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King and CountryKing & Country Napoleonic Wars Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.


Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
NA01 71st Highlander Standing Ready 2004 - 2006
NA02 71st Highlander Kneeling to Repel 2004 - 2006
NA03 71st Highlander Standing Firing 2004 - 2006
NA04 71st Highlander Kneeling Firing 2004 - 2006
NA05 71st Highlander Standing Loading 2004 - 2006
NA06 71st Highlander Kneeling Ready 2004 - 2006
NA07 71st Highlander Fighting Sergeant 2004 - 2006
NA08 71st Highlander Bagpiper 2004 - 2006
NA09 50th Foot Officer with Flag 2004 - 2006
NA10 71st Highlander Mounted Officer 2004 - 2006
NA11 71st Highlander Standing Ready 'No Hat' 2004 - 2006
NA12 71st Highlander Kneeling to Repel (Wounded) 2004 - 2006
NA13 3rd Line Infantry Grenadier Officer Marching 2004 - 2006
NA14 3rd Line Infantry Grenadier Marching with Rifle 2004 - 2008
NA15 3rd Line Infantry Grenadier Advancing with Rifle 2004 - 2012
NA16 3rd Line Infantry Grenadier Drummer Marching 2004 - 2012
NA17 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Bugler 2004 - 2005
NA18 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Sergeant with Flag 2004 - 2005
NA19 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Corporal Crouching 2004 - 2005
NA20 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Kneeling Firing 2004 - 2005
NA21 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Kneeling Loading 2004 - 2005
NA22 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Standing Firing 2004 - 2005
NA23 3rd Line Infantry Grenadier Mounted Officer 2004 - 2005
NA24 3rd Line Infantry Voltigeur Wounded Officer 2004 - 2005
NA25 Mounted Chasseur a Cheval - Sitting holding a carbine in one hand and reins in the other this member of Napoleon’s mounted escort is a superb piece of sculpting and painting. 2004 - 2007
NA26 Mounted Napoleon and Mameluke - mounted on “Marengo”, his favourite horse, Napoleon, wears the uniform of a Colonel in Chief of the Old Guard. His trusty Mameluke servant stands nearby 2004 - 2007
NA27 Chasseur Aide de Camp 2004 - 2005
NA28 French pioneer - Easily recognized by his tall bearskin and apron this axe-wielding marching pioneer is a member of the 3rd Line Infantry Regiment 2004 - 2011
NA29 The Prisoner - A captured British Officer, bloody but still proud, his sword, hat , telescope at his feet being questioned by a Chasseur a Cheval NCO. Standing guard is a Voltigeur with rifle and bayonet fixed 2004 - 2006
NA30 71st Highlander pioneer - A great looking British Pioneer corporal of the 71st Highlanders, axe in hand, advancing on the enemy. 2004 - 2006
NA31 71st Highlander Charging - Another 71st Rifleman on the attack 2004 - 2006
NA32 71st Highlander Marching - Rifle on the shoulder, this 71st Highlander steadfastly marches to battle 2004 - 2006
NA33 Marching French Standard Bearer - A marching Grenadier officer of the 3rd Line Infantry carries the Regimental Flag with the Imperial Eagle on the top of the staff.. 2004 - 2011
NA34 Grenadier at attention - Another 3rd Line Infantry Grenadier, rifle held firmly at his side, ready for inspection. 2004 - 2012
NA35 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Piper 2004 - 2008
NA36 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Private with Rifle 2004 - 2008
NA37 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Sergeant with Pike 2004 - 2007
NA38 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Officer 2004 - 2007
NA39 French Dragoon Officer - Dragoon Officer shouting orders and pointing his sword. 2004 - 2010
NA40 French Dragoon Standard Bearer 2004 - 2007
NA41 French Dragoon Charging with Sword 2004 - 2007
NA42 French Dragoon on a Collapsing Horse - This is a particularly exciting piece inspired by some of the very best Russian-made mounted figures. 2004 - 2007
NA43 French Dragoon Bugler - A fabulously colourful version of a cavalry musician. Buglers always wore distinctly different uniforms from their comrades and usually rode white horses. 2004 - 2007
