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Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me.

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King and CountryKing & Country Metal Figures Archives

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

King & Country boxFounded in 1984 in Hong Kong. King & Country has developed into one of the world's major designers and producers of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale military, civilian toy soldiers and miniatures. In addition to metal toy soldiers, and miniature figures, King & Country has also developed an amazing and expanding range of scale model buildings and fighting vehicles.

“From the mysterious rituals of ancient Egypt, to the gruelling conflict of the Napoleonic wars: from the splendour and pageantry of 18th century Imperial China, to the great campaigns of 20th century Europe: King & Country's beautifully detailed and historically accurate, hand-painted 1/30 scale metal figurines allow you to recreate them all.”

Due to the size of this range I have broke my list down into several different categories:

Ancient Egyptians (AE)

Ancient Greeks (AG)

British Empire (SOE)

Buidings & Accessories

Ceremonial Figures (includes Ceremonial Series (CS), British Guards (BG), Black Watch Highlanders (BW), Gordon Highlanders (GH), Seaforth Highlanders (SH), Royal Navy (RN), Royal Marines (RM) and US Marine Corps (MC))

Christmas Specials (XM)

Collectors Club Figures (SF)

Crusaders 1096 - 1204 (MK)

English Civil War (PnM)

Historic Oriental (includes The Streets of Old Hong Kong (HK), Heroes of China (HoC), Imperial Collection (IC) and Imperial Chinese Army (CA))

Historic US (includes Civil War (ACW) (CW), American Revolution Americans (AR) and British (BR), The Alamo (RTA), The West (TW), The Real West (TRW))

Life of Jesus (LOJ)

Napoleonic Wars (includes the main "Napoleonics" series (NA), "Nelsons Navy" (NN), "Napoleon in Egypt" series) (NE)

Romans (RO) and Barbarians (BAR)(CBG)

Special Forces (SF)

US Navy (USN) and (USMC)

Vietnam War (VN)

World of Dickens (DO) and (WoD)

World War I (First World War (FW), Australian Light Horse (AL), Lawrence of Arabia (LOA), Middle East 1914-18 (ME))

World War II - Part 1 (includes US Airforce (AF), Warbirds (AIR) Afrika Korps (AK), Arnhem (AN), Battle of the Bulge Americans (BBA) and Germans (BBG))

World War II - Part 2 (includes  D Day British and Americans (DD), Montgomery's Eighth Army (EA), Fallschirmjagers (FJ), Fields of Battle (FOB), German Cavalry (GC), GS Series (Early Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler) (GS), Italian Forces (IF))

World War II - Part 3 (includes Sands of Iwo Jima (IWJ), Japanese Navy (JN), Kreigsmarine (KM), Liebstandartde (LAH), Landing Craft (LC), Luftwaffe (LW))

World War II - Part 4 (includes Market Garden (MG), Russians (RA), Royal Air Force (RAF), SAS/LRDG (SAS), German Army (WH), Waffen SS/ German Army, (WSS), Battle of the Bulge (1990's), Tanks (TK), Warbirds (WB))

Zulu War (ZULU)

Miscellaneous Items

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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