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Britains-Toy-Soldiers Archive

This site is an archive of my main website. Information on this site is for reference purposes only and although I have tried to be as accurate as can there may be some errors with descriptions, release dates or other information. Many of the items listed on this site have been or are for sale on my main website, please visit here to see what I currently have available. Where possible I have included pictures of items but please note that due to bandwidth and size constraints it is not possible for me to include pictures of everything listed. cavalryman figure

Archive Contents

Old Lead Figures


Other Manufacturers

Plastic Figures


Britains Swoppets

Britains Eyes-Right

Britains/ Herald

Britains deetail

Britains Farm Models & Accessories

Atlantic and Other Italian Made Figures

DOC Models

Lone*Star Vehicles and Figures

Timpo Plastics

Toyway Plastics

Other Manufacturers Plastic (Vintage) (1/32nd, 54mm, 60mm, etc)

Other Manufacturers Plastic (Modern Reissues) (1/32nd, 54mm, 60mm, etc)

Other Manufacturers Small Scale Plastic Figures (1/72nd, 25mm, HO-OO, etc)

New Metal Models


American Civil War

American Revolution

Americana Series

Archive Collection

Ceremonial Troops

Classic Collection

Collectors Club and Other Special Releases

Delhi Durbar / Indian Army


Limited Editions

Napoleonic Wars and Nelson

Victoria Cross and the Indian Mutiny

Victoria Cross and the Crimean War

War Along the Nile

World War I

World War II

Zulu War



54 MM Figures and Accessories



18th Century

19th Century

20th Century

77MM Figures and Accessories

90 MM Figures and Accessories

Charles Biggs

Icon Miniatures

King and Country

Ancient Egyptians (AE)

Ancient Greeks (AG)

British Empire (SOE)

Buidings & Accessories

Ceremonial Figures (includes Ceremonial Series (CS), British Guards (BG), Black Watch Highlanders (BW), Gordon Highlanders (GH), Seaforth Highlanders (SH), Royal Navy (RN), Royal Marines (RM) and US Marine Corps (MC))

Christmas Specials (XM)

Collectors Club Figures (SF)

Crusaders 1096 - 1204 (MK)

English Civil War (PnM)

Historic Oriental (includes The Streets of Old Hong Kong (HK), Imperial Collection (IC) and Imperial Chinese Army (CA))

Historic US (includes Civil War (ACW) (CW), American Revolution Americans (AR) and British (BR), The Alamo (RTA), The West (TW), The Real West(TRW))

Life of Jesus (LOJ)

Napoleonic Wars (includes the main "Napoleonics" series (NA), "Nelsons Navy" (NN), "Napoleon in Egypt" series) (NE)

Romans (RO) and Barbarians (BAR)(CBG)

Special Forces (SF)

US Navy (USN) and (USMC)

Vietnam War (VN)

World of Dickens (DO)

World War I (First World War (FW), Australian Light Horse (AL), Lawrence of Arabia(LOA))

World War II - Part 1 (includes US Airforce (AF), Warbirds (AIR) Afrika Korps (AK), Arnhem (AN), Battle of the Bulge Americans (BBA) and Germans (BBG))

World War II - Part 2 (includes  D Day British and Americans (DD), Montgomery's Eighth Army (EA), Fallschirmjagers (FJ), Fields of Battle (FOB), German Cavalry (GC), GS Series (Early Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler) (GS), Italian Forces (IF), Sands of Iwo Jima (IWJ))

World War II - Part 3 (includes Kreigsmarine (KM), Liebstandartde (LAH), Landing Craft (LC), Luftwaffe (LW))

World War II - Part 4 (includes Market Garden (MG), Russians (RA), Royal Air Force (RAF), SAS/LRDG (SAS), Waffen SS/ German Army, (WSS), Battle of the Bulge (1990's), Tanks (TK), Warbirds (WB))

Zulu War (ZULU)

Miscellaneous Items

Mulberry Miniatures

The New Model Army

Oryon Collection

Other Manufacturers


DOC Models

Composition Figures & Accessories

Miscellaneous Figures & Accessories

Other Makes Vehicles & Accessories

Manufacturers Catalogues & Other Reference Books


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