NA44 French Dragoon on the Ground - Another highly dramatic composition… pinned underneath his fallen horse this Dragoon bravely fights on – even with a broken sword! 2004 - 2007
NA45 French Dragoon Firing Pistol 2004 - 2005
NA46 French Dragoon Slashing with Sword 2004 - 2005
NA47 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Mounted Officer - Mounted Black Watch Officer wearing grey trousers with a shoulder plaid and traditional feather bonnet with the “red hackle”. 2004 - 2008
NA48 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Standing Firing - His “Black Bess” steady this Highlander takes careful aim 2004 - 2010
NA49 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Standing Ready - His weapon primed and upright he prepares to provide additional “volley fire”. 2004 - 2010
NA50 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Kneeling Firing - Similar to “NA48” but down on one knee also picking out a target. 2004 - 2010
NA51 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Sergeant Attacking with Pike - Wielding an eight-foot pike was never easy but it’s perfect for unseating an enemy horseman. 2004 - 2010
NA52 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Drummer Using the Butt - Reversing his rifle this drummer prepares to deliver a powerful blow. 2004 - 2008
NA53 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Officer with Flag - Although wounded, this Black Watch officer continues to support the “Union” flag in one hand and his Highland broadsword in the other. 2004 - 2008
NA54 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Lunging with Bayonet - Another hand-to-hand soldier - this Highlander closes in with the bayonet. 2004 - 2010
NA55 42nd Highlander, (Black Watch) Advancing with Rifle - With musket at the “high port” position, this soldier advances to his front 2004 - 2008
NA56 Mounted General Dorsenne - "Le beau Dorsenne" – handsome Dorsenne – was one of the most famous officers of the Imperial Guard and one of its bravest. 2005 - 2013
NA57 Imperial Guard Officer with Sword 2005 - 2013
NA58 Imperial Guard Officer with Flag 2005 - 2013
NA59 Imperial Guardsman with Rifle Advancing 2005 - 2013
NA60 Imperial Guardsman with Rifle Marching 2005 - 2013
NA61 Imperial Guardsman Drummer Marching 2005 - 2013
NA62 Imperial Officer with Sword Saluting 2005 - 2008
NA63 Imperial Guardsman Presenting Arms 2005 - 2013
NA64 Horse Artillery of the Guard Set - 3 Dismounted Horse Artillery firing their 12 pounder gun. (Please note NA65 - Officer with Telescope is sold separately) 2005 - 2009
NA65 Horse Artillery Officer with Telescope 2005 - 2009
NA66 Mounted Horse Artillery Officer 2005 - 2009
NA67 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Kneeling to Repel 2005 - 2010
NA68 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Wounded Highlander 2005 - 2010
NA69 King's German Legion Officer with Sword 2005 - 2007
NA70 King's German Legion Sergeant Looking 2005 - 2007
NA71 King's German Legion Standing Firing 2005 - 2007
NA72 King's German Legion Kneeling Firing 2005 - 2007
NA73 King's German Legion Kneeling Loading 2005 - 2007
NA74 King's German Legion Moving Forward 2005 - 2007
NA75 King's German Legion Skirmisher 2005 - 2007
NA76 King's German Legion with Ramrod 2005 - 2007
NA77 Mounted Duke of Wellington 2005 - 2010
NA78 Empress Dragoon Guidon Bearer 2005 - 2007
NA78S 4th Dragoon of the Line Guidon Bearer


2005 only
NA79 Empress Dragoon Charging with Sword 2005 - 2007
NA79S 4th Dragoon of the Line Charging with Sword


2005 only
NA80 mpress Dragoon with Pistol 2005 - 2007
NA80S 4th Dragoon of the Line with Pistol


2005 only
NA81 Empress Dragoon Fighting with Sword 2005 - 2007
NA81S 4th Dragoon of the Line Fighting with Sword


2005 only
NA82 'Rest 'n' Recreation' - Four seated French Cavalrymen taking a rest: The sitting figures are a Chasseur, Dragoon, Hussar and a Dragoon Trumpeter. The perfect figures to fit into a Napoleonic camp scene or the recent French Farmhouse diorama (SP17 and SP18). Note: the Table and chairs (SP19) are not included. 2006 - 2009
