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King and CountryKing & Country - Collectors Club Figures Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

Models available exclusively to members of the King and Country Collectors Club.

Model Number Name Issued - Deleted
Club 1996 Special British Tommy Gunner - The first Club Special produced for the King & Country UK Club Members, only 60 produced. 1996 only
RCMP 97 Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, Standing, gloss finish, Mint Condition, Produced 1997 Special Edition for K & C Collectors Club 1997 only
CF01 French Foreign Legionnaire Indochina 1954 2004 - 2005
CF02 Napoleon's Imperial Guard Waterloo 1815 2004 - 2005
CF03 Crusader Crossbowman 2005 - 2012
CF04 Wehrmacht Soldier on Parade (1939) 2005 - 2012
CF05 Jean-Baptiste BESSIERES- One of Napoleons's most loyal commanders. Dressed in the uniform of a Colonel-General of the Imperial Guard Cavalry 2006 - 2012
CF06 Michael Wittman- The most famous tank ace of WW2. Dressed in this black "Panzer" uniform and wearing his Knight's Cross with Swords award at his neck. 2006 - 2012
CF07 Dragoon Bugler- A beautifully detailed dismounted trumpeter of the Emperor's own "Dragons de l'Imperatice". 2006 - 2012
CF08 Handschar N.C.O.- A non commissioned officer of the 13th SS Mountain Division "Handschar" 2006 - 2012
CF09 1914 Marching to Paris - A superb study of an early First World War German Infantryman. 2007 - 2012
CF10 Flashman- The hero of George Macdonald Fraser's hugely successful series of "Flashman" novels. 2007 - 2012
CF11 The 9th Bengal lancers - Better known as "Hodson's Horse" after its first colonel. One of British India's most famous cavalry regiments and most colourful. This figure is dressed in typical "Parade-style" uniform of the late 19th Centry Raj. 2007 - 2012
CF12 The 1st Bombay Lancers - Raised in 1817, the senior Cavalry Regiment of the Bombay army, in 1833 they adopted the green coat uniform seen on this figure. 2007 - 2012
CF13 German Sailor on Guard Duty - A seaman of the Third Reich's "Kriegsmarine". 2007 -
CF14 Murat - Joachim Murat (1767-1815). One of Napoleon's most Flamboyant Marshals and the future King of Naples. 2007 - 2012
CF15 German Cossack - After the German invasion of Russia in 1941 many of these famous horsemen went over to the Axis cause. Several cavalry were formed… this figure shows a typical German officer wearing formal Cossack uniform. 2007 - 2012
CF16 Bobby Woll - Balthasar "Bobby" Woll, was the Tiger tank gunner of tank ace Michael Wittman. 2008 -
CF17 Skinner's Horse Trooper - Skinner's Horse are probably the most famous of the old Indian Army's Cavalry Regiments 2008 -
CF18 Scinde's Horse Trooper- Originally called Jacob's Horse, this cavalry regiment served mostly on the North West Frontier. 2008 -
CF20 The Australian Digger - This Club Figure is from the famous 7th. Australian Division fighting in the Western Desert in 1941. 2009 -
CF21 Madras Lancers British Officer - Standing resplendent in his full dress uniform, this British/ Indian Army officer views his troops. Circa 1895. 2009 -
CF24 OTTO SKORZENY - He is wearing Luftwaffe uniform as he appeared on the Mussolini rescue mission on September 12, 1943 2010 -
CF25 HAMISH "Mad Jock" MacTAVISH - As he appeared whilst serving with the regiment in the Khyber Pass in 1935 2010 -
CF26 Major General ORDE WINGATE - A British Army officer he created special military units to fight Arab terrorists in Palestine before the war. 2011 -
CF27 General "Jimmy" DOOLITTLE - A major American aviation pioneer long before WW2. He is most famous for leading the legendary "DOOLITTLE RAID" on Tokyo on April 18, 1942. 2011 -
CF28 The Athenian Marine - This figure dates from around the 5th Century before Christ and these ancient "sea-soldiers" wore composite armour made up of overlapping leather together with flexible metal scales covering the mid-section. 2011 -
CF29 Coldstream Guard on Guard Duty - Raised in 1650 on the orders of Oliver Cromwell the Coldstream Guards wear red plumes on the right side of their bearskins and their tunic buttons are spaced in pairs. 2012 -
CF30 Royal Marine on Guard Duty 1935 - "When the Great War (1914-18) ended, the strength of the Royal Marines was at an all-time high of 55,000 men. All Marines now wore "blues" as their parade uniform topped off with the traditional white "pith" helmet. 2012 -
CF31 Captain Eddie Rickenbacker - Captain Edward Vernon Rickenbacker was one of history's greatest 'Flying Aces'. In the heat of combat, Rickenbacker achieved the single highest number of American aerial victories over the Germans during World War I... 26 enemy aircraft. 2012 -
CF32 Field Marshal Herbert Kitchener - Field Marshal Kitchener (1850-1916), "Kitchener of Khartoum", was an Irish-born British soldier, statesman and pro consul who made his name and reputation during the many colonial wars and campaigns of the late Victorian era. 2012 -
CF33 The Universal “Tommy” - A British "Tommy" impersonating Charlie for the amusement of their comrades somewhere behind the lines. 2012 -
CF34 The Universal “Fritz” - A German "Fritz" impersonating Charlie, proving once more that humour is universal and crosses borders... seas... and even trenches! 2012 -
CF35 "The Little Tramp" - “The Little Tramp” was universally popular with cinema lovers the world over and was copied an imitated in thousands of competitions held to promote his movies.
Here, is one such imitator capturing the look, the stance and even the costume of the great Chaplin himself.
2012 -
CF36 "Saluting Stan" Stan Laurel (The Skinny one) and Oliver Hardy (the fat one) together made up one of the most famous comedy duos of the 1930's and 1940's cinema. As "Laurel & Hardy" they appeared in dozens of features... Here in "Bonnie Scotland" they joined one of the most famous Scottish Regiments in the British Army... "The Black Watch" and brought havoc and comic mayhem to the rebellious North West Frontier of India. 2013 -
CF37 "Happy Hardy" 2013 -
CF38 General Manteuffel - General Hasso Freiherr Von Manteuffel (1897-1978) was a German Officer who fought in both world wars rising to become one of the Third Reich's most distinguished and decorated Tank Generals. During the Battle of the Bulge his Fifth Panzer Army achieved one of the deepest and most dangerous penetrations of the Allied Lines. In March 1945, while serving on the Eastern Front, Russian troops stormed his headquarters killing four of his staff. Manteuffel himself shot one Russian and killed another with a trench knife while ejecting them! After the war he entered politics and was elected to the Bundestag (the German Parliament) He was also invited to visit and lecture in the United States and met President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the White House. He died in Austria in 1978 2013 -

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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