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King and CountryKing & Country - Life of Jesus Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

"The greatest story ever told"

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
LOJ001 "The Holy Family" - A standing Joseph holds a lantern as his wife Mary nurses her new-born son. 2009 -
LOJ002 "The Shepherds" - In the field around Bethlehem a group of shepherds were tending their flock when an angel of the Lord told them of the birth of Jesus. These three have journey eyed to the Manger to see the child and to spread the joyful news. 2009 -
LOJ003 "The Three Wise Man" - In the Gospel of Mathew he says these men came from the East to worship the Christ, born King of the Jews. With them they bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh for the infant Jesus. 2009 -
LOJ004 "The Animals" - Because there was no room at the Inn in Bethlehem the Holy Family only had a humble stable to rest in. It was here, that Mary gave birth surrounded by simple farm animals... the oxen... the ass they brought with them... and some sheep. 2009 - 2013
LOJ005A "Standing Camel" - One of the dromedaries which accompanied the "Magi" 2009 -
LOJ005B "Grazing Camel" 2009 -
LOJ005C "Sitting Camel" 2009 -
LOJ006 "In the Temple" - A young Jesus, about 12 ears old, sits talking with an elderly Rabbi. This set includes the two seated figures, a bench and an altar. 2010 -
LOJ007 Standing Elders - Standing nearby are two elderly scholars amazed at the knowledge and understanding of the young boy. 2010 -
LOJ008 "Jesus' Parents" - A concerned Mary and Joseph watch over the young boy during his discussion. In addition to these three sets K&C has also added two other small civilian sets of figures and animals suitable to accompany any of the larger displays of the Holy Land at the time of Christ... 2010 -
LOJ009 The Goat Herder - A goatherd along with some of his flock. 2010 -
LOJ010 The Lost Lamb - A shepherd has been searching and found a lost and injured sheep and carries it on his shoulders. 2010 -
LOJ011 "In The Carpenter's Shop" - Here we see a teenage Jesus eagerly assisting his earthly father Joseph the Carpenter. As Joseph uses a "plane" on his large workbench his son carries over a plank of wood. The set includes the two figures plus the workbench and a pile of wooden planks. 2011 -
LOJ012 "The Water Carrier" - A woman is on her way to the village well to pick up some fresh water. Balancing the clay jug on her head she also has a basket of fresh oranges to sell at the well. 2011 -
LOJ013 "Standing Roman Auxiliary" - Auxiliaries, although armed like their Legionnary comrades, were quite different in appearance.
Many units wore blue as their uniform colour. Their shields were also blue with particular designs on the front peculiar to the Auxiliaries themselves.
2011 -
LOJ014 "Auxiliary w/ Shield and Spear" - On parade... or on guard duty... the choice is yours. 2011 -
LOJ015 "Walking Auxiliary" - Spear in one hand... shield in the other... 2011 -
LOJ016 "Marching Auxiliary" - Spear on shoulder... shield in hand and ready for anything! 2011 -
LOJ017 "The Centurion" - Many, if not most, of the Auxiliary officers were regular Roman soldiers seconded to an Auxiliary Unit for a specific length of service. Here he is issuing "orders of the day" from a clay tablet. 2011 -
LOJ018 "Auxiliary on Drinking Horse" 2012 -
LOJ019 Auxiliary on Standing Horse 2012 -
LOJ020 "The Ox Cart" - This little cart pulled by two oxen was originally designed for K&C's "Life of Jesus" series however, as you can see from some photos, it can be utilized in a wide variety of historic eras and times… 2012 -
LOJ021 "Primum Pilus" - One of the Legion's senior officers and most decorated for valour. 2012 -
LOJ022 "Roman Auxiliary Saluting" - The out thrust arm salute originated with Rome's Legions... it was only almost two millennium later it was copied first by Mussolini's Fascitis... and then the Nazis. 2012 -
LOJ023 "Roman Auxiliary Drinking" - Patrolling the streets of Jerusalem and other towns in Israel was thirsty work. This auxiliary pauses for a drink. Is it water or wine? 2012 -
LOJ024 "The Boot Maker" - Sitting on his work stool this craftsman could be found operating in many Roman garrisons. 2012 -
LOJ025 "John The Baptist" - The man who baptized Jesus himself and a well-known figure of the time preaching the length and breadth of Israel. He foretold the coming of the Lord and met his fate at the hands of Herod's daughter. 2012 -
LOJ026 "The Listener" - A bearded Pharisee listening to John's preaching. 2012 -
LOJ027 "Seated Man" - Another spectator listening to John's preaching. 2012 -
LOJ028 "Sitting Woman" - On her way back from the water well this woman sits and listens to words of John. 2012 -
LOJ029 "The Scholar" - Seated on a colourful mat this young man is studying. 2012 -
LOJ030 The Galilean Fishing Boat 2014 -
LOJ031 Jesus 2014 -
LOJ032 The Fishermen Set 2014 -
LOJ033 "Standing Roman Auxiliary" (in red tunic) 2014 -
LOJ034 "Auxiliary w/ Shield and Spear" (in red tunic) 2014 -
LOJ035 "Walking Auxiliary" (in red tunic) 2014 -
LOJ036 "Marching Auxiliary" (in red tunic) 2014 -
LOJ037 "The Centurion" (in red tunic) 2014 -
LOJ038 "Standing Primum Pilus" 2014 -
LOJ039 "Roman Auxiliary Saluting" 2014 -
LOJ040 "Roman Auxiliary Drinking" 2014 -

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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