NA83 Scots Grey Standard Bearer - Charging forward this trooper carries one of the Regimental Guidons 2006 - 2011
NA84 Scots Grey Bugler - Wearing his distinctive reversed chevrons on both sleeves, preparing to blow his bugle 2006 - 2011
NA85 Scots Grey Charging - Scots Grey trooper at full gallop 2006 - 2011
NA86 Scots Grey Slashing - Scots Grey trooper, minus his bearskin, prepares to deliver a mighty blow 2006 - 2011
NA87 'Seizing the Colours' - Troop Sgt Ewart captures the flag of the French 45th Infantry of the Line Regiment 2006 - 2011
NA88 Scots Grey on a Collapsing Horse- A Scots Grey trooper prepares for a hard landing after his horse is shot from under him. 2006 - 2009
NA89 Scots Grey on a Rearing Horse- A Scots Grey trooper struggles to bring his horse under control. 2006 - 2011
NA90 Scots Grey Charging with Sword- A Scots Grey trooper leans forward, sword downwards to engage a French infantryman 2006 - 2011
NA91 Chasseur a Cheval Officer - Mounted on his horse this officer with sword drawn casts an appreciative eye over his troops 2006 - 2009
NA92 Chasseur a Cheval Trooper - This Trooper is mounted on a 'walking ' horse with his sabre resting on his shoulder 2006 - 2009
NA93 Chasseur a Cheval Flagbearer - Chasseur Officer carrying the Regimental Colours 2006 - 2009
NA94 Chasseur a Cheval Trumpeter - Mounted on his white horse he always rode next to his officer 2006 - 2008
NA95 Chasseur a Cheval Sergeant - Mounted sergeant with his sabre resting on his shoulder 2006 - 2009
NA96 Mounted Royal Horse Artillery Officer - Standing in his stirrups this officer shields his eyes to see better the enemy in the distance. 2006 - 2011
NA97 Royal Horse Artillery Sergeant with Telescope 2006 - 2011
NA98 Royal Horse Artillery 'Gun & Crew' - A light 6 pound gun with 4 standing gunners. 2006 - 2010
NA99 Royal Horse Artillery Corporal Pointing 2006 - 2010
NA100 45th Line Infantry Regt: Sergeant Advancing 2006 - 2011
NA101 45th Line Infantry Regt: Charging with Bayonet 2006 - 2011
NA102 45th Line Infantry Regt: Advancing with Rifle 2006 - 2011
NA103 45th Line Infantry Regt: Advancing Loading 2006 - 2011
NA104 45th Line Infantry Regt: Advancing Firing 2006 - 2011
NA105 45th Line Infantry Regt: Standing Casualty 2006 - 2011
NA106 45th Line Infantry Regt: Advancing Pointing 2006 - 2011
NA107 45th Line Infantry Regt: Kneeling Firing 2006 - 2011
NA108 45th Line Infantry Regt: Kneeling Helping 2006 - 2011
NA109 45th Line Infantry Regt: Lying Casualty 2006 - 2011
NA110 45th Line Infantry Regt: Standing Firing 2006 - 2011
NA111 Cuirassier General - Wearing a plumed and feathered officers hat this officer puts himself in harm's way leading the charge. 2007 - 2010
NA112 Wounded Cuirassier Flagbearer - Carrying his Regiment's Guidon this trooper has just received a blow to the head. 2007 - 2009
NA113 Charging Cuirassier Trumpeter - Sword drawn... trumpet bugle to the rear this musician prepares to fight. 2007 - 2009
NA114 Charging Cuirassier with Sword Forward - A typical Cavalryman's action pose. 2007 - 2013
NA115 Cuirassier Falling off his Horse - An unfortunate trooper, his foot caught in his stirrup being dragged to his fate. 2007 - 2009
NA116 Cuirassier Advancing 2007 - 2013
NA117 Cuirassier Charging with Sword Upward 2007 - 2013
NA118 Cuirassier Advancing 2007 - 2013
NA119 Cuirassier Slashing with Sabre 2007 - 2013
NA120 Dead Cuirassier - A fallen horse and his rider... casualties of war. 2007 - 2009
NA121 Cuirassier Firing his Pistol - A Cuirassier using one of his heavy cavalry pistols. 2007 - 2013
NA122 Cuirassier with Saddle - A standing cavalryman preparing to saddle his mount. 2007 - 2009
NA123 Cuirassier Drinking - A standing trooper enjoying a well earned drink. 2007 - 2011
