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Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me.

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Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me.

Postage/Shipping charges vary depending on the weight and size of the item(s, the destination country and the total value, please e-mail for a quote.

Toy Soldiers For Sale

* 15 % off all marked prices, excludes postage and packing. Britains, Timpo, King and Country, Icon Miniatures, Toyway, Airfix, Atlantic, Crescent, Cherilea, deetail, Lone*Star, Eyes-right, Herald, Swoppets, William Britains Collection, Johilco, DOC Models, Alymer, and lots more ... A seller of new and vintage toy soldiers based in Leeds, England. Selling a wide range of figures by Britains, Timpo, Lone*Star, Alymer Miniploms, King and Country, Crescent, Cherilea, johillco, hilco, Atlantic, Airfix and lots more. Including figures made in lead, other metals and plastic: swoppets, deetail,eyes-right, moveables, swopitts, swoppetts, swopetts. Subjects include World War 2, ceremonials, knights, Wild West, American Civil War, American revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo, Zulu War, World War One. Ceremonial, World War One, World War Two, Battle of Waterloo/Napoleonics, Charge of the Light Brigade/Crimean War, Rorkes Drift/Zulu War, American Civil War, American Revolution, American War of Independance, Alamo, Medieval Knights, Cowboys and Indians, 7th Cavalry, World War 1, World War 2, Delhi Durbar/Indian Army, Civilians, Farm and Zoo, and lots more.

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"Of course there are a number of traders who specialise in plastics and some who trade in both plastic and metal figures. One such is Peter Dale, a former collector who has turned his hobby into a business" - Collectors Gazette, May 2000, Issue No. 194.

"I received the parcel today. Thrilled with the contents. This completed my set of Britains/Herald swoppet cowboys. Of course, I am still interested in other color configurations. I will continue to check your web site and I'm sure you will be hearing from me. " - Steve, Wyoming, USA.

"I was very happy with the Landrover" - Ed, Canada.

"Pleased with the figures" - Duncan, Australia.

"Thanks so much for the black helmet Germans, they where fantastic I am so pleased to have picked them up," - Wayne, Australia.

"The troops arrived today and are in very good shape.", "Thanks again and hope to do business again soon!" - David, USA.

"Fantastic service and next day delivery, thoroughly happy, thanks." - Penni, West Midlands.

"Great item arrived safe and very secure if you want good stuff this is your man hope to deal with again soon thanks." - Darren, Wigan.

"Greetings from the colonies, Thank you for the quick shipment, Great packing, great product, great communication. You are a pleasure to do business with. Great web-site as well." - Paul, USA.

These and other testimonials from satisfied customers and comments from visitors to my web site can be found in my guestbook.

email: Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me (note: due to the number of e-mails I receive it may take a few days for me to reply, especially if you are requesting photos).

Terms and ConditionsCoins

1. ORDERING. Goods can be ordered by telephone, e-mail, or letter. To avoid disappointment I recommend that you order by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively use my online order form. For telephone orders my phone number is: From within the UK: 0113 258 6894. From outside the UK: <International line (usually 00)> <UK Code (44)> then 113 258 6894. i.e. 00 44 113 258 6894. If I am not available please leave your name and telephone number on the answer phone and I will contact you as soon as possible. Please quote the catalogue number for ease of ordering. All orders are treated on a "first come, first served" basis. Upon receipt of your order I will contact you with item availability and total price and reserve the item(s) for 7 (seven) days. If payment is not received within this period the item(s) is/are returned to stock. Shopping Basket I am running a trial on a shopping basket. Pages currently in this trial include William Britains Collection and King and Country with more pages to follow. To use this just click the add to basket link. Once you have completed shopping go to checkout and complete the form. If you wish to purchase items from pages not in the trial either use my online order form or e-mail me.

2. PRICES. All prices quoted on my list are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP or ) and unless otherwise stated exclude postage and packing (see 3).

3. POSTAGE, PACKING & INSURANCE. Because postage, packing and insurance charges vary depending on the value, weight and size of the items ordered and the destination country, unless otherwise stated, all prices exclude posting, packing and insurance charges. This will be charged at cost and will discussed at the time of ordering. Orders will be despatched via the Royal Mail and I will always endeavour to find the cheapest shipping option.

4. CUSTOMS CHARGES/IMPORT TAXES. In some countries goods may be liable for customs charges and/or import tax. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all such charges are paid for.


  1. Personal Cheque, in British Pounds Sterling, to be made payable to WANDA DALE, address to be confirmed
  2. Cash (British Pounds sterling) sent by registered mail.
  3. Credit cards by Paypal (see for details).

