiting - Two of the many ladies of the Imperial Chamber who served the many requests of the aging ruler. 2005 - 2009
IC010 Mandarin Set - Three powerful Mandarins present petitions to the Empress accompanying them is their body guard. 2005 - 2009
IC011 The Opera Stage - A beautiful and colourful 3 dimensional setting for the Chinese opera players. 2006 - 2008
IC012 Standing Guard with Spear 2005 -
IC013 Marching Guard with Spear 2005 -
IC014 Marching Flagbearer with Regimental Banner 2005 -
IC015 Standing Guard pointing 2005 -
IC016 Mounted Officer 2005 -
IC017 Kneeling Guardsman 2005 -
IC019 The Emperor Qianlong - One of China's most celebrated rulers and K&C's second version of this mighty Emperor. 2006 - 2012
IC020 Archer Set - Three of the Emperor's finest archers take aim at target practise. 2005 - 2009
IC021 Manchu Tent - A circular structure originally designed by the Mongols and adopted by the Chinese for use in the field. 2006 - 2009
IC022 Wang Zhao-jun 2006 - 2009
IC023 Diao Chan 2006 - 2009
IC024 Xi Shi 2006 - 2009
IC025 Yang Guifei 2006 - 2009
IC026 Artillery Set - Three Ching Dynasty artillerymen prepare to fire their ancient (even then) cannon. The gun was cast in the Imperial Foundry originally built in the 17th Century. 2006 - 2008
IC027 Chinese Gateway - A Chinese version of the “Roman Gateway” – perfect backdrop for any Imperial Collection scene. 2006 - 2008
IC028 'Crime and Punishment' - One of the Emperor's chosen guards keeps a watchful eye on a pair of captured bandits. Wearing the 'Caque' or wooden collar it's unlikely this pair will see many more new moons. 2006 - 2009
IC029 Chinese Horse and Carriage - A beautiful young concubine is in her richly decorated carriage on her way to visit her master. 2006 - 2010
IC030 Spear Practice - Here, a soldier of the Emperor's own bodyguard regiment perfects his fighting skills on a straw target. 2007 -
IC031 Sword Practice - Two Imperial bodyguards sword fight. 2008 -
IC032 Making Ready for Battle 2008 -
IC033 Chinese General Staff Set 2008 - 2013
IC034 Chinese Armourer Set 2008 -
IC035 The Hunting Party - Two members of the Emperor's Bodyguard Regiment are out hunting in the Palace's own Royal Hunting Grounds. 2009 -
IC036 "Zhou Yu" - Plays an important role in defeating the enemy troops in the "Battle of Cliffs". He's also considered handsome, loyal and multi-talented, a poet and a musician. 2011 -
IC037 "Zhuge Liang" - A well-known military strategist and statesman in the "Three Kingdoms" period. This figure shows him in a typical pose holding a hand fan. 2011 -
IC038 "The Emperor Qian Long" - Highly regarded as one of China's best imperial rulers this new standing figure of the Emperor shows him studying the battlefield ready to make his next move… 2012 -
IC039 "General & Map" - One of Qian Long's foremost generals indicates on a specially-drawn map the disposition of the enemy's armies. 2012 -
IC041 "Imperial Match Lock Gun Team A" - Both IC041 and IC042 portray the large and unwieldy early fire arms of the Ching Dynasty... in action 2012 -
IC042 "Imperial Match Lock Gun Team B" 2012 -
IC043 "Cao Cao" - Cao Cao was a well-known military strategist in the "Three Kingdoms" period and also an outstanding poet. 2012 -
IC044 "Liu Bei" - Well known as a benevolent and humane ruler. 2012 -
IC045 "Lord Guan Yu" - A General of Liu Bei. He can be easily recognized by his red face and long lush beard. Temples and shrines dedicated exclusively to Guan Yu can still be found in China today. 2012 -
IC047 "Chinese Banner Type #1" 2012 -
IC048 "Chinese Banner Type #2" 2012 -
IC049 "Chinese Spearman" 2012 -
IC050 "Chinese with Sword" 2012 -
IC051 "Chinese Fort Main Gate” - A complete section with open/close gates plus a wooden ladder to reach the upper platform. 2012 -
IC052 "Left Tower” - Flanking the gate on both sides would have been these stucco and wood structures providing shelter and some accommodation for the garrison of the fort. 2012 -
IC053 "Right Tower” - See above, this is the opposite section. 2012 -
IC054 "Wooden Fences” - A straight section and a corner section to extend on to the Fort’s main structures. 2012 -
IC055 Attacking with Spear 2014 -
IC056 Standing Ready with Spear 2014 -
IC057 Attacking with Sword 2014 -
IC058 Slashing with Sword 2014 -
IC059 Archer Standing Firing 2014 -
IC060 Archer Kneeling Firing 2014 -
IC061 Archer Standing Ready 2014 -
IC062 Horseman Sword Forward 2014 -
IC063 Horseman Sword Downwards 2014 -


For centuries trade flourished along this fabled caravan route that ran from China across Central Asia and into Europe. We now bring discerning collectors all the colour, history and excitement of this ancient trading highway.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
SR1 The Silk Road Elephant (made from 'Polystone') 2000 - 2005
SR2A Mounted Chinese Lancer 2000 - 2005
SR2B Mounted Chinese Flagbearer 2000 - 2005
SR2C Mounted Manchu Officer 2000 - 2005
SR3 Silk Road Porters (2) 2000 - 2005
SR4 Silk Road Merchant and Pack Mule 2000 - 2005
SR5 The Silk Road Gateway 2000 - 2005
SR6 Farmer and cart pulled by water buffalo 2000 - 2005
SR7 Farmer and water buffalo pulling plough 2000 - 2005
SR8 Silk Road Pack Camel and Mameluke Handler 2000 - 2005
SR10 Silk Road Pack Camel and Mameluke Handler 2000 - 2005

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