NA124 Cantiniere - In Napoleonic times most regiments had ladies of the Regiment who made a living supplying wine and ale to the men. They often wore parts of military uniforms along with their civilian dress. 2007 - 2013
NA125 Coldstream Guards Mounted Officer - A Major on horseback directs his men. 2007 - 2013
NA126 Coldstream Guard with Kings Colour - Coldstream guard holding with pride the colours of his King. 2007 - 2013
NA127 Coldstream Guard with Company with Regimental Standard - This officer is holding with pride the colours of his regiment. 2007 - 2013
NA128 Coldstream Guard Standing Firing Rifle - Coldstream Guard standing firing at the rear of the line. 2007 - 2013
NA129 Coldstream Guard Standing to Repel - This Coldstream Guard is standing ready to repel the enemy. 2007 - 2013
NA130 Coldstream Guard Kneeling to repel - This Coldstream Guard on the front line of defence kneeling ready to repel the charging enemy. 2007 - 2013
NA131 Coldstream Guard Sergeant with Pike - A Coldstream Guard Sergeant readys his Pike for action. 2007 - 2013
NA132 Coldstream Guards Drummer Boy - The regiments very own drummer boy brings support. 2007 - 2011
NA133 Coldstream Guard Kneeling Firing Rifle - As the Enemy attack this Coldstream Guard fires his rifle on the front line. 2007 - 2013
NA134 Coldstream Guard Standing Ready Corporal - This Corporal is loaded ready to fire his next round. 2007 - 2013
NA135 Dead Guardsman - An Unlucky Coldstream Guard - Deadman down. 2007 - 2009
NA136 Wounded Coldstream Guard - This Coldstream Guard takes a shot and falls to the ground. 2007 - 2010
NA137 Russian Marching Officer with Sword - A Russian Marching Officer fromn the 5th Army Corps Division of the Guard specifically the 'Prebrajenski Regiment' 2008 - 2009
NA138 Russian Marching Rifleman - A marching rifleman from the 'Preobrajenski Regiment' 2008 - 2009
NA139 Russian Marching Drummer - A marching drummer from the 'Preobrajenski Regiment' 2008 - 2009
NA140 Russian Officer with Flag - Preobrajenski Regiment' Officer with Flag 2008 - 2009
NA141 Russian Standing at Attention - Preobrajenski Regiment' Rifleman Standing at Attention 2008 - 2009
NA142 Russian Kneeling Firing - 'Preobrajenski Regiment' rifleman kneeling firing 2008 - 2009
NA143 Russian Kneeling to Repel - 'Preobrajenski Regiment' rifleman kneeling to repel. 2008 - 2009
NA144 Russian Standing Firing - 'Preobrajenski Regiment' rifleman standing firing 2008 - 2009
NA145 Russian Standing Ready - 'Preobrajenski Regiment' rifleman standing ready 2008 - 2009
NA146 Russian Advancing with Rifle - 'Preobrajenski Regimant' rifleman advancing with rifle and bayonet 2008 - 2009
NA147 Wounded Russian Officer Advancing - 'Preobrajenski Regiment' wounded officer advancing 2008 - 2009
NA148 Mounted Russian Officer 2008 - 2009
NA149 Russian Artillery Set 2008 - 2009
NA150 Russian Artillery Officer with Telescope 2008 - 2009
NA151 Old Guard Performing Bayonet Drill - A Guard NCO demonstrating the correct bayonet defence position 2008 - 2010
NA152 Old Guard Standing at Attention 2008 - 2013
NA153 Old Guard Kneeling Firing 2008 - 2013
NA154 Old Guard Standing Firing 2008 - 2013
NA155 Old Guard Standing to Repel 2008 - 2013
NA156 Old Guard Loading Rifle 2008 - 2013
NA157 Old Guard Marching with Rifle 2008 - 2013
NA158SL Napoleon and his Generals 'Strictly Limited' - Napoleon and three of his most trusted Generals, Marshal Louis-Nicolas DAVOUT, General DORSENNE and General of Curassiers Jean-Joseph Comte d'HAUTPOUL plus a saluting Aide de Camps. Completing the scene are a camp table, chair, basket of maps and the Emperor's Tent. ONLY 999 sets are being released. Limited Edition2008 only
NA159 Dutch Lancer on a Walking Horse A - On the 13th September 1810 the Dutch 'Regiment de Hussards de la Garde a Cheval du Roi' became the 2nd Regiment of Lancers of the Guard of Napoleon or better known as 'The Red Lancers' 2009 - 2010
NA160 Dutch Lancer on a Walking Horse B 2009 - 2010
NA161 Dutch Lancer Charging 2009 - 2011
NA162 Dutch Lancer Bugler 2009 - 2011
NA163 Dutch Lancer Officer 2009 - 2011