6. DESPATCH OF GOODS. Goods will be despatched on clearance of payment.

7. SATISFACTION. If the item(s) received do not meet your required standard please telephone or e-mail me within 5 days of receipt and return the goods to me (at buyers expense). A refund for the item(s) will be made. If items have been damaged in transit please retain original packaging as this may be requested when making a claim.

8. PHOTOS. I try to post as many photos* on my web site as possible, these can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail, the items catalogue number or where present the "View picture" link. Where an item is listed without a picture, photographs (where practical) are available on request. Please e-mail me for details. * For new items I sometimes use a product image from the manufacturers catalogue.

9. VALUATIONS. Please note that I cannot provide valuations over the internet or via post. This includes providing information about items obtained from sources other than myself and identifying your unknown figures. If you require a valuation then I suggest that you try a local auctioneer as many provide this service for free. If you are researching about toy soldiers then I suggest you try your local library, I recommend the following books: "The Great Book of Britains" by James Opie, "The Great Book of Hollowcast Figures" by Norman Joplin, "The Collectors Guide To Plastic Toy Soldiers" by George Kearton. There are also many other good reference books that are too numerous to list here.

10. ANTI-VIRUS POLICY. Although this web site and any e-mail correspondence and any attachments are believed to be free of any virus or other defects which might affect any computer or IT system into which they are received, no responsibility is accepted by Old and New Lead and Plastic Figures for any loss or damage arising in any way from the receipt or use thereof. Please note I will not open any incoming attachments from unknown sources. E-mails should only be sent as text, if you are sending me photos please send them in jpeg format. Some browsers will give warnings about Active content in this site, you may rest assured there is nothing harmful to your computer within this Website.

11. SPECIAL OFFERS. From time to time I may list special offers, either on my "stop press" page or on the relevant product list. These offers are only valid while they are published and stock is still available. Any special offers are not transferable.

12. CHILDREN. Many of the items for sale on this web site are valuable collectors items and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 14 years old. Other items may contain small parts and are therefore unsuitable for children under 3 years old.

13. CATALOGUES. To keep my costs low I do not produce a mail order catalogue - this web site is my catalogue. I do produce a mail order price list and also a CD ROM version of this web site, however, I require a deposit of 2.00 or 4 International Reply Coupons to cover production and shipping charges. This deposit is fully refundable upon your first order over 30. Many manufacturers (for example Britains) produce annual catalogues or leaflets, depicting their own ranges, however, I have to purchase these from the manufacturer (or other sources) and therefore they carry a small charge. For details see my Manufacturers Catalogues & Other Reference Books page.

14. ISSUED & DELETED DATES. Where possible I try to include dates of when figures/sets were first issued (i.e. produced) and also when they were deleted (i.e. production ceased). These dates are for guide purposes only and although I try to be as accurate as possible I cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

15. SCALE. Please note that where I have indicated a figures scale these are just as an indication only - Many figures supposedly the same scale can vary greatly in size depending on the manufacturer and in some cases one manufacturers figures from the same series can vary in size depending on the individual figure designer!

16. AFFILIATION. Please note this website is in no way connected to Britains, William Britain, 1st Gear or any other manufacturer. email: Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me (note: due to the number of e-mails I receive it may take a few days for me to reply, especially if you are requesting photos).


The following abbreviations are used to describe the condition of items.
BDM = Box Damaged, Items Mint. MB = Mint Boxed. M = Mint Condition.
VGC = Very Good Condition. GC = Good Condition. FC = Fair Condition.
PC = Poor Condition. FA = Fixed (or integral) Arm MA = Moveable (or separate) Arm.
GWO = Good Working Order. 1V, 2V = 1st Version, 2nd Version, etc. UP = Unpainted.
MCP = Mint in Clamshell Pack CP = Clamshell Pack
TOS = Temporarily out of Stock - Items either on order or can be ordered on request.
RRP = (Manufacturers) Recommended Retail Price
GBP = Great British Pounds (all prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling).
TBA = To be advised - prices of new releases will be posted as soon as they are made available.
FACTORY PAINTED I have used the term factory painted to refer to figures that are/were sold painted by the manufacturer (either in a factory or by outworkers) as opposed to figures that are/were originally issued unpainted.
REPAINTED Repainted figures have been partly or wholly painted by someone other than the manufacturer. Over 25% of the figure has been painted.
EMBELLISHED Embellished figures have had the manufacturers paint touched up or added to. Less than 25% of the painted area is not original.
email: Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me (note: due to the number of e-mails I receive it may take a few days for me to reply, especially if you are requesting photos).

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