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Alymer Miniploms (90mm) Figures Archive

This is an archive listing of Alymer products and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here


Catalogue Number Description
B-1 Guardia Civil (1 piece set)
B-2 Franco (1 piece set)
B-3 Juan Carlos I (1 piece set)


Catalogue Number Description
B-50 Pope John Paul II (Ioannes Paulus II) on Wooden Plinth (1 piece set)


Catalogue Number Description
C-1 Basson-mortar XIV Century (1 piece set)
C-2 French Cannon 1570 (1 piece set)
C-3 German Cannon XVI Century (1 piece set)
C-4 Spanish Cannon 1808 (1 piece set)


Catalogue Number Description
E-001 Hunter Flag-bearer, 1805 France (1 piece set)
E-002 Hunter Trumpet, 1805 France (1 piece set)
E-003 Hungarian General, 1820 Austrian Empire (1 piece set)
E-004 Officer 3rd Hussar Regiment, 1850-1860 New York (1 piece set)
E-005 Hussar Officer, 1810-1817 Boston (1 piece set)
E-006 Hussar Officer "Maria Luisa" Regiment, 1806 Spain (1 piece set)
E-007 "Landsknecht" on Horseback, 1520 (1 piece set)
E-008 Flag-bearer of Henry V, England 1416 (1 piece set)
E-009 Samurai on Horseback XVI Century (1 piece set)
E-010 XVI Century Mounted Samurai (1 piece set)
E-011 Franco on Horseback (1 piece set)


Catalogue Number Description
E-050 Lancer 5th Light Cavalry Regiment, 1812 France (1 piece set)
E-051 Polish Lancer, 1815 France (1 piece set)
E-052 Standard-bearer "Villaviciosa" Regiment, 1804 Spain (1 piece set)
E-053 Royal Dragoons Regiment, 1811 England (1 piece set)
E-054 Captain General Half Court Dress, 1808 Spain (1 piece set)
E-055 Cuirassier Officer, 1810 France (1 piece set)
E-056 "Guardia Civil" Captain in Court Dress, 1921 Spain (1 piece set)
E-057 Officer Corps Guard, 1808 Wutemberg (1 piece set)
E-058 Napoleon I, 1808 France (1 piece set)
E-059 Cuirassier, 1810 Spain (1 piece set)
E-060 Colonel of Dragoons, 1805 France (1 piece set)
E-061 Frederic the Great, 1712-1786 Prussia (1 piece set)
E-062 Flag-bearer of the King's Troops, 1660 England (1 piece set)
E-063 Orleans Cavalry Trumpet, 1724 France (1 piece set)
E-064 Captain U.S. 7th Cavalry, 1863 (1 piece set)


Catalogue Number Description
E-100 "Landsknecht" Pikeman, 1520 Germany (1 piece set)
E-101 Hunter of the Guard, 1808 France (1 piece set)
E-102 Drum Major 9th Infantry, 1809 France (1 piece set)
E-103 2nd Imperial Guard Lancer Regiment, 1810-1815 France (1 piece set)
E-104 Cuirassier Officer, 1810-1815 France (1 piece set)
E-105 Kings Hussar Officer, 1813 Great Britain (1 piece set)
E-106 Imperial Guard Grenadier, 1804-1816 France (1 piece set)
E-107 Division General, 1804-1815 France (1 piece set)
E-108 Soldier "Death" Regiment, 1608 Spain (1 piece set)
E-109 Napoleonic Mameluc, 1104-1814 France (1 piece set)
E-110 93 Highlander Regiment, 1810 Great Britain (1 piece set)
E-111 Valencian Volunteer, 1108 Spain (1 piece set)
E-112 Napoleon I in Campaign Uniform, 1808 France (1 piece set)
E-113 "Velarde" Captain, 1108 Spain (1 piece set)
E-114 Madrilean RuffIan, 1808 Spain (1 piece set)
E-115 Line Infantry volunteer, 1801 Spain (1 piece set)
E-116 Artillery Sergeant, 1808 Spain (1 piece set)
E-117 Madrilian Civilian, 1808 Spain (1 piece set)
E-118 Armour XV Century Spain (1 piece set)
E-119 Armour XVI Century Spain (1 piece set)
E-120 Armour XVI Century Spain (1 piece set)
E-121 General of the Spanish Tercaos, 1547 (1 piece set)
E-122 Conquistador XVI Century Spain (1 piece set)
E-123 Arquebusier XVI Century (1 piece set)
E-124 King's Guard's Troops, England 1660 (1 piece set)
E-125 Fusilier 23rd Foot Regiment, England 1775 (1 piece set)
E-126 Prince of "Asturias", Spain (1 piece set)
E-127 General Rommel Germany (1 piece set)
E-128 Ronald Reagan USA (1 piece set)
E-129 Mussolini Italy (1 piece set)
E-130 Grenadiers 57th Foot Regiment, England 1759 (1 piece set)
E-131 NATO Corporal Paratroops (1 piece set)
E-132 Crimean Legionnaire, 1864 (1 piece set)
E-133 Tonkin Legionnaire, 1855 (1 piece set)
E-134 Legionnaire, 1916 (1 piece set)
E-135 Moroccan Sergeant, 1910 (1 piece set)
E-136 Syrian Brigade, 1925 (1 piece set)
E-137 Norwegian Legionnaire, 1940 (1 piece set)
E-138 Indochina Sergeant, 1952 (1 piece set)
E-139 Saharan Sergeant, 1960 (1 piece set)
E-140 Drum Corporal, 1970 (1 piece set)
E-141 Kolwezi Legionnaire, 1978 (1 piece set)


Catalogue Number Description
M-1 Defence of the "Monteleon" Artillery Park (5 figures and gun)


Catalogue Number Description
Base type 1 Round Wooden Base for E-90 MM Infantry
Base type 2 Wooden Base for E-90 MM Cavalry
Base type 3 Octagonal Wooden Base for E-90 MM Infantry

This is an archive listing of Alymer products and is for information purposes only - to see what I currently have for sale click here.

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