NA164 Dutch Lancer General - General Edouard de Colbert, commander of the combined Guard Lancer regiments at Waterloo. 2009 - 2011
NA165 Dutch Lancer Preparing to Charge 2009 - 2011
NA166 Galloping Dutch Lancer 2009 - 2011
NA167 Charging Dutch Lancer Officer 2009 - 2011
NA168 Scots Grey Officer - A member of the landed gentry... ready for battle! 2009 - 2011
NA169 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) Standing to Repel 2009 -
NA170 16th Dragoon Mounted Officer 2009 - 2011
NA171 16th Dragoon Marching Drummer 2009 - 2011
NA172 16th Dragoon Marching Officer w/ Sword 2009 - 2011
NA173 16th Dragoon Marching w/ Rifle 2009 - 2011
NA174 16th Dragoon Marching Set 2009 - 2011
NA175 16th Dragoon Marching w/ Flag 2009 - 2011
NA176 16th Dragoon Advancing Forward 2009 - 2011
NA177 16th Dragoon Shouting Corporal 2009 - 2011
NA178 16th Dragoon Standing Firing 2009 - 2011
NA179 16th Dragoon Standing Ready 2009 - 2011
NA180 16th Dragoon Ready to Repel 2009 - 2011
NA181 16th Dragoon Standing Attention 2009 - 2011
NA182 16th Dragoon Present Arms 2009 - 2011
NA183 16th Dragoon Standing Officer 2009 - 2011
NA184 Mounted Officer 2009 - 2012
NA185 Walking Flagbearer 2009 - 2012
NA186 Marching Officer with Sword 2009 - 2012
NA187 Marching Sergeant 2009 - 2012
NA188 Marching Pioneer 2009 - 2012
NA189 Marching Guardsman 2009 - 2012
NA190 Guardsman At Attention 2009 - 2012
NA191 "Saving The Boy" - Here, a veteran Guardsman steps out of the battle to carry his young wounded ensign back to the Surgeon's tent... 2009 - 2012
NA192 "Camp Follower" 2009 - 2012
NA193 Advancing Guardsman 2009 - 2012
NA194 Marching Flagbearer 2009 - 2012
NA195 "Cannon Set" - Three different "Line Artillerymen" serve a classic 12-pounder cannon. All are wearing the uniform of 1813-1815. 2009 - 2013
NA196 "Artillery Command Set" - A standing saluting NCO awaits orders from his mounted officer. 2009 - 2013
NA197 "Alternative Gun Crew" - These three extra figures can be added or combined to form a larger gun crew or to serve NA198 "The French Howitzer". 2009 - 2013
NA198 "The French Howitzer" - The short, stubby barrel is easily recognized as a 6 inch Howitzer. It utilizes the same standard gun carriage as the 12-pounder cannon. 2009 - 2013
NA199 "Classic Napoleon" - Bonaparte in his usual battlefield dress of gray greatcoat over his Chasseur a Cheval green uniform. The Emperor surveys the scene. 2009 - 2013
NA200 Royal Horse Artillery Officer Shouting Orders 2010 - 2012
NA201 Royal Horse Artillery Gun Set in Action 2010 - 2012
NA202 Gordon Highlander Kneeling to Repel 2010 - 2014
NA203 Gordon Highlander Kneeling Firing 2010 - 2014
NA204 Gordon Highlander Kneeling Loading 2010 - 2014
NA205 Gordon Highlander Standing Firing 2010 - 2014
NA206 Gordon Highlander Standing to Repel 2010 - 2014
NA207 Gordon Highlander Charging 2010 - 2014
NA208 Gordon Highlander Mounted Major 2010 - 2014
NA209 Gordon Highlander Drummer 2010 - 2014
NA210 Gordon Highlander Advancing 2010 - 2014
NA211 "Gordons & Greys to the Front!" - One of the aforesaid troopers and one highlander attacking and routing the French infantry. 2010 - 2014
NA212 Gordon Highlanders Sergeant Major - Standing defiantly, claymore in hand, this senior Non Commissioned Officer is ready for all comers! 2011 -
NA214 Gordon Highlanders Officer with the King's Colour - Holding the great "Union" flag this officer shouts out commands over the heat and noise of battle. 2011 -
NA215 Gordon Highlanders Bagpiper - Marching into battle with the skirl of the pipes. 2011 -
NA216 "Seizing the Colours" - A great little vignette of a French Cuirassier capturing the Regimental Flag from a wounded officer while a guardsman wheels around to attack the Cuirassier (or his horse). 2011 -
NA217 French Line Infantry Officer Turning in Saddle - A classic pose for an officer… looking back at his men. 2012 -
NA218 French Line Infantry Officer with Regimental Guidon 2012 -
NA219 French Line Infantry Bugler 2012 -
NA220 French Line Infantry Grenadier with Sword (looking front) 2012 -
