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King and CountryKing & Country - Ancient Egypt Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

The hidden secrets of Ancient Egypt; its Tombs, Temples and Mummies; have fascinated and inspired us for centuries. This unique collection of figures and display accessories reveal glimpses through the mystery by portraying life and death in the ancient land of the Nile.

The exciting and colourful Ancient Egypt range is one of the finest series of collectible models King & Country has ever developed; it is the culmination of nearly 2 years of research, design and manufacturing.

The models are based on Pharaoh's visit to a temple to oversee progress on the construction of a marvellous Egyptian monument. Stonemasons chip away while skilled painters prepare their work overseen by a group of engineers and architects. Elsewhere in the temple, priests prepare an embalmed body for its journey to the "after life".

Model Number Description Issued - Deleted
AE01 Pharoah's Sedan Chair - Mighty Pharaoh borne aloft on his richly decorated sedan chair by four sturdy Palace slaves. 2004 - 2007
AE02 Fan Bearers (2) - To ease the stifling heat of the Egyptian sun a pair of ostrich feather wielding fan bearers accompany Pharaoh. 2004 - 2007
AE03 Pharoah's Chariot Set - A prince of the Royal Kingdom stands proudly on his war chariot. Pulling it are two richly ornamented Arab stallions. The whole set is firmly anchored onto a special “landscaped” style base. 2004 - 2007
AE04 The Architects - Two architects discuss the finer points of their plan while a writing scribe sits at their feet - a basket of plans at his side. 2004 - 2009
AE05 The Painters - Two master painters prepare to decorate the back of a statue while their young apprentice grinds together the ingredients of their paint. 2004 - 2009
AE06 The Stone Carvers - Two stonemasons, chisels in hand, chip away at a monument. A third mason carefully checks some measurements, the fourth polishes the finished work. 2004 - 2008
AE07 Wrapping the Mummy - A high priest wearing the mask of Anubis puts the final touches to a recently wrapped mummy. Assisting him are two other priests. 2004 - 2013
AE08 Mummy Painter - A fabulous gold-decorated casket at his feet this craftsmen adds the final touches to the exquisitely painted inner casket. 2004 - 2009
AE09 Standing Guardsman - A uniformed spearman of Pharaoh's own bodyguard stands impassively formal at the Temple's entrance. 2004 - 2009
AE10 Marching Guardsman - A troop of Pharaoh's personal bodyguards would always be in attendance wherever the ruler moved around his Kingdom. 2004 - 2009
AE11 Scaffolding Set - A typical wooden structure great for the stone workers (AE06) to stand on. 2004 - 2008
AE12 Pair of Pharoah's Statues - A familiar sight outside any Egyptian temple ― a pair of giant stone statues depicting Pharaoh flanking the entrance way [Height 7.5" - 190mm]. 2004 - 2008
AE13 Temple Facade - A stunning set piece this sandstone coloured gateway forms the perfect backdrop to the figures and looks great with the pair of statues (AE12) [Height 9.75" (245mm), Length 13.75" (350mm), Width 1.85" (47mm)]. 2004 - 2008
AE14 Pharoah's Head - A gigantic carved stone head of the boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Again an impressive sculpture for outside the temple [Height 6.5'' / 170mm]. 2004 - 2008
AE15 Hunting Pharaoh - a solo walking figure of the Son of Ra out hunting. A quiver of arrows over one shoulder a bow over the other – This is a great addition to this popular series. 2004 - 2008
AE16 Hunting Party - Pharaoh has been successful in the hunt. This add-on set has a pair of loyal retainers carrying the body of a young desert antelope hanging from a pole. 2004 - 2007
AE17 The Royal Mascot - a powerful young leopard together with his Royal Palace handler. 2004 - 2011
AE18 Pair of Sphinx - These stone monuments often formed an avenue leading up to a Temple gateway and were thought to be ‘guardians’ of the building itself. 2004 - 2006
AE19 Cleopatra's Body Guard - A proud Nubian, arms folded, stands ready to protect his Queen. 2006 - 2013
AE20 The Cleopatra Set - The "Jewel of the Nile" herself, seated on a throne of gold with her Court Chamberlain by one side and some refreshing wine and fruit by the other. 2006 - 2008
AE21 Banquet Guests Set 1 - A reclining Egyptian nobleman enjoys his wine...his favourite concubine sits nearby. 2006 - 2013
AE22 Banquet Guests Set 2 - A servant girl pours some more refreshment for another of Cleopatra's noble guests. 2006 - 2013
