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King and CountryKing & Country - Christmas Specials Archive

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

Model Number Description Comments Issued - Deleted
XM02-01 2002 Santa - A seated Santa with a bursting satchel full of toys at his feet consulting his address book to see which little boys and girls had been good all year and deserved a visit from him. In the background was a traditional Christmas Tree complete with candles, decorations and even more presents surrounding it. Limited Edition 2002 Only
XM02-03 British Guard Limited Edition 2002 Only
XM02-04 Eisenhower and 3 Paratroopers Limited Edition 2002 Only
XM02-05 Rommel and Standing Patrol Limited Edition 2002 Only
XM02-06 Montgomery and Hitler and Mussolini Limited Edition 2002 Only
XM03 2003 Santa - The Christmas scene for 2003 showed our hero with an even bigger bag of toys with a little girl and her little brother gazing up in wonderment at Santa. Both the children were in their pyjamas and had obviously been awakened by Santa's sleigh bells. Limited Edition 2003 Only
XM04 "Santa comes to China” - Our third special Christmas Santa Set, shows a very font class=" font6"> traditional Santa making a very untraditional stopover in China! To celebrate he is wearing a unique Hakka-style straw hat with fringe and is carrying two big baskets of goodies slung on a pole over his shoulder, coolie-style. In addition, he is accompanied by a happy Chinese Chau Chau dog. Like our previous Santa models, this set will only be available Christmas 2004. Limited Edition 2004 Only
XM05 “Santa in a Jeep” - Our fourth special Christmas Santa Set. Father Christmas, or rather a GI dressed up as Santa has exchanged his reindeer and sled for a Willy's Jeep. The scene is December 1944...a little besieged town in Belgium... the place is deserted except for a platoon of GI's and an old priest looking after a dozen orphan kids. In the midst of battle the GI's decide to give the kids the best Christmas they've ever had. All their extra rations plus a crate of Florida oranges and a case of Cola. A GI dressed up as Santa... another GI driver and a jeep called 'White Christmas' make this a very special collector's set with a military flavour. Only 600 sets have been produced. Like our previous Santa models, this set will only be available Christmas 2005. Limited Edition 2005 Only
XM06 "Napoleonic Santa and The Little Drummer Boys" - Santa listens to the requests of two delightful little French Drummer Boys. In those days orphans or "Sons of the Regiment" were often adopted by a particular unit if their fathers had been killed in action or taken prisoner. Even boys as young as 7 or 8 years of age would be incorporated into the Corps of Drums. Limited Edition 2006 Only
XM07 "Christmas Truce 1914" - As is our custom now, every Christmas we release a special set with a Festive theme relating to one of our different series. This year, 2007, with the release of the First World War range we felt we should remember the unique Cease Fire that took place on Christmas Day 1914 when British and German soldiers organised an unoffcial cessation of the hostilities to celebrate the birth of Christ. Meeting in no-man s land the opposing troops exchanged simple gifts...shared each others drinks and rations and played a unique football match! Here is our scene... Father Christmas distributes gifts to a German Fritz and a Scot Jock who, for a few short hours, enjoy the peace and quiet of Christmas day. hoping for a Silent Night ! Just 650 of these very special sets produced. Limited Edition 2007 Only
XM08 "Last Christmas of the War" - It's December 15th 1944 and somewhere in front of the vast, impenetrable Ardennes Forest in Belgium, a couple of GI's are heating up some K Rations when a pair of hungry Belgium children and their dog show up. Behind them the ruins of a fireplace make a realistic backdrop. Limited Edition 2008 Only
XM09-01 Santa Claus Set 2009 "G I Santa" - Our 'Christmas Hero' has managed to scrounge, beg, borrow a few goodies for the kids and his buddies. An excellent ad on to our Santa Claus Set 2008 Limited Edition 2009 Only
XM09-02 Santa Claus Set 2009 "Santa having Fun" - Mr and Mrs Santa Claus enjoy a little jig around the workshop floor. Limited Edition 2009 Only
XM010-01 "No Kristmas for the Kaiser" - Just 400 sets of this 3-man group will be available... Santa has fallen foul of the German authorities... Somewhere over the Western Front his sleigh and reindeer have been captured and he's been carted off along with his bag of goodies to the nearest headquarters! Only 400 sets produced. Limited Edition 2010 Only
XM010-02 "Have You Got Something For Me, Santa?" - A happy, smiling Santa is about to cheer up this cold and lonely GI... Somewhere in Belgium, Christmas Eve, 1944. Only 600 sets produced. Limited Edition 2010 Only
XM011-01 "The Napoleonic Snow Battle" - As two young French drummer boys do battle with snow balls... a brave Santa Claus tries in vain to keep them apart... this is K&C's special Christmas set for 2011... Just 500 have been produced. Limited Edition 2011 Only
XM012-01 "Christmas 1914" - As always around this time K&C produces its “SPECIAL YULETIDE SET.” This year we’ve returned to that famous “Christmas Truce” of 1914 where British and German troops left their trenches and met each other in “No Man’s Land” and fraternized for the one and only time during that terrible conflict.A British “Tommy” has brought out a Xmas Pudding and a jar of Rum to share with some of the “Opposing Team”. One of his German opponents has in turn brought a wicker hamper full of wine, beer, Schnapps and good old German sausage. One of his comrades takes a photo of the memorable occasion. Limited Edition 2012 Only
XM013-01 "Ski-ing Santa" - Every now and then Mr. Claus has to forego his sleigh and reindeer and take to his skis to make a special delivery. Here the man of the moment has a full sack load of toys and gifts for some very good little boys and girls! Limited Edition 2013 Only
XM014-01 Santa Claus Set 2014-1: Red Cross Santa - Santa has bought a fully laden sack load of Red Cross parcels, gifts and something to drink for the troops. Limited Edition 2014 Only
XM014-02 Santa Claus Set 2014-2: Merry Christmas Tommy - Here a 'Fritz' and a 'Tommy' meet in 'No Man's Land' watched over by a benevolent snowman. Limited Edition 2014 Only
XM14-03 Christmas Tree - (re-release of tree from XM02-01) Limited Edition 2014 Only
XM14-04 Santa and His Notebook - (re-release of Santa from XM02-01) Limited Edition 2014 Only

This is an archive listing of King and Country figures and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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