NA221 French Line Infantry Grenadier with Sword (looking left) 2012 -
NA222 French Line Infantry Scout Grenadier with Musket 2012 -
NA227 Gordon Highlander Officer with Regimental Colour 2010 -
NA228 French Line Infantry: Mounted Officer 2011 -
NA229 French Line Infantry: Marching Officer 2011 -
NA230 French Line Infantry: Flagbearer 2011 -
NA231 French Line Infantry: Drummer Boy 2011 -
NA232 French Line Infantry: Marching Rifleman (Right Shoulder) 2011 -
NA233 French Line Infantry: Marching Rifleman (Left Shoulder) 2011 -
NA234 French Line Infantry: Marching Rifleman (with Beard) 2011 -
NA235 French Line Infantry: Make Ready 2011 -
NA236 French Line Infantry: Advancing Forward 2011 -
NA237 Mounted Napoleon - The all-time, classic image of the Emperor as him and his armies traversed the length and breadth of Europe... winning countless battles and forging many enemies 2012 -
NA238 Mounted LaSalle - One of Napoleon's most trusted, loyal and bravest commanders. He was also one of the most colourful... his self-designed uniforms were very noticeable on the battlefield... Both to his men and opponents... He was killed leading his cavalry at the battle of WAGRAM in 1809. 2012 -
NA239 Mounted Bessieres - A one-time commander of the Horse Grenadiers… this richly decorated officer was one of Napoleon’s most trusted and respected generals. 2012 -
NA240 Mounted Cuirassier General - Another fine addition to the Emperor’s staff. 2012 -
NA241 92nd Highlander marching with Rifle 2012 -
NA242 92nd Bagpiper Marching 2012 -
NA243 French Line Infantry Standing Firing 2012 - 2014
NA244 French Line Infantry Biting Cartridge 2012 - 2014
NA245 French Line Infantry Loading from Pouch 2012 - 2014
NA246 French Line Infantry Standing Ready 2012 - 2014
NA247 French Line Infantry Preparing to Repel 2012 - 2014
NA248 French Line Infantry Kneeling Firing 2012 - 2014
NA249 "New Cuirassier Officer" 2013 -
NA250 "Charging Flagbearer" 2013 -
NA251 “Charging Bugler” 2013 -
NA252 “Charging Trooper” 2013 -
NA253 "Charging ... Sword Down" 2013 -
NA254 “Charging ... Sans Helmet!" 2013 -
NA255 “Charging ... and Hacking!” 2013 -
NA256 "Duke of Wellington" - A brand-new figure of the “Iron Duke” mounted on his horse “Copenhagen” viewing the enemy in the distance. As his horse contentedly chews some grass, Wellington is already pondering his next move… 2013 -
NA257 "Major General Pakenham" - This mounted senior officer is wearing the traditional cocked hat and simple “undress” uniform. He commanded the British 3rd. Division at the Battle of Salamanca in 1812 during the Peninsula War. 2013 -
NA258 "Lieut. General Stapleton Cotton" - In 1812 Cotton commanded the Cavalry Division during the Peninsula Campaign. He was well-known for his “splendid appearance” as a general officer of Hussars. Our figure shows him pointing out to Wellington some enemy movement. 2013 -
NA259 2nd Life Guards: Officer Charging - Sword held aloft this officer leads his troopers towards death…or glory. 2013 -
NA260 2nd Life Guards: Charging Bugler - Atop his white charger this bugler/trumpeter sounds the “Charge!” 2013 -
NA261 2nd Life Guards: Guidon Bearer - Carrying the regimental guidon this man prepares to charge forward. 2013 -
NA262 2nd Life Guards: Charging with Sword Down - Horse at the full gallop this trooper, in classic pose, is ready to meet the enemy. 2013 -
NA263 2nd Life Guards: Charging with Sword to the Rear 2013 -
NA265 Royal Marine: Standing Firing 2014 -
NA266 Royal Marine: Kneeling Firing 2014 -
NA267 Royal Marine: Standing Loading 2014 -
NA268 Royal Marine: Standing to Repel 2014 -
NA269 Royal Marine: Kneeling to Repel 2014 -
NA270 Royal Marine: Drummer 2014 -
NA271 Royal Marine: Officer with Sword 2014 -
NA272 Royal Marine: Senior Officer 2014 -
NA273 French Voltigeur: Mounted Officer 2014 -
NA274 French Voltigeur: Advancing Flagbearer 2014 -
NA275 French Voltigeur: Charging Port Arms 2014 -
NA276 French Voltigeur: Trumpeter 2014 -
NA277 French Voltigeur: Advancing Firing 2014 -