AE23 Dancing Girls - Two beautiful and supple female entertainers dance for the guests unencumbered by too many clothes! 2006 - 2013
AE24 Court Musicians - Providing the background music for the dancers (AE23) is this Ancient Egyptian version of "Destiny's Child". 2006 - 2013
AE25 'Opening the Mouth Ceremony' - Three Priests and a Priestess perform a special ceremony on a mummy to enable the departed to enjoy the 'Afterlife' 2007 - 2013
AE26 The Slave Market - Buying and selling slaves was an everyday business in Ancient Egypt. This Slave Master has three unfortunates to find a buyer. 2007 - 2010
AE27 Slave Buyer - A wealthy land owner makes his selection to add to his household. 2007 - 2010
AE28 Nubian Slave Guard - Nubians were famous for their physical strength and loyalty. Although still a slave this Nubian guards the 'property' of his slave master. 2007 - 2013
AE29 The Gift Givers - Julius Caesar and Mark Antony made their way to Egypt in pursuit of Pompey and soon made the acquaintance of Queen Cleopatra. Here the two Romans present special gifts to the Egyptian temptress. 2007 - 2011
AE30 Master of Ceremonies - A High Priest who organizes all kinds of events from weddings to funerals. 2007 - 2013
AE31 Drummer - A ceremonial musician who usually accompanied the 'Master of Ceremonies'. 2007 - 2013
AE32 Wedding Couple - A wealthy couple celebrate their marriage. 2008 -
AE33 Another Dancing Girl - A third member of the dancing troop. 2008 - 2011
AE34 High Priest of RA God of the Sun 2008 - 2013
AE35 Hand Maiden to Priest of RA 2008 - 2013
AE36 Wedding Guest Couple 2008 -
AE37 Standing Pharaoh - In his richly decorated costume he is an honoured guest to the wedding ceremony. 2008 - 2014
AE38 Cleopatra's Needle (Egyptian Obelisk) - Perfect addition to any great scene on the Nile. 2008 - 2011
AE39 Cleopatra and Her Handmaidens 2009 -
AE39 The Hunting Party - Two members of the Emperor's Bodyguard Regiment are out hunting in the Palace's own Royal Hunting Grounds. 2009 only
AE40 Court Official 2011 -
AE041 "The Baker Set" - A young baker tends his oven as he prepares to offer a selection of bread to his customers 2011 -
AE042 "Mother & Son" - Visiting the market this mother and her young boy make their selection. 2011 -
AE043 Woman Carrying Water 2011 -
AE044 "Fruit Seller Set" - Surrounded by baskets of fresh fruit this woman offers a sample of her produce to a regular customer. 2011 -
AE045 "The Bread maker" - Another woman, perhaps the baker's wife prepares the dough ready for the oven. 2011 -
AE046 "Sphinx" - A brand-new Sphinx... when we retired the last version we did not realize how useful or requested this item would be. So, we've come up with an all-new version. 2012 -
AE047 The Mummy's Statue - A great little display item with lots of detail that can be used primarily in an " Ancient Egypt" scenario ... or just as well with "Napoleon in Egypt" figures or even WW2's Afrika Korps or 8th Army. 2012 -
AE048 "The Anubis Set" - Two Nubian slaves carry a likeness of the canine god to a nearby riverside temple. 2013 -
AE049 "The Papyrus Boat Set" - A standing boatman guides his craft along the river together with a female passenger. 2013 -
AE050 "The Fishermen" - As one man guides the papyrus boat the other spears fish for the basket and the local market. 2013 -
AE051 "Hunting the Hippo!" - Elsewhere on the river other hunters are seeking more dangerous prey….the mighty hippopotamous. As the huge beast rears its head out of the water a standing Nubian takes careful aim. 2013 -
AE052 "Small Papyrus Boat" - A single unmanned craft to sit along the river’s edge. 2013 -
AE053 "The New Pharaoh's Gate" - A handsome Ancient Egyptian background piece that can be added to or stand-alone – works equally well. In 2 x pieces…the base and stone steps and the decorated wall and gate. 2014 -
AE054 "The Wall Gods Set" - Two statues, mounted on wall sections, portray “Annubis” and “Thoth”, two of Ancient Egypt’s most revered deities. Goes well with the previous AE053 “New Pharaoh’s Gate”. 2014 -
AE055 "The Standing Pharaoh" 2014 -
AE056 "Pharaoh's Bodyguard" 2014 -
AE057 "The Vizier" - One of Pharaoh’s most trusted advisers. 2014 -
AE058 "The New Fan Bearer" - A ‘new’ edition of an old favourite. 2014 -
AE059 "Paying Homage" - Kneeling before the Pharaoh is a lesser ruler from one of the vassal states bordering Egypt. He offers a sword to Pharaoh to show his loyalty and obedience. 2014 -

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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