NA278 French Voltigeur; Kneeling Firing 2014 -
NA279 French Voltigeur: Advancing Loading 2014 -
NA280 French Voltigeur: Charging with Bayonet 2014 -
NA281 French Voltigeur: Advancing with Rifle Up 2014 -
NA282 French Voltigeur: Advancing Pointing 2014 -
NA283 British Infantry: Officer with King's Colour 2014 -
NA284 British Infantry:  Standing Firing (leaning forward) 2014 -
NA285 British Infantry: Kneeling Firing 2014 -
NA286 British Infantry: Standing Loading 2014 -
NA287 British Infantry: Standing to Repel 2014 -
NA288 British Infantry: Kneeling to Repel 2014 -
NA289 British Infantry: Drummer Boy w/Sword - This young lad has drawn his short sword to defend himself and his mates! 2014 -
NA290 "Helping Tommy Atkins" - As one soldier lies fatally wounded another reaches down to support him. 2014 -
NA291 British Infantry: Standing Firing (leaning back) 2014 -

Older Napoleonics Sets

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
NAP Napoleon - This was issued to Dealers only if a certain amount of stock was purchased 1990's
NAP.P1 Prussians - Six Prussian "landwehr" Infantry 3 in blue coats, 3 in green 1990's
NAP.FH 2 French 7th Hussars 1990's
NAP.HO 2 Highland Officers 1990's
NAP.SG 2 Scots Greys Sergeants 1990's
NAP.DM Single French Drum Major 1990's
NAP.FA Single French Artillery Man 1990's
NAP.RHA Single British Gunner 1990's
NARHA Royal Horse Artillery Set - The set consists of: 1 Mounted Officer: 3 Riders: 2 Gunners: 7 Horses: 1 Limber and 1 Field Gun all in a gloss' finish. 1990's
03 NAP Special French Gunner 1990's


Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
NE001 "Napoleon on Camel" - Inspired by the famous painting by renowned "Orientalist" painter Jean-Leon Gerome this mounted Bonaparte shields his eyes from the blazing sun as he gazes upon the ruined wonders of an ancient civilization. 2011 -
NE002 Arab Guide - Even back in the late eighteenth century there were always local people who were only too happy (for a fee) to show the foreign visitors around! 2011 - 2014
NE003 Flagbearer - Clutching his regimental banner in one hand and his sabre in the other this subaltern accompanies his General. 2011 - 2012
NE004 Soldier Pointing - Another of Bonaparte's men pointing out the ancient wonders of the Land of the Nile. 2011 - 2014
NE005 Soldier with Sun Canopy - This infantryman has rigged up an ingenious way to shade himself from the blazing desert. 2011 -
NE006 Drinking Soldier - Amidst the sweltering desert heat this young French soldier gulps down a flask full of water... or is it wine? 2011 - 2014
NE007 Chef de Musique - This colourful Napoleonic musician has definitely 'gone native' .... In addition to his baggy Mameluke-style pantaloons he has also equipped himself with a Mameluke sabre. 2011 - 2014
NE008 Kneeling Soldier - Another soldier kneels down to study an ancient stone tablet with some strange signs carved on it. 2011 - 2014
NE009 The Monument - On these Ancient Stones one of Bonaparte's men has carved the general's name. 2011 -
NE010 The Artist & The Dragoon - A military artist sits and draws some of the amazing structures before him... A standing Dragoon, shaded by an umbrella, observes the artist at work. 2011 - 2014
NE011 Mounted Infantryman? - This generally-proportioned soldier has decided to make use of a local donkey to carry him into battle… 2012 -
NE012 Temple Ruins - Two handsomely carved stone pillars support a piece of an ancient carved keystone. 2011 -
NE013 The Laughing Drummer Boy - This young lad is much amused by the antics of his donkey-riding comrade. 2012 -
NE014 "The Graffiti Artist" - Another French Infantryman cannot resist the impulse to leave his mark. 2011 - 2014
NE016 Standing Napoleon - Another study of the young General Bonaparte based on an original painting by famed military and historical artist Jean-Leon GEROME. 2012 -
NE017 "Watching French Officer" - This casually- dressed officer of Guides, hands clasped behind his back, observes the wonders of Ancient Egypt. 2012 -
NE018 "Standing Guides" - Officer With arms folded this soldier looks every inch… an officer and gentlemen. 2012 -
NE019 "Standing General with Map" - A beautifully detailed senior officer consults his map. 2012 - 2014
NE020 Guide with Musket 2012 - 2014
NE021 "Inspecting the Mummy" - French soldier and a local Nubian guide take a closer look at a mummified casket they have unearthed. 2012 - 2014
NE026 "Smoke Break" - Another of Napoleon's men pauses to light his pipe. 2012 - 2014
NE028 Camel Cavalier with Musket - Musket held aloft and scanning the horizon. 2012 -
NE029 Camel Cavalier with Baggy red pantaloons 2012 -
NE039 Camel Cavalier with Rifle Across 2012 -
NE031 “The Leader” - This “Camel Cavalier” looks through his telescope to see, if any, sight of the enemy. 2012 -
NE032 “The Bugler” - Relatively few regular cavalry served with Napoleon in Egypt. Here, however is one of the exceptions. This bugler has adapted to the local weather conditions. He also carries a “Mameluke-style” sabre. 2012 -
NE022 "Standing Guide" - A standing-at-attention trooper of the Regiment of Guides…He must be a little hot under the collar of that colourful wool uniform but at least he’s got a white neck cloth to protect him! 2013 -
NE023 "Victim of the Sun" - Napoleon’s men suffered agonies from the blistering hot Egyptian sun. Here, one of Bonaparte’s infantrymen has collapsed from sun stroke or heat exhaustion and is being assisted by one of his stronger comrades… A great little double sculpt! 2013 -
NE024 “Mounted Mameluke” - Whenever Napoleon encountered a brave and skillful enemy he always tried to recruit them into his army… after defeating them of course! In Egypt he was mightily impressed by the Mamelukes who fought on the Egyptian side and eventually recruited them for French service. This proud dignified Mameluke officer was one of the first. 2013 -
NE025 “Standing Mameluke with Musket” - Although usually mounted Mamelukes in French service, often had to perform certain military duties on foot. 2013 -
NE027 "Donkey Cavalier" - This French infantryman has commandeered a local donkey and an umbrella to make “Campaigning” in the desert a less arduous experience. 2013 -
NE033 “Demi-Brigade Flagbearer” - K&C's first “Napoleon in Egypt” flagbearer had a major mistake… an imperial eagle on the masthead of the flag before Bonaparte even became emperor! This new one accurately reflects what the flag could and should have looked like… sorry! 2013 -
NE034 9th Demi Brigade: Standing Firing 2013 -
NE0345 9th Demi Brigade: Kneeling Firing 2013 -
NE036 9th Demi Brigade: Standing to Repel 2013 -
NE037 9th Demi Brigade: Standing Ready 2013 -
NE038 9th Demi Brigade: Standing Loading 2013 -
NE039 9th Demi Brigade: Advancing 2013 -
NE040 9th Demi Brigade: Kneeling to Repel 2013 -
NE041 9th Demi Brigade: Drummer 2013 -
NE042 General Junot 2014 -
NE043 Mounted Mameluke Duellist 2014 -
NE044 9th Demi Brigade: Officer 2013 -
NE045 Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson 2014 -
NE046 Royal Navy First Lieutenant 2014 -
NE047 Royal Navy Midshipman with Union Jack 2014 -


Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
NN1 Admiral Nelson 1990's
NN2 Captain Hardy of HMS Victory 1990's
NN3 Ship's Bosun and Whistle 1990's
NN4 Gunner's Mate with Rammer 1990's
NN5 Royal Marine Corporal 1990's
NN6 Royal Marine 1990's


This is a short run series and was produced as an experimental group for testing will be very limited in numbers.

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
KCS067 British General 1990's
KCS068 Chasseur a Cheval Young Guard 1990's
KCS069 Chasseur a Cheval (1) 1990's
KCS070 Chasseur a Cheval (2) 1990's
KCS070 Chasseur a Cheval on Campaign 1990's
KCS072 Chasseur a Cheval Officer in Dress Uniform 1990's
KCS073 Dragoon Elite Company 1990's
KCS074 Vistula Lancer 1990's
KCS075 4th Dragoons 1990's
KCS076 Chasseur a Cheval Guard 1990's

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